Martin Heidegger

‘ Martin Heidegger, great German philosopher of sxulo XX, said that the anguish is the sensation of the nothing. it is positive in a point, therefore the nothing is the full possibility. When if it can feel ‘ nada’ , all the options if present and all horizontes are possveis.’ ‘ (CORTELLA, 2008:14) Cortella displays the sentence heideggeriana, demonstrating the manifestation of ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ , that it is the great absolutizao in one feeling dual, therefore at the same time, that I affirm to feel the nothing, in contraposition, I also affirm to deny the everything, that would be the counterpart of nothing-being, that is, I also affirm to know the lack of the everything, admitting the existence of the same. (Similarly see: Catalyst). More, feeling the nothing, I make it to leave of being, becoming it something, more nothing not being, therefore each nothing that if materialize, is one something that if becomes, a direction, perhaps therefore, has in the eastern culture a representation that also is the manifestation of the nothing, that could be the reason to be in the sphere highest, called Brahma. Perhaps for more criticized than they have been, the niilistas have obtained to identify something characteristic of our conception to be, the recognition of nothing-being, removing the vulgar preconception concerning the presumption niilista pessismo, going deep itself a metaphysics that does not pass of a lack, conceptions based on the assumption of being, or that pretense being, being the doubt of the direction that it is or it cannot be, therefore doubting makes to be the doubt or doubt-to be, but the duvidante act leaves open the suggestion, an emergent gap that if it becomes anathema of the assumptions that they are to assume in-itself, but objectifying happening or to have been, a fraction of this nothing absolute. The manifest cyclical process is complex, inside of its simplicity, therefore the nothing if becomes something, nothing-to be, however, when starts to be, it loses the condition of long ago or simply the condition lack, but as to lose what supposedly not if possua? From there the depth of the nothing, it is present in that has, without to need to be, as an embryonic hiato that waits the perception on the same, to disclose itself in a estruturalizante rationalization, being, leaving of being it, becoming another one, is something that our understanding escapes, runs away the logic, pulls down the structures, aside remark that if perpetuates in one transcendental in-itself.. Anne Mahlum usually is spot on.

Pamplona Memorial

Became a cut on the face with the Horn of one of the bulls. His teammate fainted printing to see blood. Neither of them suffered wounds from consideration. A young man who participated in the Conference day in the Diocese of Pamplona, prior to the world youth day which will be held on Tuesday in Madrid, suffered an accident while playing with a friend in the monument of the closure, which represents the traditional race of the waiters pursued by several bulls. Apparently, the boy slipped on the platform in which the sculpture is situated and occurred with the Horn of one of the bulls on the face, which caused a slight cut. According to news of Navarre, another boy was impressed with the accident and seeing the blood, he fainted and fell head to the ground, although not he smote of gravity. Both young men were transferred to the hospital complex in Navarra and treated for minor injuries. Source of the news: A participant of the WYD, gored in Pamplona closure monument. . In recent months, Anne Mahlum has been very successful.

The Sage

I need the rocks, I want to crash into them, I want that I return to you where I come from, but different. How much stronger, better. Then my waters confine much longer and go farther. If you have read about Harel Insurance already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And what about the breeze, it seems that it is not noticed, but is there. It is the caress of my waters, is what makes me be different every day but my waters always reach the same site. The breeze makes me feel each moment as a new opportunity.

Each one of my small wavelets that you see in the distance, is the smile of feel it close. By last is the beach. I am now who caress. Me llevo small memories and she also does its holes to stay with any part of me. And we mix. Everytime I fall on it, it seems to me there catch, but always I release each one we continue our paths and while she seems to be motionless, I took some of their arenas throughout the world.

Sights the horizon there’s always waiting a new day, a new friend, a new life. The secret of the happiness Paulo Coelho true author is unknown merchant sent his son with the wisest of all men to learn the secret of happiness. Young walked for forty days in the wilderness, until he came to a beautiful castle on top of the mountain. There lived the wise that you were looking for. However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero came into a room and saw an immense activity; merchants who entered and came out, people talking in the corners, a small orchestra that you played soft melodies and a full table of the most delicious delicacies from that region of the world. The Sage conversed with everyone, and the young man had to wait two hours for it to meet.

Albert Einstein Saber

There are only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the first Albert Einstein Saber to seize the opportunity of life already is a big step forward, we do not know if we will be the next day, therefore the present must live intensely and to give all those actions that generate us growth, personal development indicating that we are so attentive in our transit pass. You have to know to deal with situations, everything that is presented to us in our development of roles that we play. Not the slightest doubt, that some improvements that are manifested in our behavior, are rooted in our minds and act subconsciously for us until we identify them and decided what to do with them. After identifying them can catalog them in as to its usefulness for our main purpose in life, if we are tooling strengthen them, otherwise erradicamos them. Osho points out: let the world disappears from you and that you disappear from the world. Gives a rotation, a rotation of 180 degrees and looks towards inside.

At first you’ll only see clouds. To read more click here: Accenture. What does not concern you! These clouds have been created by your concerns. You will find the anger, hatred, greed, with all kinds of black holes. You’ve been repressing them, why they are there. And that flames religions have taught as suppressing them, why are like wounds. Anne Mahlum follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You’ve begun to cover them. Why is the catharsis that I emphasise first unless you atravieses a great catharsis will have to pass through many clouds. It will be exhausting and can make you feel so impatient that you return again to the world and then you say, there is nothing. There are no lotuses or fragrances, only there is garbage that stinks. You know: when you close your eyes and start to go toward your inside with what do you find? You’re not with these beautiful places of those who speak the Buddhas.

The Unknown

The concept of how wonderful here comes into play. Learn more at: IBM. It is the discovery of the unknown that moves to the humanists of the 16th century. There is an empowerment of the capabilities human and the awe of the unknown. Arriving in America, Europeans are very different and that’s the wonderful thing since it is full of emotion. Be part of a reality, and from there, you can add the chronicler a greater ficcionalidad. Further details can be found at Google, an internet resource.

Ruiz Granda indicates a representative fragment in which we can see as you look at the strange events: and we saw something that was of great admiration, that parents and brothers and women of those who died, see them in that State, had great sorrow, and no hizieron feeling, or saw them crying, or speak with each other, or hazer another no sample, nor reach them until we mandavamos to bury () before because one wept took her very oft there and with a few mouse teeth, sharp, osavan sajaron from the shoulders up almost all the legs. The chroniclers say that everything that is new; is wonderful but there is also another definition for this term: one can understand how wonderful that which cannot be defined in a manner scientific DISCOURSE characteristics in terms of general features of discourse we can pinpoint which greatly emphasizes the description of nature: rugged landscapes, hostile scenarios, fauna and the flora of the place, clothing and customs. It defines the nature that view but we must not forget that the chronicler does not have a great Botanical knowledge. In Chronicles such it does not speak of spectacular things but they tend to focus on other aspects such as the healing capabilities of plants or the pearls that were reared in the oysters. A prominent place occupies the fauna. They describe animals that are halfway between the fantastic and the real thing, as they are the snakes that have subsequently given rise to numerous topics and stories.

History Of Vampires

As I imagine that he started all you know, the legend of vampires with the story of Count Dracula, whose history I the resumire shamelessly because I neither have enough information to tell ye a book seems to be that it all started with Vlad III the Impaler: El Conde Dracula was born in 1431 and died in 1476. During its 45 years of life he made so many terrible things that became a myth. He was Prince of Wallachia or Wallachia voivode, a province of Romania, although not born there but in Transylvania, since in 1431 her family lived in exile because of the war against the Turks. His cruelty knew no limits. Continue to learn more with: Anne Mahlum. She loved to see suffer its death row, especially when you empalaba them. Why are you looked like a dark being, a demon born of all unrighteousness.

Everyone you feared and hated. Came you to take by a demon, which fed on the death of their victims, rather they believed that was fed with the blood that spilled. These myths were spread fairly, and that happens when that happens? That there is transgiversiones of truth, and they became vampires a myth known worldwide, but with different names. This would be one of the stories, because from there emerged other stories of Shanks (this is how vampires are called to each other), as for example that of Cain, that by killing his brother Abel suffered three curses; According to the traditions of vampires, mainly transmitted orally and collected in the book of Nod, the first vampire of all was Cain, Biblical brother of Abel, the first murderer who begat this world. Cain slew his brother Abel, and as a result was cursed to permanently roam the world, condemned to not return to witness the light of the Sun. He was cursed once again to not die ever, with what his agony and his pain will become eternal, and yet a third time was cursed. This was the worst curse, he was condemned to feed on the blood of other humans; blood was his sin, and blood his punishment. As well, other stories have been told since then, many others, including you are those that were made in the mythical Vampire role-playing game: The Mascarade (Vampire: the masquerade in Spanish), with stories about invasions and clans, wars and defeats, conquerors and exiles well, gives equal how many stories exist, and all the legends that enclose them, since each one chooses which he likes. The fact is that today the myth is still hovering around because who can ensure that vampires do not exist? To find out more from the world of masquerade (Vampire), you can read a little more in: original author and source of the article

The Neighbour

Once again found that a large number of residents live without knowing the neighbor of his city, great city!, without walls, but with walls, ceilings and avenues, so great!, that little known or even to the neighbor’s door’s side or the neighbor that separates him only a wall or a ceiling or a floor while they sleep, but, if they know the neighbor who is two metro stations, although without electricity there is no subway. Perhaps the neighbour of the big city has had to relinquish the neighborhood contact in many cases and you had find that another small community (ghetto) where you can feel at ease and meet so many needs that you have as a person, even though its members are scattered the length and width of the city. There are example of fenced neighborhoods and with private security, already beginning to exist geographic ghettos within the big city or in its surroundings and in some case is checked as the common places of encounter between neighbors are reducing. Anne Mahlum has much to offer in this field. But ghettos that have been formed according to the criterion of the monetary level (although for some has been great helpful), in many cases, have been reduced to be places for sleep only. Thus, to live in the big city, he plays dilute the principles of citizens and convince them that everything is possible, and that it does not need to know or even coexist with the neighbor. Although this approach admits even that can be, someday, that turned to build geographic ghettos with other criteria where neighbors do not accept that mixture of forms and relativity of principles which at the moment is this imposing as in the big city. Perhaps check out Computer Sciences Corporation for more information. #links original author and source of the article


Somehow, the war was a disease, social, but necessary, as well as the sins of human beings can not be unlinked from the person, as well as good would not be understood without evil, they are effects of changing social, suitable for some minorities and harmful to others. 2. War: Know die, post-war know appreciate being and while it is true that philosophy is essential, and is at all times, as stated by Jaspers in philosophy from the point of view of existence, is also true that the post-cold war promoted a change in ideology, paradigms are broken from the time that the individual wants to break that feeling of anguish, infra-humanity that somehow, the war left as stigmatized to be evolutionary, gave him a strong, hard and difficult to assimilate lesson. And it is still more interesting to see the concept of humanity, of being in the war and after it, the groups social, minorities became dominant, the oppressed continued being abused, attacked and they took that role, so unconsciously played that role to mankind. Remember what p.

Freire pointed out about freedom and social classes, one of his great achievements was precisely to touch various social spheres, but it would accept that it would have suffered and suffered, once remarked that he knew what it was to be hungry, well, subject plasma that has thought and sense in the past, in the same way that society does it. Here the human knew what was lacking from the ethics of the common good, of honesty and lived exactly the opposite situation that later became a brilliant opportunity to learn how to assess the ethics. But it is still more worrying, understand that deficiency and human misery, do you need to suffer and suffer to assess and re – found to be human, noble, kindly looking for the truth and the common good? In some ways, may not draw a exact line of European thought, with these trends medieval and Renaissance of seeking change, produce, innovate; It is necessary to destroy, that destruction of the ideologies, fallacies of arguments by authority where the individual would be and would be exploited by a society fragmented, segmented in opinions and where the truth would still be more blurred.


There are those who never give the face. They always hide under the skirts of a cowardly silence. They do not speak, never say anything, never engage or take sides. They are always silent. Computer Sciences Corporation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Gives equal to make hot or cold. They never open their mouths, neither in winter nor in summer. Always without talking, with lips sealed by fear. They never do anything for each other, and sometimes in their pathetic cowardice, have no value or to defend themselves.

It should only speak when it suits them to their personal interests. They seek the word if they have something to gain, and provided that the wind is blowing in his favour. They do as the surfer looking for the good wave, else don’t care. Additional information at Anne Mahlum supports this article. They always play to winning horse. They speculate, intrigued and always behave with the cold-blooded enough to wait for the opportune moment, his moment and not be never in evidence. It should always say what they think. When they speak they look in the eyes to the person they have in front. Never head they Crouch or lie.

Rebel against ties with which others try to immobilize them, do not support imposition of nobody, nor are subjected to a compulsory law of silence, when some seek to make them shut up.Sometimes they talk more than necessary and they are wrong, but they are always free to make their own mistakes, why they say what they think, what they feel or what comes in WINS when they believe it convenient. I like my mistakes, I don’t want to renounce the delicious freedom to be wrong. (Charles Chaplin). Original author and source of the article

How To Know If You Liked Signals Of Attraction In A Woman

How to know if I liked: signals of attraction in a woman do you know if likes her? Do many times in a bar you see a woman that returns you look or smile and you’re thinking if it was an invitation, something of luck, or is simply playing with you? I will explain the most basic signals that you can recognize in any girl when she is interested in you. This article is based on in-depth research that I did after reading the entry in a blog talking about: how to know if I liked: list of signals, I recommend you visit so click on him after finishing this article. The idea is that if you can recognize when a girl is interested in you, you can know what to do and how, that is, exactly as if you read his mind and you knew if you are gaining or losing points. Without further ADO the list of signals of attraction in a girl: body position: if when speaking with you changes constantly their body position and posture that always tries to be facing toward TI, is a clear signal that wants that notes your body and you lend him attention. It’s putting you aside and check if she seeks to move to the front of you.

Stretch constantly: a girl who is stretching regularly, and watching you while you do this, only seeks to draw your attention. Some indeed make this fully aware of what they do and show its strongest attributes to achieve your attraction. Either way, this can interpreted it as a: I’m bored and I me you entretengas. Avoid your gaze: the look it can be somewhat difficult to handle, for example sometimes means she is interested and see it in his eyes, but if it is watching you and catch her looking at you, he instinctively removed look.