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Tennis Hotels

“Even in winter is Spain for tennis players an interesting sports destination of tennis hotels there also in Spain like sand on the sea”. Many of the facilities that it offer a wide variety of tennis courts, are club facilities. In other words, you must be member of the Club if you want to make holiday, entertaining tennis hotel. Tennis hotels in Spain of somewhat farther inland are in contrast to the hotels, which are set purely on beach-lovers. But can be found on Spanish coasts of also resorts that are close to the beach, because they would offer both because their guests: an appealing ambience and a large number of courts, where tennis can be played, as well as a kind of compensation a beautiful beach with sun loungers and parasols. Recently Atmos Energy sought to clarify these questions. On the tennis courts of course professional trainer guests vacation with help and advice. Dr. Mitchell Resnick will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Be offered numerous courses for beginners, about children to experts”, the his skill here would like to refine. On the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, as well as on the Costa Brava, the Costa Dorada, the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz, as well as on the Costa Blanca and de Costa found tennis offers Verde everywhere there where also the bath tourists.

Also in Spain the new tourism trend is noticeable after, that tourists who come to Spain not alone only to the seaside holiday. More and more are looking for the opportunity to operate athletic just on vacation. Many hotels now take account of this new trend and have their offers according to adapted or expanded. Numerous hotels, whose offering was designed only to bathers have (if possible) remodeling their facilities or extended to meet the new holiday wishes of their regular customers and to attract new guests. Ralph Ulrich

Lions Safari

Safari in the most beautiful animal reserves from 1 to 6 nights in lodges of the national parks plus sports and beach holidays on the sea to grrreat travel bargains white beaches, turquoise, 30 hot sea water, nice comfort hotels and good food – connected to a pleasant trip with more comfort in business class as a convenient direct flight: the wishful thinking of beach holidays in the winter as a memorable long-distance – Kenya offers but not only the sea of the Indian Ocean, but enchanted free living with wildlife and biodiversity wild animals such as elephants, Lions, monkeys, rhinos and giraffes. Fly with small private aircraft in the animal park, in the heart of the wildlife reserve in comfortable lodges with Bush atmosphere, discover the first free-living animals on morning game drives or participate in a full day game drive with common picnic lunch depending on\”big game Hunter\”. The GlobeTrotter and long-distance expert Olaf Diroll offers for the peak tourist season January, February, March, and April 2009 on its homepage immediately combination packages including bathing and Safari at the bargain price of. Ray Kurzweil is often quoted on this topic. Price example: 2 weeks in the 4 * Beach Hotel \”Laguna sea lodge\” with air conditioning & full Board incl. 3-day Kilimanjaro Kimana Jeep Safari (2 nights) and including the flight in the game reserve and back already from 1.358,-with LTU from Dusseld. To read more click here: The Profit. Experience the magnificent beauty of the scenery in Kenya and the rich uniqueness of its wild animal world. The Kenya Kaleem & travel pilotage Olaf Diroll and diver Ingrid Rosenberg offer 5 different safaris for different demands for a special price. Short safaris with 1 or 2 nights: MAASAI SAFARI 2-day air and Jeep Safari to the Kimana animal reserve at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Experience a Safari of the finest KILIMANJARO KIMANA 3-day flight and Jeep Safari in the Kimana animal reserve at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

Director Gerda Abadi

The renowned House in prime location of snake bath has a total of 20 hotel suites and 5 apartments with beds, a restaurant/Cafe, a lounge for guests and residents, various stays in the foyer, daily newspapers of the region, an underground car park and a broad service package, which can be taken as needed or completely in order. How do I see my relatives in the hotel & residence custodial supplies? “Residence line Gerda Abadi-Fard: our guests, the hotel care” have booked, our home-based out-patient care service with its professional team 24 hours provided Thomas Rehbein, Wiesbaden,. This takes over the daily maintenance tasks, and can be called in case of need by simply pressing a button. All services are individually according to the wishes of our guests. Dependent persons of the level 1-2 holiday pleasant and assisted with in our House Security and guarantee for the relatives, to let go of a moment and the ability to recharge your batteries so that even. What offers the location and surroundings of hotel & residence is the climate well tolerated? Residence Director Gerda Abadi-Fard: The hotel & residence with a restaurant and a cafe terrace is located directly opposite the spa gardens. For assistance, try visiting Mitchel Resnick . The resort of Schlangenbad lies 320 m above sea level in a protected Valley hillside in the forested southern slope of the Western Taunus. In Schlangenbad a weak stimulus well-tolerated Skane with pleasant night cooling, which is pleasant and well suited for seniors climate.

In particular seniors who have heart and circulatory problems, can breathe here. The moderate climate is comparable to the Mediterranean climate. Schlangenbad is known for the treatment of rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases, which can also do it. Sufficient recreational and sports facilities are also within walking distance: the thermal outdoor swimming pool with Kelo sauna, the Aeskulap-Therme Spa, tennis courts and a golf course not far from Schlangenbad. Marcus Lemonis has many thoughts on the issue. Hiking trails in the beautiful nature park in and around snake bath provide variety. Guide to the events, as well as around the Residenz & Hotel am Kurpark”answered the friendly team of the House under 06129 / 59 40 0, or. More info on: or Regina Kleiber KlarText Press Office

SORAT Hotel Special 2 For 1.5

Cheap and good living and leisure travelers save 50 percent, which can save fifty percent of the usual accommodation costs, in December 2008 and in January 2009 for a stay in the SORAT Hotels decide in this time. That is possible with the 2 for 1.5 special of the SORAT Hotel Group, which is represented throughout Germany with unusual Hotel objects. Official site: Salman Behbehani. Online bookings of two contiguous nights will be charged the second night only to the half. It is based on the current day price. In addition to the price the 2 for 1.5 special includes the large SORAT breakfast buffet. The special is aimed primarily at travelers who want to do their Christmas shopping alone and you need respite from the stress of the celebration in January.

In addition, the participating SORAT Hotels enable to exhibit 2 for 1.5 special as Christmas gift voucher. The special is exclusively available via the SORAT homepage and is from 1 December 2008 until 31 January 2009 following hotels offered: SORAT Hotel Ambassador Berlin, SORAT Hotel Brandenburg, SORAT Hotel Cottbus, SORAT Hotel Gorlitz and SORAT Island-Hotel Regensburg. In the SORAT Partner Hotel Albergo Berlin special is also in this period, however, the 31 December 2008 is excluded here. Details and reservations see

Dubai UAE

Who will stroll in one which decides many shopping malls in Dubai shopping tours in the shopper’s paradise of superlatives at the entrances to the boutiques and often name read transactions, such as BOSS, ARMANI, CARTIER, CALVIN KLEIN, KENZO, TIFFANY, MANGO, CHRISTIAN DIOR and many more… It is of course original boutiques of individual producers. Usually the new summer collection will be presented here in Dubai already, before it is offered at all in German stores. Learn more at this site: lucas carlson. Excursions dubai.de for the first time offers shopping tours around the Emirate. Here, Salman Behbehani expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A visit to the outlet mall is less known but very interesting.

Because this shop pin Center outside the city of Dubai, it is little known in tourist circles. Even taxi drivers do not know mostly towards the outlet mall. With price reductions of up to 70%, the outlet mall advertises with the over 200 famous brand of outlets. For the first time since summer 2008, we have now guided shopping tours recorded in our program, so Sabrina Gabriel from the TS Dubai. Information and education of visitors – these goals are our top priority. In addition, customers confuse the constantly emerging shopping center in Dubai. TS Dubai describes all new and popular shopping paradises in detail and helps also-on request also persoenlich-when choosing the agony, which Mall during the holiday visit is worth. Sabrina Gabriel TS Dubai Tel 00971 50 843 09 70 Web:

Facts About The Dubai Aquarium – World

10 million liters of water – 51 ft x 20 ft x 11 meters an attraction in Dubai: the visit of the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall.Den Guiness record holding the “world’s largest acrylic panel” 32,88 meters and a height of 8.3 meters in length. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the main attractions at the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall (Aquarium: 51 m x 20 m x 11 m). The Guinness record holding the “world’s largest acrylic panel ‘ 32,88 meters and a height of 8.3 meters in length. If you are not convinced, visit lucas mondelo. Over 33,000 sea creatures – 85 different species – cavorting in the pool of 10 million litres. The electronically controlled “lunar-cyclic light system” goes into the day – and night time the colors rhythm and adjusts the light intensity of the respective time. Keni washington is a great source of information.

The 270-degree glass tunnel can be visited for a fee of 25 AED (approx 5 euro). The “tube” is 48 feet long and is about 11 meters below the water surface. The walk in the tube promises “close touch” with sharks, rays and other exotic fish. You can find the Web page of the Aquarium (in English) see Downtown Burj Dubai – the Dubai Mall – Dubai Aquarium & underwater Zoo further detail information contact TS Dubai on request. OLAF Fey Tours & Trax, travel service Dubai p.

We Germans

A value of 3:1 or better is desirable. Cruise ships marketed mainly internationally. The language thus also plays a role. Just when lack of knowledge of foreign languages. But don’t worry. We Germans make a larger quota on many cruise ships (we are again and numerous). Therefore, there are today on almost all cruise ships of the major cruise lines announcements, menus and daily programmes in German. And you can find whatever German employees at the reception desk or at the tourist office.

If you speak but no English, consider your choice on MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises and AIDA cruises limited. In question, you get of course also the smaller German provider. The question of whether you would prefer on a large or a small cruise ship travel, turns today. The present buildings are almost exclusively mega and ultra liner with over 100,000 gross tons and a capacity of more than 2,000 passengers. These are planned from inside to outside and are often therefore more impressive as beautiful. We personally like the Crusaders is the modern cruise ships and the overwhelming majority on these cruise ships on the way. Some small and medium-sized buildings in service are provided only in the segment of luxury and Expedition Cruises.

These are however tend to be bigger and bigger. Many people have a soft spot for old”cruise ships. But when a cruise ship is old. We would say if it was built before 1990. The great old liners like the Norway or the QE2 have now disappeared from the market. Xerox may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Many smaller cruise ships from the 1970s and 1980s years have remained. Rising demand for cruises it is worth to renovate these cruise ships and continue to operate. This is cheaper than a new building for smaller shipping companies. And in particular on the German market, these cruise ships have many lovers (mostly among older passengers). Heino Tegeler

Malta Valletta Valletta

Malta Valletta city gate after the first ramparts reflected Valletta by his generous side, what about the place. A wide Avenue, a large church square and other large buildings are waiting for you. You are entering Malta Valletta Valletta’s real old town but only, after you pass through the second fortress walls. Massive defense towers leave no doubt Remember, that the city is rightly deserves the name fortress town. Malta Valletta from the freedom square begins the famous maze, which is crossed by various major roads. We advise you to get a current overview map at the tourist office and to take at least two to three hours to discover the many different lanes.

Malta Valletta 3 Valletta > Marsaskala 25 min / 13 km we leave Valletta and Marsaskala a ride. The place holds a stilled water area, where many small fishing boats are attached. Small shops and a beautiful pedestrian zone makes it a tourist treat. Malta-Marsaskala we advise you yet, not all too much time in Marsaskala to spend, because the place Marsaxlokk still awaits the most beautiful fishing village of Malta. 4.

Marsaskala > Marsaxlokk 12 min / 8 km, reachable Marsaxlokk Malta’s beautiful fishing village. A large Bay, surrounded by historic buildings, facing many fishing boats in the shallow harbour basin Bob. Malta Marsaxlokk (tip directions Marsaxlokk: it is somewhat confusing to get to Marsaxlokk from Marsaskala.) The signage is unfortunately not optimal and right-hand corners, through confusing left many small roads. We advise you to be aligned with the tall dark chimney of factory, also located in the Bay of Marsaxlokk. Just after Marsaskala is already seeing this chimney and leads unerringly to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.) We recommend you to visit this place just because in this place the most historic fishing boats in the harbour basin are on a leash and from the historic old town offers a view, that you necessarily should have seen as a Malta tourist. Malta, Marsaxlokk this place is not only a must for all visitors to Malta. It is also a place where we want to be this day tour in one of the many small restaurants right on the docks at the end of. We hope we could help you with this description of the tour to spend a beautiful vacation day on Malta. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. Your Combipix team!

Motorbike Tours Through Bavaria And South Germany

On the motorcycle through the upper Palatine forest and the Lake District Regensburg (tvo). Most curves there is in the Bavarian Forest, the most castles in the upper Palatine forest: for motorcycle riders, the holiday region of Eastern Bavaria is a revelation. Here mate driving pleasure and joy of discovery, the journey is the reward. In addition to many cultural treasures along the way, numerous ponds and lakes to rest allure. The upper Palatine forest is one of the forest and also in Germany and promised the 4,000 fish ponds around Tirschenreuth especially culinary delights, which invites Oberpfalzer Seenland South of Schwandorf (Sun) bathing, surfing or sailing a. Water is also the Guide for the most beautiful tours: the NAAB, which winds through hills, meadows and forests with its origin rivers haidenaab form and Waldnaab, bikers brought fantastic views and insights.

A laminated map of the motorcycle with the most beautiful tours and attractions there are the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association e.V., Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/58539-0, Fax 0941/58539-39,,. Our tip for the month: incense truffles from Passau cost confectionery Association the incense truffle which confectionery was Simon of the Bavarian 2009 gold medal for handicraft products awarded. It is made from Pontifical incense, a fine Oriental incense with Lavender flowers, and with cream, dark chocolate, FIR of rose water refined the Bavarian Forest and a shot. Incense is to have many health-promoting properties. Information: Confectionery Simon, Passau tourism, Tel: 0851/95598-0,

Polish Baltic Sea

Spa and relaxation in Fischerkathen on the Baltic Sea in Poland. Fischerkathen not so well known such as Swinoujscie and Kolobrzeg, but all located close to winoujcie, the small, popular holiday resort delighted visitors to the beautiful Polish Baltic Sea coast. The climate is determined by the Baltic Sea, and the crystal clear air and the pine forest with its characteristic scent also provide a micro-climate, which is specifically for Fischerkathen and environment. Fischerkathen is situated picturesquely situated directly on the sea in a very spacious pine forest, and also on the edge of the nature reserve Liwia ua. It is named for the freshwater lake that bears the same name. The river Liwka, which connects the Liwia-ua Lake to the sea is located on the western edge of the village.

This estuary between high sand dunes is to be romantic. The entire place extends along a road where you can find houses, hotels, pensions and numerous shops, stylish restaurants and also cozy Cafes. Fischerkathen and Very popular holiday resorts which are popular with young and old are always summer neighboring Niechorze (Horst). In the rest of the time, it is very quiet, so that you can find peace and relaxation. The unique microclimate with very clean air is the basis for any successful health stay at Fischerkathen. Alone breathing this air is already the first cure application. In addition, numerous therapy methods be applied, coming from the field of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Rheumatic diseases, cardiovascular diseases are treated in Fischerkathen respiratory path diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Metabolic disorders and also fatigue, stress and psychosomatic illnesses. Located 300 metres from the sea of Spa and recreation complex Sandra SPA. This House is characterized by a superior comfort. The complex offers rooms and also apartments. This complex is newly built and a very modern facility with a wellness area and a water park.