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National Autonomous University

Source He has led the Program for the Development of Software Industry (Prosoft). Plan of the Ministry of Economy of Mexico that is part of the National Development Plan 2001-2006. Prosoft has seven strategic lines, the sixth that gave rise to MoProSoft: “Achieving international standards in process capability. As we begin the development of this strategic line was evaluated adopting the models: ISO 9000, ISO 15504, SW-CMM. The result of the evaluation was: “None of the standards or model meets the requirements expressed by the domestic industry”, and decided to draw up an appropriate model for the characteristics of Mexican companies, which would be based on the models evaluated. Based on this decision the Ministry of Economy commissioned this model to the Mexican Association for Quality in Software Engineering (AMCIS) in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Vitus Corp.MoProSoft The first version was published in December 2002. The National Development Plan (NDP) 2001-2006 of Mexico raises the goal of improving the country’s competitiveness through the promotion, use and exploitation of technology and information. This plan defined the Ministry of Economic Development Program of the Software Industry.

PASS Customer

Stability and performance with each 9.3 points rank in second place. The release capability and the customization of the software follow them. The ergonomics of the software with 7.3 points ends up in last place. Whether a software customer service specially designed on an industry is not particularly important to the company according to our study. We conclude that many of the requirements in the customer service industry across closely resemble, and that industry-specific characteristics are to be drawn through the customization of software.” How and where learn company software and customer service experts, was investigated in the study by PIDAS also the question. Therefore, face-to-face talks are a very important source of information for 75% of decision makers. Websites and newsletter are for less than one-third of importance.

Competitors are a relevant point of contact to other advisers for only 6% of respondents to inform service providers and software solutions. The results of the study provide us with important insights for the development of our software solutions and services. Since the employees are obviously extremely important multipliers, and since your contact to customers for the perception of the company of great importance, we will support here our colleagues even better in the future”, says Hans-Peter Uebersax. The net promoter score, which we have identified in the course of the study, us is definitely positive. A study of PASS, for example, shows that the NPS in the automotive industry, which is characterized by high customer loyalty, moving at an average 23. With an NPS of almost 33 PIDAS issued thus an excellent witness of their customers get.” PIDAS is a service company specialized in the field of customer service environment on the development, optimization and operation of service organizations in the business and IT. The company with offices in Basel, Graz, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich was around 280 staff in 1987 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of POLYDATA group in Zurich founded in in German-speaking of Europe. We incorporate the elements of strategy, human, organization, and technology in our solutions and use in our projects on our customer care concept.

POS Stores

Remember that professionalism is required from the very first stage – negotiations, where it is necessary to sound the right questions and record answers to a stage start of the automation object. Through negotiation, for example, must decide which features are to perform each employee store (plants, warehouses, offices), a commercial equipment and software must be purchased and how it will all be served. Automation of trade and logistics company can save on extra jobs, and thus significantly reduce the cost of wages. But it also says that staff need to improve their skills and get free education to work with the equipment. Any company offering services for complex automation of the store can provide a supply of the required software software, but not each make an attractive price for the entire spectrum of electronic trade and exhibition equipment. Electronic Equipment in the projects on automation of shops can be represented very widely, and may be limited to ready-made solutions in the form of POS-systems. POS-systems, sometimes in the form of one-piece ergonomic POS-terminals, commonly used to automate retail outlets (supermarkets, mini-market, boutiques). Now there are systems that are optimized for different shops There is a system of automation of trade for hypermarkets.

Since the hypermarkets from the other stores are different only in scale Showroom and an assortment of goods, the developers came up with a small but comfortable and efficient electronic means for accounting and sales, up to large, such as appliances or furniture. Today Professional software takes a major role in the automation of hypermarkets. Cashiers work with such software and with built-in barcode scanner workstation that together can as quickly as possible and accurately perform the procedure for settlement with customers. For minimarkets there is a solution, the special trade system. In this method provides automation software for office, warehouse, shop home appliances, shop, supermarket and, of course, supermarket. The automation system allows us to solve the basic problem stores: sale of goods, purchase of needed goods and support relations with its customers (card readers), etc. Despite the fact that different types of stores are already different types of software, many people use it the one with which you can work at any point of sale.

It is not necessary forget that automation does not end the store only to install equipment designed to simplify the calculations, with the buyers. Automation stores also implies an effective anti-theft – as on the part of supermarkets, as well as by professional shoplifters. This may be installed three different types of security systems. The first – RF – have the smallest cost. They activated without contact and in almost all cases. The second type – akustomagnitnye system. They are also well protected from theft stores, are activated as well, but have a minimum size of the label. Electromagnetic systems are also very effective. They can be installed on all types of goods, unlike the previous types of equipment. Size of the label is also minimal, and they are almost invisible on a product that prevents them detection and removal. In addition, the labels for electromagnetic systems can not be damaged by mechanical means.

Michael Dell

In fact, one of the peculiarities of the technology business is that they have generated many millionaires in a very short time and without age limitations. And this definitely makes them very attractive. To venture into the business of technology is especially needed a great idea and a good dose of creativity to design products that make life easier. Many have the concept that great scientists or computer specialists should be to succeed in the technology segment. Nothing farthest from reality, otherwise people like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell) or Jack Welch (General Electric) had never managed to do so. Of course academic preparation from every point of view is an element in favour in terms of knowledge but is not a prerequisite for mounting unnegocio profitable technology-related. And it is a point in favor is that the technology can be considered as a branch that makes your life easier by providing solutions for common life both at home and in industry.

From there that if you observe carefully, you will find to your around many opportunities to deliver solutions across systems and products technological, existing or to be invented. And since then, a very profitable niche you could discover in the process. The possibilities are limitless, why you share a list of this online business ideas that will surely expand your entrepreneurial vision: information technology-related applications. The information is probably one of the most important assets for corporate competitiveness. Who has the right information at the right time, has great advantages. Develop systems that help companies to have that information in a reliable way is good business.

Software solutions. Computing or custom software programs have been and will continue to be alternative business profitable. If you have programming knowledge you can assemble a development company that can offer solutions in this field. Digital illiteracy.

Otto Banta IT-commerce

Test winner sets new standards Neu-Isenburg for client lifecycle management, January 28, 2010 – Matrix42 prepares the CeBIT for the first time his future-oriented IT-commerce concept live before. The special feature of the new IT management model is the flowing interplay of IT service and client lifecycle management modules, which ensure the smooth deployment and delivery of IT services within a company. With its dedicated team of Matrix42 in Hall 3, booth F15, at less than 150 m. More than eight demo points the IT management show specialists specifically, how companies to automate IT processes and can save money. “New standard: IT-commerce for providing IT services only if service and client automatically communicate with each other lifecycle management, you can optimize the most diverse IT operations within sustainable by companies and simplify: it creates a closed circle, which meets all the requirements of the IT market and the optimized processes, lowers the costs and puts the user at the Center”, describes Herbert Uhl, CEO of Matrix42 AG, the philosophy behind IT-commerce approach. The prerequisite for this is the holistic, but nevertheless integrative consideration of various divisions. In the development of the new IT-commerce standard, the company put to particularly value to avoid media discontinuities and to create transparency.

The Matrix42 show how IT-commerce works, specialists in Hanover. Automatic Windows 7 rollout as a leader in the field of client lifecycle management, Matrix42 already in the summer of 2009 a solution for automatic change of operating system on Windows 7 offered. Now have converted numerous customers using Matrix42 Empirum their enterprise-wide IT on Windows 7 the company presents the experience live at CeBIT. Business services & IT management for virtualization increasingly winning important desktop virtualization provides the companies face new challenge in IT management. No matter whether optimization of the business processes for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or technical Management of virtual environments. Matrix42 raises both challenges on Citrix or VMWare-based systems with integrated IT-commerce.

As this report shows in detail in numerous live demos. “” Test winner client lifecycle management suites in a comparison test of the journal IT administrator “in terms of Windows 7 migration, was the client lifecycle management suite Matrix42 Empirum” in the January test winner and convinced above all in the area of automated transfer. “” Already in the autumn, the computer magazine gave business & IT”the packaging tool package robot”Matrix42 the grade excellent”. Contact: Schmidt communication GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 fax: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 23 E-mail: image material and other information found on the Internet at. Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for IT-commerce. With the solution portfolio from Matrix42, IT managers and administrators can optimally your IT management and perform cost-efficiently. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of client lifecycle management tasks. Over 3 million clients in use are more than 1500 customers worldwide. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group, which is among the largest European software companies with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros.

I Have

An experience-event money not there with Karl Gamper on April 25th, 2009 from 9:30 to 18:30 h at the Fontana Golf Club in Oberwaltersdorf”this on Shaker is one of the core statements of Karl Gamper. “This sentence is also in as economy can be beautiful” the best selling book of the inspire! series of Kamp Hausen publishing group. Money is there “does not directly and immediately to the solution. Because even at second glance, it becomes clear, that money is not a God-given natural phenomenon but a construct created by us humans. However, this construct is designed so that > mortals < never directly get money. But always (!) only indirectly.

For example, through products. Or services. April 25, 2009. What topics, which issues, what answers do you expect? Even the ancient Egyptians tried to make something valuable from less valuable. For example, from lead to gold.

This is called until today Alchemy. Is our modern economy according to the alchemical thinking scheme? And if yes what is the? And If no what laws more money? Time will appear to many people as a very mysterious Domaine. According to what principles are our clock time and calendar? Here a short answer: according to mental and mechanistic principles. But living all our lives follows this life the clock time or are here entirely different forces at work? Looks of death on the clock when he comes? or a deeper dimension in us is touched, when life is coming to an end? What may cause it when we concatenate time above the rate with money? We did collectively as humanity? Economies means: the operation and repayment of debt. Or? What do such thoughts and considerations for your own life? And can we use the insights of quantum physics quantum management? When we see our money, dream empty miles. All money worries, debt, shame, jealousy, greed, keep us in the frequency of fear. Fear is a frequency. This applies it to understand. And the opposite of fear? What’s the opposite? It is unusual for our instant world, not on anything and everything to get a reply immediately. Maybe keep it for a marketing gimmick, that I you no answers, but rather why questions. But suppose you feel an inspirational track, possibly even a terrific way to play the money game, on these issues to stagger your attention, to operate in the future with focused intent then what? Then, a meeting could be interesting on April 25, 2009. Most interesting. Welcome Karl Gamper, author. Here the coordinates: Fontana Golf Club, A-2522 Oberwaltersdorf, Fontana Allee 1, fireplace room, Cometogether 8:30, presentation from 9:30 to 18:30, admission includes refreshments and lunch buffet: 147,-per person, registration at Volker Schafer at or phone +43(0)660/5272747 Set.htm

Wolfgang Rademacher

A further site of similar magnitude is still available, but what s? But there is experience. Debt means not the end. If it is tight, we go just right. What I was very surprised: my Schufa is spotless clean, although I’ve paid virtually no rates 4 years. The Bank has spent on enforcement and lawyers far beyond 100,000. All in all has tied more than 1.300.000 leg the Bank.

Much should not have been, but money is burned by the intransigence of the bankers. So, Mr. Rademacher, the game of life with the practical knowledge of your books work. When I have some more rest, I won’t let the comparison contracts come to you. Maybe you can learn something from my situation. Only those who know the solution, they can be used also what is this reader yet so aptly flowed from the spring? Debt means not the end. They do not really mean that!, Wolfgang Rademacher agrees with honest conviction and draws on his personal experience, which he inter alia has made available to anyone in his book salvation in the execution: let as borrowers never take the sausage bread! Even if lurking in the foreclosure or foreclosure bailiff or bailiff on your doorstep: you keep the booklet always confidently in hand! As my loyal reader made it simply apply my proven techniques. Then, it will be your opponents get due respect for you.

And not vice versa. Conclusion: Whether in the deepest debt morass or enforcement, there is always a solution. But you need to know them so that you can use them. Wolfgang r’s book the foreclosure rescue shows such solutions and how to get from the head of the Sling can move. By hand. And without Peter Zwegert. The book is on Amazon or in bookstores available or under V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situation and to find more quality of life. For more information

CODE ROYAL Presents MOPS & Seahorses IN The Signet Ring

Offenbach, April 2009 matching CODE ROYAL is to spring / summer two new trend themes before: MOPS, seahorses, the days are getting longer, the Sun is reflected more and more often and nature comes to life! The SEAHORSE motif conjures up holiday mood and whets the appetite for Sun, beach and sea. All rats”, sailors and divers can express their passion with the maritime symbol. The sea theme is optimally complemented by a turquoise-hued agate. Pug lovers also get their money: Masters and mistresses can now perpetuate their favorites in million-year-old gems. FINEST signet rings IN over 30,000 variations of CODE ROYAL combines traditional jewellery with a modern jet-set design and sets new standards in the finest signet rings. In order to complete each of our seal stones in their beauty, nature needed up to five million years. In a variety of combinations of over 30.000 possibilities, each CODE is a hand-picked Special Edition ROYAL jewel and thus unique.

100% handmade in Germany Each seal ring is manufactured by master craftsmen in up to nine steps in Idar-Oberstein. The CODE ROYAL model range includes the finest materials such as sterling silver and 750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold. The signet rings are available from 459,-1.249,-in gold and silver. You can download over 100 different photos in layout view or print quality photos and press materials in the press section. Find also photo and press material to the CODE ROYAL models as well as to the company and its employees themselves. We offer you your CODE ROYAL desire models for photo shoots available.

Produce Own Electricity – Independence Reach

Anyone can produce own electricity, independence from rising prices is possible freeze your own power, independence, cost, which is the stated goal of many citizens. The EEG, a legal basis to the charges and the vovellierten supplements, is today for everyone possible internal power to produce. “This is technically relatively easy”, so Willi Harhammer, Managing Director of iKratos from the Frankish Weissenohe. Many of its customers today ask about the ability to make independent. Solar cells produce electricity. Feasible, on the roof, garage or carport are also called balcony solutions and facade systems is possible. This current is fed into the public power grid, a part of the current is consumed in the budget itself. At night or during power failure is a part of the generated current again for consumers available.

This option is made with its own storage system, but is not a requirement. Basically, you can in addition to the practical use of the invested money, expecting an interest rate of 10%. Photovoltaic/solar power has reached a high priority, long since outgrown from its infancy, today large corporations and utilities to invest in this technology, “made in germany”. Those who are more interested in this technique, is welcome on May 9 in Weissenohe, 20 km north of Nuremberg, invited to the so-called “solar day”, many lectures, exhibitors to inform on this day comprehensive “New energies”. For more information see

Technology Data

The objective of this work is to show the interfaces of the Arquivologia with the Technology of the Information, therefore this technology is each more predominant and important time in ours daily lives and also in the life of documents and the information. Consequently, the interdisciplinalidade with this technology is an imperative for the Arquivologia. 2 Presentation of discussoNa interface of the Arquivologia with (Technology of the Information) – YOU, according to Camargo (1994), it has the question of the isolated data of the context. It clarifies that the document alone has meant inside of a set, that never studies the individual part in the Arquivologia. Thus, the critical one of the originalidade of a document alone is possible if it will be tied with the original sequence, obeying the beginning of the provenincia.

When approaching the vital cycle of a document, in the questions that involve the mutation of the support, new problems are brought for the Arquivologia: the way of transference and the interdependence. Many times, in YOU, the document is seen alone, isolated of the context, in the reading of the data, but it cannot be isolated for the concepts of the Arquivologia. It adds this the fact of that, in the vital cycle, innumerable transformations with mutation of the support occur. YOU it has that to have capacity to control, to guarantee and to preserve the document in the changes of the support in its vital cycle. The arquivstica of the direction is the informacional, that is, the linear science that work with the physical accumulation, meters or cubical meters. This is defined by Camargo (1994) as a pejorativo term. The author defends that the arquivstica of the direction must be ' ' decipherer of the documentary data and questionadora of the sources adormecidas' ' , in the traditional supports. If she cannot say that she has consensus in treating and defining the documentary universe of the areas of the archivists, librarians, documentaristas and professionals of YOU, therefore these professionals know the question of the preservation in the new supports, that engloba the durability, legibility, intervenincia of the machine and technological obsolescence.