Month: March 2015

Clinical Oncology

Numerous studies, many funded by NIH, for example, show how treatments such as meditation reduce pressure and blood restriction and mitigate the physiological response to stress. Indeed, the majority of patients who graduate from these programs come with enhanced immune function, decreased angina, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol, lower levels of stress and a reduced need for medication to surgery and heart. And for pain, fatigue and depression There are other therapies with natural remedies and alternative medicine. A recent study by treatment centres against the Cancer of America (which uses integrated treatments for each of the 16,000 patients who enter its doors every year) found that after six months, 65 percent of carefully integrated pancreatic cancer patients in this case a combination of therapies with natural remedies, melatoninGreen tea and vitamins reported a manageable pain, compared with 22 percent of the patients who did not receive integrated care. More than one-third of these patients reported lower levels of fatigue. According to another study, presented last year at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, patients with pancreatic cancer in stage three, which received a range of alternative therapies and remedies along with aggressive chemotherapy, had a survival rate almost double (76 weeks) than similar patients who only received the treatment of conventional chemotherapy. But despite all these studies and research, alternative medicine is not the only solution.

If you are hit by a truck, you need a trauma center. If you need a heart bypass operation, you need surgery, there is no remedy or alternative therapy that is worth. The greater role of natural remedies, along with a healthy lifestyle, is prevention. Avoid falling in the hospital again, learn to manage tension, stress or depression, healthy eating and exercise are all factors that influence our body in a positive way and leads us to avoid or manage those illnesses that we have more effectively. Complementary and alternative medicine with natural remedies play a very important role in the prevention and healthy management of our medical conditions.

And we must not forget that many medicines and drugs manufactured today come from ingredients that were once part of a natural remedy practiced in the past. Medical research and modern technology were in charge of identifying and isolating the key ingredient, amplifying their benefits and manufacturing on a large scale. Who knows if the alternative medicine today to become the modern medicine of the future.


Google – the biggest search engine on the Internet that exists in our time, and tailored to his site is not so easy. This paper presents some techniques that will allow your project to advance in the search engine Google. This will take from you is not enough time, from several months to a year. 1.Sozdavayte site for the debt for you have chosen a domain name. For the first publication of the site on the Internet, you must be 100 + pages of original content. This Article programs and so on. depending on what topic your site.

2.Domennoe name. It should be easy to remember. Now is the time brands. Sonorous name will be many times more popular than a simple 'set of characters. " 3.Razmer pages – less the better. Just do not run to create a page without the design. Site design should be optimized.

Each page should 'weigh "not more than 15-20Kb. And then 20 kb for the low-speed modem – a lot. For every second of delay loading site, you can lose up to 10% of visitors. Users can not wait. 4.Do not lean on JavScript, Google does not like them, and in other matters all the search engines do not like them. Do not include an important, targeted content in Javascript. You can use ajax, but try to use or develop is optimized scripts. 5.Sdelayte so that the search spiders to index your site, do not face difficulties. Link to internal links from your homepage. Be sure to keep the site "Site Map". 6.Uchet statistics – keep track of all incoming requests and the way the site. Look for practical, accurate data logger that can help you. Put the counter and watch for incoming traffic. But in no case do not try to cheat. 7.Obraschayte attention to the requests that people use. If your site is about mobile phones, create a keyword's and cellular, and just 'mobile phones. " Users on such requests will fall on Your they need is the site. The search engine itself tells you which queries, most people are looking for what you have, the main thing to listen to this. 8. Create a page a day. Google loves when the site is updated frequently. If you wake add a page a day, for the year you will be 400 original pages, which will bring you targeted traffic. 9.Originalnost. If your site will have everything, absolutely everything, the original (content) is the target audience you certainly not lose. Place your content with the right KeyWord'ami. Case KeyWord'y must contain at least 5% of the content of one page. 10.Proveryayte site every six months. Browse through increased if your tic and pr, if you check everywhere 'Zalistili "if all your pages indexed. If that something is wrong, fix it. Using these ten steps, after a year you can call your site a success. It will have its own target audience, which ranges from 500 to 1000 users, it will attract surfers who will bring your website targeted traffic. Targeted traffic, will not make you think of to send him back on track. Good luck!

Leonardo Da Vinci

The idea has two paths: develop it yourself or put it to work as a team. In either of the two alternatives, which generates the idea should work it until they take form, then he will decide if he carried out or proposed it to their community. It would be best that the idea creator developed it; the merit is yours and the benefits also. Let’s start by defining idea: is the generation of a new concept, procedure, method, etc. which may be a continuation of something that already exists or a completely new, unprecedented. Provided that an idea was born, everything changes for good or evil but everything changes. The two large generators of ideas were Leonardo Da Vinci in the 14th century and Tomas Alba Edison in the 17TH century; There are also those who have developed only an idea like Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity and the contemporary Bell Gates Gates with its operating system for computers, this just to mention the most popular and recent. You will be agree with me in that whenever an idea, which is converted into invention, someone becomes very rich.

It is important that ideas almost always benefit to humanity. There are ideas that only change the way applied, revolutionizing altogether. For example the nutritional supplements that have traditionally been present as juices, pills, pills, powders or shakes, this evolving his form of transport, take, swallow a way more practice, an example of this is the company, with additives suspended in Gel, technology of the space age that dramatically replaced powders, pills, juices and smoothies, becoming a technology replacement that promises to be a revolutionary trend. How much is an idea worth? The value is directly proportional to its implementation and the benefits it brings. Anyone can generate revolutionary ideas only is question to carry out thoughts about some concept or something that worries him.

Andrew Corentt

If we look carefully at our world we see that the creative power of man is wonderful, this is what has allowed have magnificent in medicine advances in information technology, in industries and in everything that surrounds us. Creativity is threatened by the routine, for those activities where there is no freedom of thinking much but we follow precise instructions about what should be done, that have guides for the development of many things is certainly of great importance and utility, this makes our lives much easier, but there must also be a balance that allows the use of creative thinking. To succeed in any activity innovation is necessary, going beyond the traditional, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt teaches us many strategies people have used to make their ideas work, among many the use of creativity, it is important that you think, how can I improve this process?

What could be different and attractive?, should I find something cheaper and equally effective?, etc. All these questions you can answer them satisfactorily if you connect your ideas with your subconscious mind, the book the secret of the power of goals shows that technique, once you have memorized a goal then is in the ability to develop great things, the power will be on their side. Use your imagination and the power of the mind is a process that takes time, but no doubt that it is what makes a big difference between the traditional and the spectacular, the goals have their levels if you want small things you will notice that they are easily achieved but if their wishes are huge then you have to resort to its true source of powerIt is similar to the disposal of money, if someone wants a palette, it is almost certain that goes in your Pocket $2 to buy it, but if you want a $ 2 million property, it is unlikely that he routinely walk them down the street, go to a Bank, or to issue a cheque, what this comparison means is that great targets require greater use of power and energy, the good thing is knowing that are in you, just have to discover them and use it. Goals should be motivating, ideas that make us shudder us completely, because we were born to create wonderful things, so it’s time to prove it and you can do this only if we seek an infinite power source, this condition is in the depths of his being, is necessary to awaken this force and resort to it to achieve the life you want. Large knowledge arise from the wishes, there is where the power of the subconscious mind works with power to make people finding great inspirations to solve problems or make things better in the book you will discover the secret of the power of goals.

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

It is very possible that almost none of those who read this article has known Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein. I myself had not heard him mention until a fortnight ago when a cult and very good friend, Rafael Francesconi, I quoted a phrase yours while we almorzabamos: as you said Wittgenstein, said Rafael, men say that animals do not think because they do not speak, but animal fibres, simply do not speak! There I was interested in that character which, inexplicably, had never been reported. I looked, no luck, his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus in one to another library. Then he found on the internet, his biography, along with other written about his ideas and read them with anxiety. In fact, Wittgenstein deserves the seat of one of the most influential in this century thoughts. He was born in 1889 in a family very cultured and rich Vienna. Child, endowed with genius and musical sensibility, he dreamed of becoming a conductor, but he never tried to. His life takes place in that period convulsed from 1889 to 1951 in which the great European empires collapsed, subvirtio social order with the Russian Revolution, shook the Western world with the recession of 29 and humanity suffered nazi-fascist reaction.

This man lived two world wars, the implantation of American political power and sharp changes in customs, morality, art, politics and technology. After going to school in Linz and Berlin enrolled at Manchester as a student of engineering aeronautics, unless that was his true vocation. Why, shortly after she decides to go to Trinity College of Cambridge to study philosophy, following this time Yes, his true passion. Bertrand Russell, who was his tutor at Cambridge tells this anecdote of his disciple: at the end of his first term of study at Cambridge, approached me and asked me would you kindly tell me if I am a complete idiot or not?

Guardian On Board

In the office, a new type of possible permanent changes associated with the number of jobs, placement officers and other moments. Meanwhile, the conventional circuit layout is very "passive", it takes a long time to make changes. As a result, owners of offices sometimes have to refuse to their plans. An alternative to conventional cable infrastructure is a concept band wiring, for example, embodied in the Connected Building Solutions. Band architecture used in this case, simplifies wiring and provides ordering of the cables due to the introduction of consolidation points, each of which has a limited service area. In simple terms, all the space is divided into several sections: a necessary link in one of such sites are replaced or upgraded and re-incorporated into the overall system.

A more pragmatic use of office space not only promotes the introduction of new concepts, but also use modern power equipment. So typical of "framing" are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In the case of a power failure it is this device will have time to save to your computer all the information, as well as continue to operate even when power is off. For a long time prevented the use ups, including, and awkwardness of such facilities. Currently, manufacturers began to be given to the size of the ups more attention: the result was a model with a narrow hull that can be delivered, for example, along the rack table. And the Israeli firm Guardian On Board generally released the built-in ups, installed directly into the body computer equipment.

Working with the mind In the end, the most promising option of working space is a transition to a smart office. " In this case, the use of modern engineering systems not only streamlines management of all processes (air-conditioning, lighting, etc.), but also positively affect the "square meters". For example, large prospects have wireless technology. The absence of wires and, consequently, bound to any particular place will look completely different on the interior. The joy of possible prospects overshadowed until recently by only one fact: the more "intelligent" office becomes, the more equipment to be used. So, once again raises the question of economy of office space. In many respects, revolutionary way to solve this situation suggested that the global it corporation Sun Microsystems, has developed a conceptual idea for called Blackbox. Its essence is to use a standard metal container used in marine, rail and road transport as a receptacle for the office of required engineering equipment. Sun engineers managed to put together as a system of energy supply and air-conditioning, cable management, controls and installation of equipment racks that to complete the work center data service personnel need only attach the container through special connectors on the case to the sources of electricity and the external telecommunications network. A similar approach is proposed to use yet only very large companies, such as it industry, with enormous "arrays" of equipment. However, such a "boxed" version eventually may find wider application. As the well-known wisdom, optimist glass of water is visible is half full, and pessimist – half empty. And engineering systems: some are limited, and who will provide space for imagination. Taking advantage of modern technology, using different design moves, even in a small area can create a comfortable space where communication would not interfere, but another way of saving much needed office meters.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is used for primary crushing of brittle rocks neobrazivnyh, medium and mild strength. Natural moisture content of rocks shall not exceed 10%. These rocks are chalk, gypsum, asbestos ore coal, limestone, brick fight, marl, clay, etc. For the secondary crusher hammer crusher is also used, the size of crushed material in this case – 100-200 mm to 20 mm and smaller. Divide sticky or viscous materials humidity above 15% of the hammer mill can not. For materials that are capable of clogging are designed with a mobile crusher hammer plate.

Grinding the material in hammer mill is due to strike rapidly rotating hammers to pieces of material, hit pieces against each other and on the boards, which then dropped material.Preimuschestva hammer crushers Low unit costs – the main advantage of hammer crushers. In comparison with the fragmentation method of crushing, crushing blow to the hammer crusher, grinding gives the best effect. The advantages of hammer crushers are: reliability, low weight, high performance, simplicity and compact design, continuous operation. Distinguish hammer mills hammer on the location, method of attachment, the number of rotors, according to the type and position of the discharge device in the form of crushing plates in the direction of rotation of the rotors. The rotors can be operated in reverse and irreversible rezhime.Reversivnye crusher: the principle of reversing mills have been developed for better use of technical knowledge about crushing blows. This is a major advantage, which ensures minimum wear, maximum productivity and product quality.

Crushing of the material reverse crusher made using punches. Reversible crusher – a machine that produces the ideal products for the production of asphalt and concrete conglomerate and guarantees a constant grading curve. Reversing mill is equipped with separate hydraulic control for the defense, special vibratory feeder and a constant power supply. The crusher is ideally suited for crushing materials with a small guaranteed high yield and low sand filler formulation. The internal protective linings made so that it could easily be replaced in case of a single rotor hammer mill iznosa.Ustroystvo Single- hammer mills – the most numerous type of hammer crushers. Shaft hammer crushers single rotor begins to rotate through the coupling of the electric motor, which is put on the bearings. Rotor discs assembled on shaft, and the wheels are suspended hammers. At the bottom of a single rotor crusher is grate. It consists of front and rear ends, each of which apparently is a set of grates tapered section, which are enshrined in the two rods. Housing crusher consists of two parts that are fastened together with bolts. Feed opening for the material at the top of the housing. Its walls otfuterovany plates that protect against abrasion. Plates are also involved in crushing. The material that enters the crushing chamber, is subjected to rapidly alternating hammer blow of the rotor is rotating. Material is shredded and passed through the hole grates, and then goes to the assembly line or in the bunker.


As part of the coaching can successfully operate any other theory, provided that they do not contradict its basic principles: – every man is hidden a great potential (even if you absolutely clear that the other way round) – each person has all opportunities for self-fulfillment of tasks, with the task can be done well and the minimum term – people make the best choice of the means at their disposal – all good things can be done best – Continuous development is not only possible but necessary Thus, the activities director, management education in the style of coaching comes down to: – unleashing the potential of subordinates – the development of responsibility and autonomy in decision making and action – the ability to make positive, calling for effective action, feedback – improve the fence and impulse to the development using the principles of coaching is easy to form a vision team, and combining the values of each employee to create a vision for the team values, develop a strategy and a mission team. Head Coach does not give directives, rightly considering that if the employee is studied for several years profession, the practice took place, has experience, he can handle the job well, but at the same time and not throw employee one on one with the problem. Task manager – to create a supportive environment for maximum realizing the potential of a slave, his commitment to the development, awareness of thoughts and actions, responsibility for dealing with team problems. As we see the principles of leadership in the style of coaching differ from theories management, where the head is above all a man who knows what to do, gives directives to subordinates and is responsible for everything. According to the author, this model can not be effective because it leads to irresponsible subordinates, Chief of overload as well as to the excessive requirements to the leader. To achieve results in a certain way a coach uses structured revealing questions to help employees realize their full potential and see the best way of solving problems..


It is no secret that 2009 has been mixed for the Russian segment of information technology. Many companies in the acute phase of the global economic crisis has reduced their IT-budgets, some even longer invest in information technology. Staff of the enterprises are also undergoing changes throughout the year. This is understandable – during a period of economic instability, any company seeking optimize their costs. On the other hand, work with clients during the crisis also requires qualitative changes, since such periods, among other things characterized by a sharp drop in consumer demand. In his turn, this fact increases the significance of process management relationships with clients, and the effect of each individual client to the economic sustainability of the company and the ability to turn risk of a crisis in benefits for the company. Periods of economic instability are usually characterized by significant changes in balance of forces in almost all competitive markets. Such a process inevitably leads to redistribution of clients, in other words, the quality of customer service and adequacy of measures to attract customers, their retention, management, loyalty becomes the key.

The perfection of these processes in company depends on how mature is the method of customer relationship management as the company faces the customer and what efforts it has made to continuously improve client processes. Certainly not the last role to play specialized software tools to significantly improve the efficiency of these processes. Portal Practice crm in 2009 spent own study of the situation on the CRM-market of Russia and the cis, whose results are presented in this article.