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Also during the following controls, last only a few weeks ago, even a running free chicken appeared. KAT has now drawn the consequences and blocked the operation. “By the double punch of the consumer has been confused and even cheated with the not held free-range”, Jan Pfeifer sums up by animal action. The consumer can be only recommended to look closer when purchasing eggs. Eggs from the health food store could be an alternative, they are controlled not only by the State organic seal, but also by the relevant organic farming associations. Who all want to make sure that the should buy only eggs at a familiar farmers or without ultimately whole eggs. You can find more information, as well as a video clip on the action animal Web site at company description action animal – people for animals is one of the largest animal protection organizations of its kind.

The Club aims to operate with unconventional and dynamic methods of effective animal – and nature conservation. Action receives the necessary support animal through its numerous members. It is the usage of the contact person on the spot, the Member care in Berlin, the offices in Munich and Berlin, thanks taken action animal also from other animal welfare organisations and political bodies a great acceptance to the specialist outpatient clinic and cooperation partners in whole Germany. Company contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Jan Pfeifer Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin Tel: 030-30103831 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Judith Brettmeister k d 97 14057 Berlin Tel: 089-75 969 252 E-Mail: Web:

Kennedy Ask

By Web 2.0 we are allows on the way to Web 2.1 the present technological development of the Internet finally for all media sharing. Tomorrow the whole world applauding what heard only the own walls or in the best case can a few acquaintances. But where will it go next? What needs will arise? What changes occurred today and what will be the future framework conditions? Blogging and video streaming are today for many everyday. Networks would be a few years ago still form as a team have been attacked. Life is virtualized been. People gather in the evening in the chat and toast to themselves, close chat room marriages.

Use a language that only the can really follow, spend hours on the net. For even more details, read what The Hague says on the issue. Before the net, it was reserved to use words that did not understand the parents youth subcultures. Today is excluded more brutally. The linguistic rift goes diagonal by the company. Who is belongs to the Group of Internetler in there, who is old fashioned, is not only do not follow can, but also does not share with can. So much in the first painting the Internet has led to more democracy, as it is in the same painting to an unprecedented exclusion. Similar to the discussions by people who speak a dialect and think they would be held so for Hillbilly, so still large parts of the population of today’s discussion will be kept.

When the television with up to five programs DDR 1 and 2 including had acquired the information and entertainment of the population, it was still possible to follow the publicly available information. What is today? At least 40 television programs, some with video text and countless Web sites. Opinions are represented in part as factual knowledge and with ignorance or other half – zip shiny without any ethos through this cyber world.

Christmas Donation – Help Rather Than Giving

Applied security GmbH supports the outpatient children’s hospice service Miltenberg/Aschaffenburg who applied security GmbH (apsec) donates to Christmas 2,500 euros to the outpatient children’s hospice service Miltenberg/Aschaffenburg and it dispenses gifts to customers and business partners. The children’s hospice service focuses on volunteers of accompanied by shortening the lives of ill children and their families. “Grosswallstadt, 19 December 2013 – it’s nice when people notice that the families in such heavy situation need help and support”, said Claudia Bauer Duke, Coordinator of the children’s hospice service. “She is similarly grateful for the donation of the specialists for information security: if companies like apsec are willing to support our work, that is wonderful”, she said at the symbolic cheque in the Conference Room of the large wall town company. The 50 volunteers of the children’s hospice service Miltenberg/Aschaffenburg accompany the families of life-shortening ill children from the Diagnosis about the death. We currently take care of 22 children from 20 families and strive to send two helpers in each family,”said Claudia Bauer Duke. The need for competent assistants, who are volunteer, is therefore great.

For their training, the members of the 2009 Association of Hospice want to use the 2,500 euro, which apsec now made them available. Return on Capital Employed may also support this cause. Because each volunteer crew, is prepared in a 100 hour long qualification course on his task. Next, we are free places for, starting in January 2014 “, reported the Coordinator. Apsec CEO Frank Schlottke and his colleagues, it is a good tradition, helping people in distress, instead of sending Christmas gifts to customers for a decade. When I heard about the work of the children’s hospice service, was equally clear that our donation is well used me,”stressed the apsec Managing Director. The IT company donates always at regional Organizations.

“To Frank Schlottke: there you realize the best where people need more help than they can get from the social network like the sick children and their families, the children’s hospice service support.” More information: press contact: Oliver salvation main views Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 Association contact: Claudia Bauer Duke outpatient children’s hospice service Aschaffenburg/Miltenberg Goldbach first breed 39 63739 Aschaffenburg phone: 06021 4591677 business contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Einstein Street 2a 63868 Grosswallstadt phone: 0 60 22 / 26 33 8-0 apsec protects knowledge. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, data loss prevention or the application of digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you. We offer a complete package from the software development process consulting to support with a single purpose of your satisfaction.


“Senior citizens help in Berlin-Tempelhof Schoneberg Berlin, started the 14.07.2009 – a few days after the Berlin Senate Department for urban development the interested public the demo demography concept for Berlin presented, which started trading and research for the age e.V., Berlin, in the District of Tempelhof Schoneberg to the motto who does not honor the age, the future is not worth” his seniors help. With our first seniors assistance project”we want with so-called MAE powers (1 euro Jobbern) specifically carry out visits to elderly, need continuous but also fast and uncomplicated help”, says Pastor Eberhard Bockmann, Chairman of the Board of the HFA action and research for the age e.V., Berlin. The MAE-staff are regularly trained and accompanied can identify themselves at any time. All senior citizens of the Tempelhof Schoneberg of district of, who founded need help for their daily life, can since July 13, 2009 at the new seniors help of the HFA Contact action and research for the age e.V.. But also disabled people who need an increased need for care.

Following offers of help are the older citizens and citizens of the district made for example: O everyday assistance such as shopping, doctor visits or authorities O leisure activities such as common gardening, reading, crafting, cooking, etc. O walks, rides in a wheelchair O accompaniment to special senior events. Older people from the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg, Berlin can contact the telephone numbers 030 / 20649197 or 030 / 70079 667 in the HFA senior office in the building of the health office in Berlin-Tempelhof-Schoneberg log and their needs (Please also respond to the answering machine). In a personal conversation, then determined the need and misjudged what the employees and staff of the HFA in the extent to which time can offer help. It is worth noting however, that no care services offered by the HFA may the HFA action and Research for the age e.V. was founded on November 6, 2007 by numerous personalities from politics, economy and society in Berlin. His activities confined first to Berlin and Brandenburg.

The HFA action and research for the more consultative and support services offer age e.V. of the older generation in the district Berlin Tempelhof-Schoneberg is longer term. Learn more about the HFA action and research for the age, see HFA – action and research for the age e.V. In the health district of Tempelhof-Schoneberg Rathaus str.