Month: April 2015

Latin American Council Award

There are proposals for all areas where the economy is represented, as in a monetary, fiscal, institutional, commercial, industrial, energy, regulatory, public policy, trade policy. a very significant proposals which, of course, be accompanied by their programs, plans, strategies to determine its scope, impact lead to promote the country before the economic crisis of this, of course it involves change in where they should be well integrated the actors, their environment, so that the transition to a new economic culture favorable for a country that has everything to address challenges that have not significantly impaired quality of life for its citizens. In order to know what these proposals can be seen in no doubt that the other schools of the Faculty of Faces, such as Business Administration and Public Accounting, Industrial Relations will also present their views and answers on topics that concern where there is much to contribute. Of course, one can not rule out the participation of graduate a Faces in various references, whose views proposals also encourage the taking into account an assessment of whether their determined purpose to reach all that can benefit topics in financial, fiscal management, of marketing, administrative, labor relations, business, quality and productivity.

a definitely like actions undertaken by the dean Benito HAMEDI are very positive, because they show that the University is not marginalized from the national problems, however their participation, justifies his reason for being and serve as an endorsement for its participants, wider community of its commitment, social responsibility of being an institution proactive, participatory and paragraph idea proposed solutions. I expected to wake up and start other faculties to join the national situation with actions not just protests, but for proposals. Congratulations to the dean and faculty, students have said this and are a committed not to allow this great country like Venezuela to stagnate. a Ph.D. in education, masters in business management: quality and productivity, education Engineer-Manager, Advocate. Teaching and research postgraduate holder UC. Specialty Graduate Program Coordinator Quality and Productivity, Postgraduate Area, Faces, UC consultant business advisor DEPROIMCA EXATEC * Latin American Council Award for educational excellence.

Blue Box

There she goes going up, she arrives at people and there people repass and ready! There she has an agreement to change the scene. Because to the times you project a thing that is bacana, but it is not viable, total viable in the virtual one is readjusted pra another thing, understood? How that it is the sensation of when seems that the presenter is falling of the scene? Already vi, not here in Net TV, but in others Not! In Net TV he falls very also! This is defect of the equipment. Then, what that it happens? You have later you go to show, there people go down a structure on of the camera with infra red light bulbs and surrounded cameras of security in the ceiling. Then they are in the total of twelve cameras that are pointed to cover all the area of ' ' Blue Box' ' , that people call &#039 there; ' Azul&#039 petty cash; '. How that it is? Blue Box! Blue box! Because the deep one is all blue one. these cameras is pra that? Pra that sensor to be located. It is to bind and the camera saw that it there you.

It moved pra there this information is arrives in type, pontinhos, understood? Pontinhos white on deep black color pro computer. There the computer goes to understand that the camera moved. If it saw, it goes there to understand that it had an operation. E, with the perfect calibragem and such, with to develop of the technology, already adjusts that pra there to make the correction of the scene, understood? Then, thus, the machine is calculating the time all. It is a video game in real time. The camera moved pra here, the computer understood that it has that to play the scene here pra. There it has that to make this it is compensation, understood? Has a camera here, moved pra here, the scene was pra it makes this there, it simulates this, understood? There you speak: ' ' ours, you moving! ' '.

OS Android Smartphone

If you are thinking about buying a new mobile phone, and you want it to be not just a "dialer" and "otpravschikom" SMS, you should think about buying is not the phone, and smartphone. What is a smartphone different from the usual phone? You can tell that the smartphone – it is a small computer. Opportunities for much more smart phone, unlike a regular phone, which works on the technology of Java. The main difference – it's an operating system smartphone. There are several operating systems, which employ smart phones. For example, Symbian: in this system are built all smartphones NOKIA. It is also widely used in recent times have received and other operating systems.

Such as, Windows Mobile, this Operating System as you guessed from the giant Microsoft. Another well-known operating system, which in recent years widespread – iPhone OS. This system has built everything iPhone. But in addition to everything else on the market exists and OS Android, which in recent times has been very widely used in mobile devices. Of all these operatsionok want to allocate the operating system Android. You ask why? It's simple! She has a good functionality, speed work, open source, and a lot more than. Android OS is based on Linux, which is a free operating system and has established itself as an alternative to Windows. But do not go into the jungle wake up the OS, as before Our challenge is to figure out what is so good smartphone LG Optimus one P500.

Lodging Of Sites

Lodging of SitesHoje in a world each time more blinded by information, one of the branches that more grow in Brazil is the service of lodging of sites, this makes with that any person or company that is with will to place a site has that to appeal to this service. what it is Lodging of sites: Lodging of Sites nothing more is of what a service that makes possible the people or companies with systems online to keep to its information, images, video, or any accessible content to the Web, through connected computers the net of high performance. Today Brazil is one of the countries that possess one of biggest gammas of companies who act in this branch, and also one of the countries with the biggest technology used in the sector. But today as the companies in this branch of lodging of sites are many, to choose one, if she becomes each more difficult time, therefore had the great gamma of companies who give this service we can to fall in that it does not give an adequate service. Not to cairmos in traps we must be intent to some aspects, as for example, where they are these servers, which resources and languages the plans possess number, it of claims on the company, the amount of sites provided for the company, the price, the advantages who the company offers, and most important that it is the support technician used for the company, beyond plus a set of ten of factors that I will not go to cite now. Also we can cite here the companies who give this service of gratuitous form, them to you to contract this plan offer to a space and a traffic to it with overhead, I recommend this modality in case that it wants to make a test and to know the lodging gratuitous, to put you to have availability high tax of resources does not have doubts of that the best thing if to make is to contract a plan of paid lodging.

Methodology Teaching

To develop a methodology of work they should focus on the study of the different branches of the pedagogy as a science of education having as object of study the learning process of students. It studies the laws of the direction of the training process, determining the theoretical foundations of teaching content and methods to be applied in the classroom. Studying and applying the instruction and teaching experiences in higher education, providing also the domain of the methods and procedures of teaching and the complex art of the pedagogical influence on the pupil; the focus on the study of the activity of the educator and the learner in correspondence with the characteristics of the educational process. On this basis shall be drawn up the theory and methodology of direction and organization to refine the content, methods, procedures and means, becoming vital problems for the progressive movement of society.

Brassilia education means the set of influences exerted all of society in the person, so man is educated throughout life, this process being the result of form in men the values linked also to your instruction and training. In a narrow framework education is characterized by work aimed at the objective qualities of the personality as well as modes of conduct training, organized for educators. Each class to teach is one link in a chain, and the changes that occur in the mental activity of the students, as well as those taking place in the formation of beliefs, are not achieved suddenly, but are the result of the continuous work of the educator, is why they have to meet a scientific and methodological criteria systemi.e. they have to form a harmonious whole from the point of view of the objectives, content, methods and organisational measures necessary for teaching, considering the fundamental role the preparation of teacher development classes, and not should be forgotten that each class is nothing more than an item within the complex process of teaching, so it not is should teach a class isolated since it brings as consequence that the learning and training of students is not properly guaranteed..

The Movement

Premise one: the movement had an origin. If the movement was perpetual then the series of previous movements to any instant in the time would be infinite, that is, being overcome one instant any in the time as referencial it is arrived conclusion of that it stops arriving at this instant if they would have succeeded infinite movements. What it generates a paradox, therefore it is impossible to arrive at the infinite and for in such a way the movement it cannot be perpetual, but it had an origin. Premise two: the existence is perpetual. So that the existence could appear would be necessary that before it had possibilities. What it is a paradox, therefore nothing can precede the existence, then to the existence it does not have I begin, but she is perpetual.

Silogism: refutation of the mecanicismo. If the movement was necessary to the existence, then it could not have existence without movement and as the existence is perpetual the movement also would be, but as the movement has an origin it is not necessary to the existence or it does not happen for necessity, but it could not exist. Therefore an inevitable predestination for the facts does not exist, but everything could be different. Ahead of diverse possibilities for the movement and no trend for its existence if it makes necessary that it occurs voluntarily or it never would exist. Conclusion. As we saw the movement had an origin and this means that it had one I begin for the Creation, therefore nothing appears without movement. On the other hand the existence is perpetual and this means that before the Creation already it had existence. We also saw that the movement in the universe does not occur for necessity, but that it is generated voluntarily what means that the Creation has an intention.

Luis Marcano

Deputy Minister of planning of the power Popular for science and technology, Luis Marcano Gonzalez has expressed in this regard, the social appropriation of knowledge that seeks to promote social inclusion and to limit the gap that exists in the Venezuelan society, in order to seek the independence of science and technology, to contribute to the security and sovereignty of the nation. Remarks: We are convinced and the country much more, that without scientific and technological research, cannot be guaranteed the sovereignty and independence of the country. Highlights in addition. Luis Marcano in a forum on this topic, organized at the University of Carabobo, which will work proactively by the development of technology and science and his proactivity will be generated by supported strategic criteria with three guidelines, which are the knowledge for local endogenous development; i.e., we are working so that the knowledge is not a matter exclusively centres of accumulation of knowledge, but that is a matter for society as a whole. In other words, that the policies of the Ministry, are not solely and exclusively to a particular audience, in this case researchers, professors of the universities, or who are engaged in scientific and technological activities, but that they are of the entire population.

Other criteria, are the fundamental knowledge to guarantee the life and peace, it is also stated ethical character and the strengthening of the national system of science, technology and innovation. Marcano Remember that there are five balances of the National Plan for economic and Social development, approved in its second part in this new constitutional period, these being the economic balance, social equilibrium, the politician, the territorial and international. We hope that this initiative of the national Government, of supporting technological development and science, a fact some more in a scenario such as this, where the characteristics of universities specifically, shown great weaknesses, which can be reduced:-low participation of universities in the solution of national problems, especially in support of the productive sector, providing consistent professionals to the needs that arise. -Absence of boxes of research, teachers, researchers identified with national problems. -Integrative binding absence of national universities through lines research that will help to give answers to the major economic, technological problems faced.

-Absence of linkage and participation of the universities with the economic programs of the State. -Absence of participation of enterprises with universities that requires further integration, in order to provide them with these, collaboration in training, training of technicians, professionals able to interpret the needs of the environment and better optimize the management of their economic resources.