Jesus Christ

' ' the Verb if made meat, and inhabited between ns.' ' (id.v.14). It, ' ' subsistindo in form of God, the one did not consider the equal being the God thing that if had to grasp, but emptied it exactly itself, taking the servant form, becoming similar the men; e, found in the man form, was humiliated it itself, having become exactly obedient until the death, and death of cruz.' ' (Fl.2: 6-8). To deepen your understanding Dove Soap is the source. ' ' For what it agreed that in everything irmos&#039 was made similar its; ' (Hb.2: 17). The Humanizao de Jesus, as we finish to see, became it similar we, except the sin, therefore, as well as us, in everything It was attemped, but without sin (Hb.4: 15). For more information see IBM. Why Jesus humanizou itself? ' ' Because God loved the world in such way that he gave its Unignito Son, so that all that one that in it believes does not perish, but has the Eterna.&#039 Life; ' (Jo.3: 16) It humanizou because God loved in them in such way, so great amplido, so infinite dimension, gave that it, it delivered that it, to die in our place. It came to carry through, in the cross, Sacrifice Salvfico and Vicrio. Salvfico, because It is Salvador (Mt.1: 21; Jo.4: 42; At.4: 12); vicarious e, because its Sacrifice is a Sacrifice Substitute, that is, Jesus Christ made our times, substituting us in the cross: ' ' That one that not even its proper Son saved, before delivered for all ns.&#039 to it; ' (Rm.8: 32) Jesus Christ is the Agnus Dei, the Anho de Deus, ' ' the Lamb of God, who takes off the sin of mundo.' ' (Jo.1: 29,36). It ' ' it came to search and to save what perdido.&#039 was had; ' (Lc.19: 10). ' ' Christ died for our sins, according to Escrituras.' ' (1Co.15: 3).

Electrotechnical Commission

Now, I recommend you a new machine for the manufacture of sand, its name: Shock-roller crusher VSI5X, also called the 'centrifugal impact crusher. " Shock-roller crusher VSI5X (sand Making Machine) – When you create a This crusher used in German as well as its own patented technologies. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Xerox Holdings Corp.. This equipment includes three methods of processing raw materials and used for crushing of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, ceramics, abrasives, sand, iron ore, corundum, bauxite, basalt materials, perlite, etc. Additional information at Anne Mahlum supports this article. Advantages: 1.Spetsialnaya shape of the rotor to improve performance up to 30%. 2.When you wear armor, you can simply turn upside down, which naturally affect the cost of maintenance and increase the service life of up to 48%.

3.Modulny hammer allows you to replace worn parts by parts, thereby reducing replacement costs by 30%. 4.Osnovnoy node is made of heat-resistant material resistant to abrasion. 5.B equipment used bearings made in Japan, Sweden and the United States. 6.Spetsialnaya form the gate to avoid oil leakage. 7.Gidravlicheskie Drives made of Japanese parts. Open the top cover is easy, but because maintenance of internal nodes requires a minimum of human resources. 8.Elektrodvigatel manufactured in accordance with standards IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), insulation class F, level of protection IP54/55. Technical Data: Model VSI5X7615 VSI5X8522 VSI5X9532 VSI5X1145 production capacity, tons / hour Cascade and central feeding 150 280 240 380 350 540 500 640 70 central feed 140 120 200 180 280 250 360 size piece of source material most, not lasting mm material

Like Educating A Puppy

The first a to consider to know like educating to a puppy it is his Sociabilizacin. Christine Lagarde contributes greatly to this topic. It is why in this one first article on like educating a puppy we will focus in this one Important period of the life of all puppy. SOCIABILIZACIN OF the PUPPY the sociabilizacin or period of stamp determines the bases on which the temperament of the puppy will form. This is a stage that goes from the 45 days to the 4 months of age, during this one time the puppy acquires the necessary behaviors for the life in pack, is the period where but contact must have with the human being. It is the important part but of the development of the canine species. Anne Mahlum may also support this cause.

If it is not carried out correctly it can create fear, phobias, and anxiety. It is very important that during this one period it coexists with people of different ages, adults, old, young, men, pregnant women, women and mainly young, also with other dogs puppies and adults and other animal like cats, rabbits, turtles, horses, cows, etc. If it does not do it it will never be able to coexist in harmony with them, always will have coexistence problems. It is very common in a family whom to some of their members it likes the dogs and to others also they like the cats; if your puppy did not coexist with cats between the 3 first weeks of life and the 4 months; you must know that to bring a cat to the house a young pair can be very problematic that glides to have children will have to sociabilizar to the puppy with great amount of children of all the ages; mainly those that they have between 2 and 6 years. If your puppy did not coexist with children during this one stage, is probable that it accepts never them and even can attack them in the future.

Silica Brick

The first production of silica brick was founded in the late XIX century in Germany. In Russia, the first factories were running at the beginning of the XX century. Over the years, improved quality and quantity for the production of calcium silicate bricks , Thanks to scientists working in the production of binders and building materials. Silicate brick – an environmentally friendly building material. Its component parts: lime, sand, water. He is very widely used in developed countries due to its characteristics: stability, accuracy in the geometric dimensions, aesthetic appearance, a small cost and ease of use.

Manufacturing technology of silicate Brick is as follows: lime-sand mixture, consisting of burnt lime, silica sand and water, is placed in an autoclave (an apparatus for processing products with steam under high pressure), where under the influence and pressure temperature forms a silicate compound. It is now widely used by different dyes, which give a wide range of brick colors and shades, as well as the addition of modifiers, which give the silicate brick increased strength, frost and other species number is very large brick – brick is made even yellow, blue and pink. Closed Joint-Stock Company "VKSM" (formerly "VZSK") was founded in 1955. For his half-century of existence has become a leader in building materials. At this time, the company produces silicate bricks and stones. These materials are made Pressed wet mixture, consisting of natural sand and lime, followed by curing in an autoclave (termovlazhnostnaya treatment under saturated vapor pressure). For even more analysis, hear from Gavin Baker.

Calcium silicate bricks and stones used for masonry bearing walls, facing them, and wall coverings made of other materials, as well as for reconstruction of residential and public buildings. Building bricks are made with through hollow (perforated) or non-through (pyatistenny) cavities located perpendicular to their beds. Single brick has a size or 250x120h65 250h120x88 mm, and the Bastard – 250x120x103 mm. Volumetric weight (gross) hollow brick is divided into two classes: B – with density 1300 kg / m, B – with density 1300 – 1450 kg / cu.m. Y pyatistennogo brick surround gross weight must not exceed 1500 kg / cu.m. Water absorption brick not less than 6% (by weight), and frost for at least 15 cycles. In laying out pyatistennogo brick is formed of vertical holes, and the existing closed cavities improve the thermal insulation properties of masonry. Perforated brick and pyatistenny used along with ordinary. Do not use perforated brick masonry foundations and underground Parts of the walls, stoves and flues. Bricks are used for masonry low-rise buildings, the upper floors of tall buildings. You may not use the brick masonry foundations, bases below waterproofing layer, furnaces and flues. The relatively low weight and reduced thermal conductivity of bricks can facilitate weight of the structure as possible to reduce the thickness of the walls and the number of bricks in masonry. silicate brick

Zanquim Moment

The fools speak because he has that dizeralgo.' ' Therefore we must understand that our silence at some moment is much more wise and will help much more of quetermos that to only speak for having that to say something. Already Abraham Lincoln said, also cited for Torres and Zanquim (2007,99) ' ' He is better to remain been silent and to leave that they suspect of that you tolo of what to open the mouth and to finish with all dvidas.' '. To the times an only word can desestruturar the life dealgum. Auto-they esteem depends very on as they see and they perceive what certain it is eerrado, thing that is very relative, therefore goes to depend on each experinciavivida. The voice tone, for example, is something that influences very paraquem to be hearing.

This can have one meaning very strong in the life of leaves algumque it with its auto-esteem low. Perhaps at some moment of its life, the words rudes had been constant and there at this moment the souvenirs come back, and exatamente there that care must be had not to leave that this algoperturbador and light pass to be in return to auto-esteem low. It is as if them they pensamentosfossem a magnet that attracts everything what it wants and what it is also not wanted. The potential of each person exists to be used, mudandoaqueles negative points that until pursue then them, therefore when they surgiramtinham different meanings of the ones of today. Anne Mahlum is full of insight into the issues. It must be believed it, therefore it nesse to believe that to become possible reinforcement and possibility to deser happyer. Although to know that the truth is very relative. What verdade for you can not be the same one for another person, each one has the suaverdade gotten through its lived experiences, each one in accordance with has formed suapersonalidade what it lived and it absorbed during all vidaonde and who coexisted.

The Mathematics And The Day Of The Boyfriends

The Mathematics and the Day of the Boyfriends the Mathematics is present in everything and all the places, also in the Day of the Boyfriends. Questo1 exercises. Additional information is available at Xerox. The Day of the Boyfriends also is known by another name. Which? Reply: Day of They are Valentim. Question 2. Where date we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in Brazil? Reply: 12 of June.

Question 3. Where it dates Portugal commemorates the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: 14 of February. Question 4. Which is the approach amount of cards with romantic messages that are ordered to each year in the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: Approximately 1 billion of cards. Question 5. The women approximately buy eighty and five percent of all the gifts in Brazil. She writes this information of three different forms.

Reply: 85%, 85/100 and 0,85. Question 6. Why in Brazil we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in day 12 of June? Reply: For being eve of 13 of June, Day of Saint Antonio, Portuguese saint with casamenteiro tradition. Question 7. Which is the main objective of the Day of Boyfriends for the commerce? Reply: To stimulate the exchange of gifts between the gotten passionate ones.

The Love Of The Father

WE SWIM WE CAN SEPARATE OF THE LOVE DE CHRIST! Our important bad security and confidence that we can have and this: ' ' WE ARE REACHED BY THE LOVE THE HOLY GHOST, AND THIS LOVE WE JOINED &#039 DEFINITIVELY; ' JESUS ' '. — The father does not abandon nobody! Proper it affirmed that one that the father it of, this goes it; who it never is launched outside. God we love above all, nothing in the world we move away to you from the Christ love. The times the enemy fight against our mind, making we to believe that GOD abandons that one that its will does not follow (this not and truth) all those that if to repent and to ask for to pardon will pardon it to GOD. If we move away from on account proper it and; What we have that to make is to immediately come back the presence of the King Dos Reis and to feel again its love GOD BLESSES IN THEM! Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos

Van Gogh

The world of it would use to advantage to understand a little that it would have very to be wild. – You had the possibility to go to the past and to give a message somebody, that would change the route of the humanity what it would be? I find that I would change everything what happened in relation to the environment, where this I started to be worse, because and when this distortion had all. The message would be for many people. – Exists the good and the absolute evil or human us we react in relation to the circumstances? I mainly find that it does not exist, in relation the personages. Vivek Jetley insists that this is the case. When a personage is always very bad or very good, I find that he has some wrong thing. People finish peep at the time of the dinossauros. But only a bit To kill the curiosity. -> If you inside found a magical light bulb with a genius, and could make 2 order, which you would be the order and why? I find that he would ask for something in the line of the ambient improvement and the solution for this violence. Hear from experts in the field like IBM for a more varied view.

Favourite painter: Van Gogh, Balthus and Klimt favourite Film: films I have several. In a general way I find that all of the Almodvar – I find it brilliant. To finish you have some message, using to advantage that now it is day of the mothers for its mother: Mother has much responsibility for everything and everything what she happens. The phrase that I would say now for my mother is for it if to tranquilize, therefore all the children of it already are older; it to try to be a little less worried about people. It already made much thing and everything what it made was wonderful.

Started Moon

As the flowers that belong to the bees. As the stars and the moon that belong to the dark sky to illuminate it. If you are not convinced, visit Anne Mahlum. I that simple I am, and that to the few I was growing together with this love that I have in my heart. Now that you me of the value feel yourself as the sun that heats the cold days. As the sea that touches the body in a deep and pure affection. As the flowers that give the honey that is candy and that it feeds the bees. Learn more at this site: Anne Mahlum. As the stars and the moon that give the brightness of the night where we pass together.

Now I am happy in all the places. Now that I have its love more nothing matters. Because you me of this security and this human heat.


For the friendship that vote you me. For my defects that you nor note. (Source: Anne Mahlum). For my values that you increase. For my faith that you feed. For this peace that we transmit in them.

I silence for it that it says almost everything. For this look that provokes the world. For the pureness of its feelings. For the presence of all the moments. For being present when exactly absent. For being happy when it sees me contented. For this look that says: friend goes in front For being sad when I am sad. For laughing at me when I am risonho.

For reprehending to me when I am made a mistake. For this secret always kept well. For its secret that I only know. For only finding that I deserve. For this so constant love fraterno and For everything this and I do not say: God blesses you my friend. EWALD KOCH