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Iridium 9555 Satelilite Phone

– High demand for services Iridium from Russian clients determined the decision to return the company to Russia, and we continue to work actively with the Russian regulatory authorities to address this problem. " At the international exhibition "CSTB-2010" company will present the newest samples of their products. Among them – the Iridium 9555 satellite phone, and a global service Iridium OpenPort for voice and data communications in the maritime and Iridium satellite modem 9602 Short Burst Data, recently submitted by the market to provide services for tracking and monitoring. Compared with the existing products on the market, Iridium 9602 – the most affordable and compact modem that provides with a global two-way satellite data transmission with low latency. Iridium's key partner in Russia is the State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev (Khrunichev Khrunichev), which in 2001 was signed a cooperation agreement for joint development of services operator in Russia. Khrunichev Khrunichev owns the Russian station of the network interface Iridium, and is currently under discussion it joint modernization. Iridium will expand in the region, its global affiliate network now comprises more than 200 international partners, to offer a full range of Russian consumers solutions for the Iridium mobile satellite communications.

About Iridium Iridium Communications Inc. ( – the world's only operator of mobile satellite services (MSS) with global coverage 100% of the Earth's surface. Orbital consists of the Iridium satellites located in low-Earth, and provides voice and data communications in areas not covered by other communication systems. Iridium provides commercial services around the world through an international network distributors. Satellite phone Iridium is used in shipping, aviation, emergency situations, development of mineral deposits, humanitarian missions, as well as government and military agencies of different countries. In the sustainable development of services and technical improvement, Iridium has launched a renovation of the orbital constellation Iridium NEXT. Headquarters company located in McLean (USA). Shares traded on the Iridium international exchange platform NASDAQ. More information about Iridium can be found at:


How much weighs a kilogram? Scientists seek answer are how much she weighs one kilogram? The question seems silly, but some scientists are still searching for the answer without losing the hope of moving towards a value constant for kg, independent of any physical object. Since 1889, the kilogram is based on a cylinder made up of 90% Platinum and 10% Iridium, manufactured in London in 1879 and preserved under a bell jar in the Office of weights and measures in Sevres, near Paris. The measurements made over a hundred years ago show that kg has thinned. Its mass has changed the equivalent of a grain of sand from 0.4 mm in diameter. Enough to allow scientists from around the world to study a definition that will pass the physical object, just as they did with you meter, now defined by the speed of light. The objective is to redefine all basic units – mass, distance, time, etc.-with stable and universal values.

For kg, scientists suggest the use of the Planck, a value as constant It is named after the father of quantum physics, Max Planck. Complex for the neophyte, the Planck constant is defined with a formula called h. remains to define the relationship between the kilo of lifetime and Planck’s constant. For this reason, experiments are underway around the world. Scientists use balances of Watt, a device that allows you to convert the mechanical power into electrical power and vice versa. Our experiments are moving, but it is too soon to put into practice the new definition of the kilogram, said Michael Stock, of the Royal Society of London. One of the problems is that we will need more balances Watt that we have to measure reliably the kilogram when the new definition applies, explains. He believed that change could reasonably be adopted in the next Conference of weights and measures scheduled in Paris in 2015. mission to supply our customers efficient procedures that enable us to provide to them, safety and knowledge in the choice of computers and accessories with regard to his laboratory and Instrumentation industry, thus providing solutions early projects in execution referred to in this area. Keep our customers satisfied and vision make us a company leader and recognized national and internationally in the supply, marketing and maintenance of different products for the entire area of control of quality and research with a view to international markets.


One guides simple to help in the choice of a GPSDevido its easiness of use, the GPS if has become each more popular time between the drivers. This equipment speeds the displacement transits in it and prevents that wrong ways are taken. Normally, navigation system GPS would be used mainly for those people who travel with a certain frequency, as for example, salesmen who have that to visit customers and vary different cities and that they pass much time in the road. It also has people that they need a GPS for security reason, as in the case of the dredges that follow the vehicle in robbery case. Nowadays, an ample gamma of available navigation system exists very GPS in the market.

As much in the Internet how much in physical store, you it can easily find a variety of different marks, for example, Garmin, Tone Tone, Magellan, Nextar, and many others. So that to choose an ideal model, you it must first decide which are the main characteristics that you more value in a GPS. One determined resource can more or less be valued depending on the person. For example, the size of great screen (4,3 ‘ ‘) with functions of recognition of voice and redirecionamento, it can more be tuilt for determined pesso while for another person the price, and characteristics as bluetooth, reproduction of videos and mp3 can be more important. Many available resources exist and that it depends on what accurately you want. You can check these details in the Internet or go direct for the store physical to know which of them if she incases better in its profile. One will detail important in if to direct for physical store to look at the GPS is that you can make some tests with the devices in hand.

Whereas in the Internet, you it can make some comparisons of prices between the sites and store that commercialize the GPS. She certifys myself to verify the price of the freight, if also the guarantee offered for each store, therefore it can vary very of a store for another one. In the choice of a GPS, she has taken in consideration the following details: size of the screen, appearance, efficiency, easiness of use and frequency with that you will go to use system GPS. It is certifyd that they are supplied with guarantee and assistance technique therefore never is known when some problem can occur with the device. Also it is important to know where local you would like to install device GPS in its car. For better use, it is better to place it in the panel of its car to prevent that it blocks the retrovisor mirror. Also it is good for choosing a GPS whose appearance combines with the interior of its car. Another thing to verify is if you want that its GPS either settled permanently in its car or you prefers to take wants it where that it goes. To fix or to leave the GPS has its advantages and cons and one more time, this will depend on its necessities. plus a tip: It searches in the Internet the different marks that exist in the market and see the evaluations that the users had made, before deciding which mark of GPS are most perfect for you. The respect exists a great amount of sites. On the author: It publishes some articles, mainly guide of purchases, such as electronic, gadgets, stand of drink, etc.

Scientists Discover

Decode the genetic code of a species of yeast used in the brewing blonde. Manufacturers of Bavaria took five centuries using a mixed yeast with half of their genes of an unknown species. This yeast would have reached Europe accidentally. A group of scientists has deciphered the genetic code of a species of yeast, used to BREW blonde beer, found in Patagonia (Argentina), which helps to solve one of the mysteries in the preparation of this drink, according to a study published Monday. The study was carried out in a wooded area in the Northwest of Patagonia, in the extreme south of Argentina, and finally solved the mystery of the yeast that for more than five centuries the European producers in the region of Bavaria have brewed.

Scientists knew that type lager – of low fermentation – beers made from a hybrid yeast, with half of its genes from a common yeast and the other half of an unknown species, which just being discovered by a team of researchers from Argentina, Portugal and United States. Using molecular techniques, Professor Jose Sampaio and Paula Goncalves, new University of Lisbon, they investigated more than 1,000 species of yeast used by the European producers of beer, but were unsuccessful and decided to extend the investigation to all over the world. Patagonia is the natural home of many species of yeast and together with the investigator of the National Council of scientific research and techniques (Argentina), Diego Libkind, found strains of a species candidate. Once taken samples, University of Colorado researchers sequenced the genome of the strain and found that the coincidence – 99.5 percent – was almost total with which is used to make beer. Accidentally reached Europe authors have dubbed his find as Saccharomyces pastorianus, a cold-tolerant species and, probably, f bluehash moved into Europe accidentally in wood of any boat or by the intervention of the fly of the fruit. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), indicates that these findings could help create improved brewing yeasts. Source of the news: A group of scientists discover the key of the yeast in Patagonia

Scientific Thought

We all like to be cautious. As soon as we got, we want to know how to spend the day, if rain is expected, or if it will be hot, and so we have to face the day. The service free horoscopes is the proper way to perceive how the day may appear. Thanks to this service will free horoscopes knowledge to foresee the difficulties that pass daily Menot that certainly we will encounter in our daily routine. Do not let problems leave you crippled, you can prevent the service of free horoscopes. The horoscope is a technique based on observation of the stars and the relative positions that they acquire a certain time. This term comes from the Greek words "hour" and "examine", which pretty well sums up its original meaning: to examine the heavenly bodies under an hour, and based on rather complicated calculations, to draw conclusions. Since thousands of years ago, the most advanced civilizations, like the Aztecs and resorted to the Chinese horoscope, or meet potential threats that could sift over the people.

Those of are based on precise astronomical and mathematical calculations that result in a very accurate prediction, backed by expert knowledge astrologers who give that personal touch that make it a particularly sensitive message for our readers. The different zodiac signs are based on a division of the sky into twelve zones, each of which corresponds to a different symbol. So every zodiac sign is ruled by a celestial body that represents it. Free Horoscope can read and extract meaning from these subtle nuances to synthesize a report that will be very useful to prepare to what the future holds you. Also, among the signs of the zodiac, when making the free horoscopes are considered the astrological houses. They have to do with the geographical area where it becomes the horoscope.

In this way, not be taken as forecast how someone in Germany that someone in China. For this reason, the free horoscopes is the ideal for you. The proper wording of a horoscope is really a science complex, which includes calculations and measurements are not easy to perform for the common man. However, this wealth of mathematical data should be combined specifically with the personal touch that only our astrologers can create for you, at your service in our free tarot service. Jesus Torres

Philosophy And Science

Many teachers and not only one given that philosophy entails, basically, an awareness of reflexive confrontation to reality, its fruit is expressed as a very personal conquest. The universe presents not only physical evidence that science is responsible for to derive its laws; It is also, inconstancias, riddles, mysteries, uncertainties, cundido, whereupon each teacher gives his explanation, assuming a very particular position, expressing their own responses. Views on the universe or world not precisely valid universally (forgive the redundancy). Expressions of his thinking, from his particular way of explain the world about the context of their particular historical era. So many teachers could involve the study or allusion both to many approaches as historical eras of humanity.

Because each historical moment since answers to the mysteries according to their degree of science and vital maturity (wisdom) are invoked. From Plato to Marx not only median times, but multiple feints of explanation of reality. Studied with many teachers, because it means to participate in the knowledge of the other to feed himself, alluding in their details to the clarifications of history and human passions. Always, of course, taking into account the squab of philosopher who philosophize aims to develop own criterion that there will not be sufficient with the simple repetition of doctrines, as they did you teachers them in each of his seasons. Different philosophical systems. The man determines the era or the time man? The man, according to the cognitive resources that count in its historical moment, tempts the enigma in their own way.

His life and existence, peculiar about his historical moment, ask for clarifications. The prior existence of other thinkers could be leverage to cement a new stance with regard to the world, but essentially a philosophical system responds to the need for its peculiar time response. It has philosophy, as the Science, systematization and acquis in the teaching of the ancient, but it itself involves a blatant and personal position towards life. It is always at its time. It would be foolish to get out there to people that repeat like parrots closed postulates of other philosophical doctrines and call them philosophers. Anyone who as Plato explains the present world surely will be something silly, more if it gets to the idea that it is a philosopher (do this without waiting to repeat those other elemental philosophers explaining life according to air, fire, Earth or water). Philosophy as personalized knowledge. Said above: each season, a position, but philosophical system. Philosophy as a scientific discipline, such as chemistry or physics is not learned. Assimilates a way of thinking and judging; enigmatic territories with personal insight will conquer. There are no laws or rules. There are simply lives with thoughtful positions on its existence. The impersonal scientific knowledge science and its rules belong to them all. It can be asible by all. It is to discourage universal, when their language is assumed to reach their centers. It does not imply personal commitment in the assimilation of its laws. Anyone who take your road is susceptible isolate and conceptualize their records. There is no creativity no commitment in the Act of lifting the backdrops that saved their repitencias. Philosophy, on the other hand, is a position towards life. Give shape to an explanation about the fact of existence implies the assumption of a subjective position, where creativity comes into action to found explanatory worlds, parallel metaphysicians of the physical exterior reality that explores science.

Top Gadgets

A value added for its readers would be a great sense of humor, so it tries to add a humorous commentary in his articles when it comes. Another important point is to avoid to go to its reader as if it was going to the multitude. It does not write as if it was preparing a speech. It writes as if it was having a conversation with a single person, with a friend for example, because this way it will be able to project the ideas to his reader with greater facility. Apart from which also he is very useful to establish his own personality through his words. We are very peculiar creatures, is the nature of its visitors, who want to know as much of you as of information that them this offering. To have a distinguishing personality in his blog, will make be able to a world of difference between blog on Gadgets (for example) and all the others him blogs on Gadgets that there is. This is looked much like the creation of its own mark, where people immediately remember the name of his blog when they need information on Gadgets (for example), like people think immediately about McDonald" s when it desires fast food or Nike to them if they look for sport clothes.

In a next article it will develop more on the content subject. When the voice about thematic of his is run blog, other that need to know on their same thematic one, will begin to look for to him actively you. By an effective emprendimiento. Miguel Domnguez Original author and source of the article.

Construction Companies

Everyone wants to live in conditions that would allow him as much as possible to embody his ideas of comfort, comfort, beauty and harmony. Regardless of what each of us prefers – a flat or home – accommodation should be spacious and warm, beautiful and comfortable. Thus, the decision was made – renovated apartment is inevitable! Due to the fact that you probably do not have skills in repair and finishing works and do not enter the number of people with education in construction is to carry out repairs to repair the apartment you will need expert help. It was at this moment, you suddenly surprised to discover how powerful advertising in our world! Proposals for repair of apartments and a lot of it now remains only to make a choice, and we need it to be true. The first question – who do the repair flats – with a large firm with a team of artists, or with a group of fellow enthusiasts from near abroad? Each approach, there are pluses and minuses. In a nutshell – a team of artists will appreciate your work less than a major repair and construction firm, and a group of friends from neighboring countries to agree to make repairs more cheaper.

Work the firm is always more expensive – but it's safer and calmer, have clearly defined obligations of each side, the firm can always be found and if properly designed to encourage contractual relations responsibility for the poorly done repairs. Team or company? Let's objectively look at both options: Repair the apartment by yourself working team quality repairs. Hiring a crew to work without being specialist, you will be very difficult to distinguish normal from a gang of charlatans team, especially if the choice is based solely on the promises and good prices. In the production of works you have to control consumption and delivery of materials, quality of work performed, if necessary, to provide a tool.

Valentina Jose

Among his more memorable students are Angel Mercado, Plinio Lopez, Luis Cardona and Rafael Ceballos Sierra, although according to his own words to me all my students of all ages are very important. Of the Rodolfo Morales was transferred to Jose Domingo Boscan and later to the school Lomafresca where would act as principal for several years until the date of his retirement through the front door in 2007. Still remember fondly his way through school Rodolfo Morales, because there he had his first professional experience and also because in it she met Professor Jose neck Herrera, the man in your life, whom he married and started his family and who had his sons Jose de los Reyes, Gabriel Joseph, Elfa Liliana and Antero Jose. With them he has shared difficult and pleasant moments at his residence of 7th Street in the Santander neighborhood, emblematic place in the sector and which you can be reached even if the location. It is only necessary ask the first one find where he lives the Elfa breast and immediately inform a casa grande wide and generous as the heart of his owner, who currently enjoy your leisure time in pleasant conversation with neighbors, the delicious talk with everyone who wants to visit her and care for her granddaughter Valentina, you new girl of his dreams. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.