Month: July 2016

German Research Foundation DFG

Halverson & Peschke measuring and testing technology GmbH has passed a universal testing machine of type INSP 100 at the University of Kassel. The new system allows material testing up to 1,200 c. Nossen/Kassel, October 21, 2008 the Halverson & Peschke measuring and testing technology GmbH has passed a universal testing machine of type INSP 100 at the University of Kassel. The new plant is equipped with a high-temperature furnace, which enables material testing up to 1,200 c. In the framework of a project funded by the German Research Foundation DFG, the Chair of forming technology examines the temperature-dependent inelastic material behaviour of metals and plastics. Here, the Halperin & Peschke GmbH important parameterized data is contribute to the new universal strength testing machine.

INSP 100 determination of mechanical technological properties the universal testing machine of the INSP series with a capacity of 100kN is specially designed for use in material testing laboratories of the metal industry. The Universal strength testing machines are characterised by their high mechanical precision, a superior frame stiffness, as well as the usage of most modern control electronics. Even the basic version offers mounting options for various accessories, such as temperature control chambers, high-temperature furnaces and extensometers. University of Kassel explored coupled phenomena thermo mechanical coupling complex thermal and mechanical mechanisms rarely developed future potential in terms of the design space is just in the context of modern industrial manufacturing processes,\”explained Dipl.-ing. Manuel may wreath Valentin, researcher at the Institute of forming technology of the University of Kassel. The research goal of the special research area Transregio 30 since mid-2006 by the DFG-funded (SFB TR / TRR30) integrated manufacturing of functionally graded structures based on coupled thermo mechanical phenomena ‘ is about new hybrid thermo mechanical process for such micro- and to reach with conventional litigation strategies previously not macro-structural product structures or are only available at uneconomic terms.

Palmistry Hand Science Hand Analysis

“ – new online Internet – portal on the subject of Palm reading – for Pominente from sports science-economy-politics and society for Diocletian” is Astrology – along with Tarot – clairvoyance and dream analysis say it one of his greatest skills and talents. More on this and other topics; Palmistry hand readers hand science, you will find on the major online Web portal; These opinion and views represented also Diocletian “-hand reader from.” So why would so many scientists, doctors and psychologists international deal renowned researchers with the hands and finger patterns. Many large financial firms hire astrologers, astronomers and astrologers soothsayer hand readers even recruiters look at applicants already times more concrete on the hand. The communication is with visitors and its many Klinenten in the foreground. Handleser.NET, is the true meaning after not for mass, but for minorities, not for ordinary people, but for unusual people, not for a day – but for the duration of the written. Everyone with Handleser.NET and Diocletian becomes”as Palm readers find exactly. What like the future for him to bring the characters. Communicate in workshops and the Palm reading in reality makes browsing more fun than just telephoning or horoscopes in newspapers, because it feels the other closer and can at the same time achieved several people.

handleser.NET – helps you so in life situations to find the appropriate way of solution and easier to perceive any final decisions for a view of the future can they – vouchers or dates for a personal meeting requests via the online portal. additional other topics now requests; Hand science hand forecast – hand injury – hand break manual Player – hands palm – hand customer laying on of hands hand lexicon hand diagnosis hand wrinkles manuscript manuscripts Hand directories – directory of hand hand tremors clairvoyance – clairvoyant clairvoyance mysticism mystical mystical – mythological mythology – psychics – deuter Deuten-gained dream analysis dream analysis nightmare nightmares dreams perceiving daydreams warning dreams prophecy prophecies – dreamy spiritual spirituality consciousness esoteric esoteric astrologer Astrology astronomy Astronomer Astro horoscope daily horoscope year horoscope weekly horoscope monthly horoscope – horoscope calendar calendar Kalentergeschichte – Zodiac constellation Zodiac constellations starry sky astrologer star trance hypnosis soul body spirituality spirit – fixed star – planet constellation constellation Moon constellation – Moon Apollo Apollo line – Jupiter mountain , “Venusberg, moon, lunar calendar Moon impact Moon constellation – mercury, Saturnber, Marsberg Jupiter – Mars line – Merkur-mercury line – Mons Venus Mars Saturn Sun Sun – Saturn line page Uranus line – Uranus Neptune Neptune line – side lines process process line – Wahrsagen-wisdom truth estimate Paracelsus parapsychologist parapsychology is repeatedly quoted in the star Earth udder – scene: millionaires afford no astrologer soothsayer – hand readers but billionaires do it”. Diocletian”by you leave is preferably looking clear and awake in the hand because the hand can not deceive. Provided by markus kleistner

The Message

However, reflection in this case, is more about the neurological aspects that make sure something is stored so that you have easy access to it regardless of the time that has elapsed or is stored so that a few seconds already do not remember us of anything. Firstly, let us remember that what interests him to the brain or, in other words, the function of the brain is to keep us alive. Nothing more. Therefore, the brain permanently makes a monitoring on all the stimuli received from the outside and filtered that parts of this all captures at all times, you must keep in foreground and which parts are irrelevant and can therefore be stored in areas of difficult access. I.e., that the brain constantly receives information about the outside world (some studies say that receives between 3,000 and 200,000 bits of information), from people who like people interact with us, words that say, gestures that make, the things that do not say things that don’t make the similarities to past facts, evaluates the message, the message target, it analyzes the environment of the conversation, distance of the person, the voice, volume, tone, the importance of the message, the place in which we are, temperature, wind, time, the clothes we carry on, the sensation of shirt, pants, shoes, people who are around him, noise levelthe environment in which we are, the size, color, and thousands more data, including those coming from our body. Of course, if someone is aware of all the impulses of information received every second, it would become crazy, by which the brain chooses between three and five pulses and them makes me aware.

Why is that we hardly know a tiny fraction of the real world and what little we know, relate it, associate, or mix with the preconceived ideas that we have above all. Therefore, from the little we know, we still distorting it. Now the question is, what determines it is important and that it isn’t to keep the brain it in foreground or? isn’t it? OUR intention, mainly. I’m going to put an example, suppose that you or your wife, depending on, are pregnant. From that moment, you start to see thousands of pregnant women, why? Because it now is important for you, before no.

Another example: suppose that you want to buy a vehicle from any trademark and you like, but you afraid that there are many spare parts or that then not you can resell it well. But, as you want tests to convince you, active your reticular system and now you see what you want to see: hundreds of cars of the brand that you wish to purchase. Do you see how it works? Your intention is decisive for the functioning of the brain. This reticular system and its opposite the escotomizacion, which is not to see what they don’t want to see, has far-reaching implications. For now, suffice it to an example: the girl who grew up listening to all men are equal. Philander, drunks and exploited, his brain will specialise in search for womanizing, drunken and exploited men and escotomizara men who are not mujerigos, drunks and exploited. Another day I’ll delve on this subject and its implications which are many. Namaste.

Ostfalia Partners

Cooperation between Euro partners travel with the Ostfalia University bad Wunnenberg, November 17, 2010, In the context of a case study a group receives College of students the Ostfalia of applied sciences at the Salzgitter location the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge. In cooperation with the tour operator of Euro partners travel Walter Beyer GmbH develop a marketing and sales strategy for the product class trips. Euro partners travel focuses on organized language courses for over 30 years and combined sports trips to England, France, Spain and Malta, as well as language camps in Germany. The next activity field of class trips should be expanded and conceptual change to respond more flexibly to the needs and perceptions of students, parents and teachers. Current scientific knowledge to become part of the concept, which is why the company cooperate with the Ostfalia University has decided. About 1,200 students of the faculties, sport, tourism and media pursue their studies at the site of the Ostfalia in Salzgitter. In the practice-oriented Bachelor tourism management business and tourism-relevant key skills are taught the students, to prepare them for a future activity in the tourism industry. The content of the lectures in cooperation with the private sector are practically deepened with the help of case studies.

Destination of case study the principal Euro partners is the development of a goal – and budget-oriented communication and distribution concept for the trips. The company is in constant contact with students and support with practical experience. Travel PR and quality manager Julia Wilhelm of Euro partners is the main administrative contact for students and stresses that an active and vibrant knowledge transfer occurs through the exchange of the latest theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of both euro partners travel and sustainable benefit students. Text: Melanie Lessmann Euro partners travel Walter Beyer GmbH euro partner headquartered in bad Wunnenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia organizes language courses for kids (8-13 years) and teens (14-17 years) for over 30 years after the United Kingdom, France, Malta and Spain, as well as language camps in Germany. All offers are carried out within the framework of group travel with all-round support and include the complete leisure program of travel accommodation in host families, as well as teaching for local teachers. As a member of the Association of German language travel organizer and as a certified language travel organizer EN 14804 and the QMJ certified based on DIN conditions accompanying”the evaluation of children’s and Youth Travel Association is subject to strict quality guidelines Euro partners

Administrative Sciences

Such reality is worrisome because there is a significant decline in higher education of universities and even postgraduates, of course, we are referring to regarding social, economic and Administrative Sciences, education and even technology, where manifests a great low, product of several causes that have led to this situation, among them can be mentioned: absence of profiles of harmony professionals to the needs of the country demand, in where many races that are offered as Bachelor in administration, economics, accounting, industrial relations, industrial engineering for pointing out some, do not form, empower its graduates according to modern knowledge demanded by the scenarios to ensure competitiveness, development, success, and what is more decisive, to face the challenges, changes that are constantly raising. Absence of continuous and systematic evaluation of the curricula of racing that dictates the institution, noting a large number of resumes loaded hours., in addition to many knowledge not adapted to the times and rigid. Stays the same academic curricula, programs, curricula, where many courses have not been updated, repeatable skills that have already been replaced and not a renewal of new courses according to the requirements demanded by the present and competences that allow professionals to provide their expertise towards the country that generate manifests. Step not given to new approaches, models, tools and knowledge to Administrative Sciences, technology has developed and which permit to interpret the characteristics of the current stage, collaborating with solutions, new proposals to the different problems that currently the national stage shows. Lack of certified teachers with educational quality, academic excellence, supported training of experience, dynamic, proactive linkage with the business sector. Institutions. organizations that require collaboration, aid in favour of addressing the big challenges and the crisis presented to the actions of a new Government that is oriented to Institute that has been called 21st century socialism. There are recent graduates teachers, without experience, contracted without the academic necessary assurance to provide the skills that are required at present and what is more, who know how to motivate the participants to contribute new knowledge favouring the country.

Marketing Director

Customers are free management consultant if one asks the right questions. Their instructions are usually the best guide to success. Get also praise from customers, as often as you can get. This is balm for the daily ‘wool’ of your staff team. The map of conscience is an efficient helper. Who wants to make written customer surveys, I suggest the conscience card. We have used these hotels in the Ibis, when I was still Marketing Director of Accor. The card bore the following heading: “Suppose you were our conscience, what would you say to us?” Among them was the drawing of a person with an Angel and a devil on the shoulder.

And then there was plenty of room to write. The guests gladly filled the card. We received a wealth of constructive comments, which enabled immediate corrections. Often there was also praise for a particular named employees. Conscience tickets were the first thing that the maid is delivered at the end of their work. The staff were very hot on it. As the Conscience card inserted is conscience card periods can be used locally or over extended. In the event that you want deeper to highlight selected aspects and to obtain responses from customers, can be useful in addition one or more of the following questions: Where have you bought earlier and why did you leave there? How are you to first of all became attentive on us? Where do you buy also the same performance? You’re chef, what would you improve with us as soon as possible? What would you give the least with us? What performance, for which you would be willing to pay, should we offer still? Will you buy our services again? Why – or why not? Can you imagine, to recommend us to others? And why or why not? Customers have a thank you for feedback”deserved everyone has sure ever submitted a completed customer questionnaires or submitted suggestions.

Diet Without Sacrifice

Today we will have a very important point when it’s losing weight, diet, this is one of the programmes to reduce weight that is mostly started and abandoned on the road, in other cases we don’t even bother to start, the only echo of depriving us of our most delicate tastes and culinary aberrations puts us the williesto such an extent that only think the flavor of those rich foods loaded in fat in diet it invades our mouths. So many people see the diet as a kind of punishment cosmic by not having the perfect body. They believe that the meal is somehow bad for them, that could not be further from the truth. If you want to be completely honest with yourself, when it comes to dieting, it is not starving or aroma, is discovering new foods and flavors. At least that is what it is for those who truly love food, as well as adventure. There are many spices out there which can make even the mildest of foods a little more exciting. Fish and chicken are popular diet foods because they are lean meats. However, adding a bit of blackening seasoning is a great way to put some punch in your food that will make a great flavor without packing calories dressing Marinades or soaked in butter before roasting.

You don’t have to stop there. Italian seasoning can also add a little flavor to your kitchen without adding extra calories that you are working very hard to avoid. There are all kinds of condiments that work well in this case. Many seasonings for chicken also make great additions to chickens that includes salads for healthier meals. Grains are good for you when you focuses on whole grains. They are very often the main source of dietary fiber and fiber is as necessary as water. In any case, the simple things can give life to the food’s always and can have a huge impact on the enjoyment of food.


Depression is one of the evils that attack over the mind and the soul of the people in the modern era. This evil, than many experts in psychology and Sciences dealing with the behavior is so widespread human already consider it a common evil, almost like the flu from the biological point of view which is that of physicians. Due to the spread of this evil around the world, many people who go to experts to find out the causes of depression that have led them to their situation. There are also many studies on the causes of depression there, to be able to help these people who have problems with this evil of the soul and the mind. Many can be the causes of depression that attack people who suffer from it.

The causes of depression in endogenous depression causes and causes of depression reactive are generally classified. The endogenous causes of depression are that come inside so to speak, because there is no one reason or an external fact that has occurred and which move the person to feel depressed. The reactive depression causes are that befall people after having occurred an event which caused them sadness and it became prolonged and gave them a negative attitude towards life and before it themselves. Regarding reactive depression causes, we must extend further his concept. Reactive depression causes are those facts and events of life that a person, to see that occur, it makes a negative interpretation of them and face this fact and such interpretation takes an attitude of sadness, anger, upset that profoundly affects him its ability to respond to life and to feel good about the circumstances surrounding it. The causes of reactive depression are generally those that allow experts to do a better job on persons and where it is most possible that people overcome this depression. Indeed, when the causes of depression are reactive is possible through therapy, without drugs and without anything additional that people return to feeling comfortable with his life and themselves and also want to move forward with so many things that due to the depression you have left behind. The causes of endogenous depression are more complex and usually require greater attention from experts on the mind and the soul to heal.

Endogenous depression is characterized because there are not a few causes of depression that are immediately identifiable. Usually when you ask a person with endogenous depression are the causes of your depression, this person responds that she doesn’t know because it feels so sad and happens what happens. This makes a more difficult challenge treat people who seek help and have endogenous depression. The problem of the causes of the depression is a major problem for people dealing with doing therapies and research on the behavior and the human soul, often knowing the causes of depression is possible to determine the way in which the person can return to restore its normal psychic behavior. Original author and source of the article

Affiliate Marketing

Although Affiliate Marketing is a great revenue opportunity, there are several reasons why some people dedicated to this do not earn enough. This is because, in many cases, to forget or do not know some important points that should be considered when undertaking this business: 1 the majority forgets the important thing is to provide contents of value to their members. That is the key to this business.When I say value what I mean is that it provides content or a service that is useful to the user, exclusive, trusted, hard to find elsewhere, and above all with an easy to use platform. 2Nd are not dedicated to a specific market niche. If you set up a website based on a theme which is very popular, then it is likely to have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other sites dealing with the same subject and of course that it will be a difficult task. The ideal is to find a less popular issue but have a promising future, so one of the tools that you can use is that of Google.You can use this to see how many people are looking for a particular topic, and if the numbers go up, for example some 100,000 people, the site may have a great potential for the future. 3 Other reason is the sell or resell products limited its audience, for example recipes. Instead, I recommend sites such as ClickBank where you will find limitless possibilities of areas to promote and commissions are very good.

4 Many people are not careful in the design of its pages, a design messed up the only thing generates is mistrust and prejudices by its visitors. Your audience deserves a decent design, and to achieve that, the ideal is to look at sites similar to the area where you wish to develop and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. When you find those that puntearia between 8 and 10 points then must think how it could replicate in your site. 5Th be hasty, careful with this! Affiliate marketing is a fascinating topic so not bored at any time. You must respect their time, for that I say this? Because what often happens, is that immediately after you publish your ads or develop your page to attract affiliates, miracles are expected, unfortunately this is not so. First you must make sure that those who look at your ads or pages, to breathe confidence, feel that they will have their support in what they need because there are misleading thousands of e-book on the Internet trying to teach to be a subsidiary of marketing.

Luckily, they are always those who take things seriously and develop such products that are truly worth. In conclusion, construct a Web site with good quality content, provide a good graphic design, provide confidence; This way you can start linking affiliates. Allow traffic to build up.Evaluate your clicks and commissions earned rate and analyze if there is considerable potential in the chosen topic. Does Council? not be of up after a week! To achieve results POPULATE you need large investments of time.

Reinventing Material

Many times people started a long research through this tool that is the internet to get the benefit that we want for us, a product for health, information on any topic, or a secure system to generate economic revenue. Why experts usually say because reinvent please? Does that means: means that these experts have dedicated their entire lives to develop a system that works 100% guaranteed for any person, and put at our disposal that we take advantage of the experiences that brought them years discovering now, because your you should start to investigate again if the system that you are looking for already this written? In my I case for example I found a material of these two guys who have won a resounding success, and the good news is that they don’t let these experiences hidden, not us deprived of the system which have led them to success. Then now you who are reading this article can have full access to this material if you’re a casador good opportunities that can lead you to success. You must only know the strategies and techniques right to know what to do, who do and where do and then earn money on the internet will be more easy to what ever thought that was possible. Listen there is no University where they’re going to teach these and not implement it, you’ll have to wait six years to know you just take a week.