Month: June 2016


Pedro announced also that it could supply water to the village 24 hours a day, seven days a week. John could only supply water in business days: not working on weekends. Then Peter announced that it would be 75% less than Juan by this water supply, more reliable and better quality. The inhabitants of the village excitedly it and rushed to tap at the end of the pipe of Pedro. In order to compete, John dropped his price immediately 75%, won other two buckets, added covers to their buckets and immediately began to carry four pails on each trip. To provide better service, recruited his two sons to help him in the night and during the weekends. When her children went to College, he told them that they apuraran to return because someday would belong to that business.

For some reason their children did not return after college. Eventually John had employees and Union problems. The Union demanded higher wages, better benefits and I wanted its members to acarrearan only a bucket at a time. For his part, Pedro realized that if that village needed water, then other villages also should need it. Rewrote its business plan and moved to sell its system of clean water from high speed, high volume and low cost to villages around the world. He only earned a penny per bucket of water delivered, but delivered billions of buckets of water every day.

Regardless of whether he was working or not, billions of people consumed billions of buckets of water and all that money is deposited into your bank account. Peter developed the pipeline to carry money for himself, as well as to bring water to the villages. Peter lived happily for ever and John worked very hard for the rest of his life and always had financial problems. End.: I am building a pipeline or hauling buckets? I am working hard or I’m working intelligently? Autoresponder them multimedia, infinite and unlimited are like this system of pipeline which automates the entire process of sales and marketing at online businesses and allows us to work intelligently, save time, money and effort. Increase your sales turning your prospects into customers and customers into buyers guaranteed recurrentes.100% and semi automatic way email marketing with autoresponder multimedia is for people who are tired of hauling buckets and you are ready to build pipelines to cash carried inside their pockets and not their pockets out.

The Utility Of RSS

All marketing information instantly. Currently there are thousands of web sites in which we find interesting information that you are important or relevant to our occupations and interests which becomes very tedious having to access a site by site looking for latest updates. To resolve this issue we called RSS which is a means of distributing content that allows us to access the latest information of our favorite sites without having to visit the page for each one of them. The process is fairly simple and its review is performed as if it were an e-mail account. To access the information you use an RSS reader, which you can access by subscribing to reader service, the system works as follows: when the website that these syndicated updates some content (for example, a new news, product updates or add another page), then the web master also updated its RSS feeds. Your RSS reader checks the feeds and shows you the new content. SRR is usually used to keep our subscribers informed of recent developments and new publications in one of our sites do and on the other allows us to show updated content on the pages of our site by placing links pointing to feeds from other sites which implies having web pages renewed constantly, very timely for search engines.

Where are readers or we like to be informed about the latest in our fields, using a feed reader is a great saving of time and inconvenience as it is possible to quickly view all new content published on several sites about the same time and visualize it in one place. There are three ways to access information through RSS: 1 – Using the web browser. 2 – By an application or software that is installed on the user’s computer. 3 – Using an email program. The simplest is to use the web-based free services, the most popular are Bloglines and Google, we just recorded and then choose the RSS services we want to be informed. The other method is through a software or application installed on our computers, one of the most used is Feedreader which is easily installed. Finally by way of information I tell them that RSS files, like web pages, have a URL (Internet address) which is what we need to indicate in the RSS reader so that you can find it in Web and show its contents. There are also directories of RSS feeds, lists of favorite search engines or content and RSS feeds, which are very useful both to find other feeds or to enter the feeds on our site to make it available to other users who want to be aware of what we do. I hope more will be useful in these times where information abounds and time seems increasingly scarce. A greeting.


Problem "to deliver a sound signal from point A to point B occurs regularly in the broadcast. From the studio to the transmitter, from concert hall to the studio, and not one time, because besides the main and dripping already and more and reserve. What methods and solutions these tasks can offer us modern technology? Ways to transmit sound from point A to point B a great many, but in each case have to choose two or three options that are available for technical reasons. Somewhere there finished optics, or E1 channel with them and begin development. Somewhere you have to start from scratch, then the choice is wider, but there are other limitations.

What to choose? Choose from affordable, given its properties and opportunities and goals. The simplest and oldest way of direct copper wires for analog transmission of sound is used very widely, and still some stations are already using prolozheiiuyu copper as a reserve. Cons obvious; link reliability is low, and may reduce the parameters of the transmission medium must be less common terminal equipment, sophisticated diagnostic and accidents at the cliffs and vague prospects even in the near future. Tomorrow will seem burdensome to the owner to maintain the copper cable network and will have to look for other opportunities for delivery. The next option in the historical sense of a microwave relay (DMR). In this case, too, is organized by the "direct route, ie one pass point microwave radio links with a point, but in general possible ramifications of the road. Initially, RRL were analog, then gradually switched to digital technology.

As development of their communication networks are used to deliver audio signals. The network can be organized by channel, such as synchronous E1. Physical medium for transmission may act all the same copper, some network segments may be implemented as a microwave radio, the signals can be transmitted via a satellite user of all this might not be aware. E1 channel is digital and can therefore transmit one or more channels of audio in digital form. Of course, there are multiple options for the transfer with various flow rates (bit rate) modes (mono / stereo) and sampling rates that are determined external to the device via the encoder. At the expense of Audio compression can reduce the demands on bandwidth is enough to have 256 kbit / s when working with the MDE, but even at this speed, the price channel is still quite high.

Nac Act

The National State ensures that recruitment procedures to ensure the conditions laid down in current legislation and are mandatory for full employment of people with disabilities to an effective job of work. RESTRICTIONS: Credit disability, certified by the competent health authority, possess the Certificate of Disability. The Petitioner required to prove the conditions of suitability for the job or position to be filled and / or requests. LAW: Law 22 431 Section 8 and 10 , 23 462 Nat Law, Law 23 592 Nac, Nac Law article 5 24 308 25 689 Nac Act, Section 16 of the Constitution, Art 42 of the Constitution of the good city Aires, Act 1502 of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Province Law 10 592. LAW A.

.. Get the granting of an area for the use of a small business in all public offices of the National State, in decentralized, autarkic, joint ventures of the State, public agencies of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, in public offices of provincial and municipal governments. Incorporated in the scheme, private companies providing public services. Such as telephone, electricity, gas, water, transport land, air, sea or river, health care or education at all levels, etc., as well as social work of various private sectors. LIMITATIONS: Applicants must comply with the terms established by the provisions and obligations, be registered in the register of small businesses aspiring to be installed, with the competent authority in relation to the application. LEGISLATION: Nat Law 22 431, Law 24 308 Nat.


For children or elderly Aromatherapy is particularly useful because they can not take medications or combining strict medical supervision as for young or elderly may be dangerous. The most common visits to massage parlors or SPA are due to the efficiency and the excellent results that aromatherapy has to reduce the pains in head, neck and back caused by anxiety, worry, anxiety, stress or overwork. In these cases where the essential oils play an important role by treating the individual holistically not only acting on the body when essential oils are placed on the skin, but also produce benefits for the mind and emotions through the aroma and relaxation that occurs when applied through massage. It is noteworthy that in every pain or inflammation caused by infections caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses Aromatherapy provides an excellent tool that increases their effectiveness because most essential oils have antibacterial action, antiviral and antifungal helping eliminate germs pathogens that cause these diseases. At other times the use of essential oils only help improve the quality of life of the person but not heal the disease such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, cancer and HIV among others. On the other hand, there are certain conditions where the application of essential oils is contraindicated in cases such as appendicitis, kidney stones or gall bladder, pancreatitis, heart or kidney problems because in these circumstances the reduction of pain may endanger ill health by delaying medical measures needed to respond quickly to the origin of disease or illness.

One of the most effective aspects of Aromatherapy is precisely when used to reduce and relieve pain, hence the importance of moving about the different essential oils and how to use them to realize their full potential. When people learn which essential oils, essences and creams help to relieve their pain these products can become your first choice before visiting-inflammatory or analgesic if in pain. Aromatherapy can be part of your basic emergency kit as a natural and effective tool for your physical and emotional wellbeing. IMPORTANT NOTES: For a responsible use of aromatherapy first count in the diagnosis of a specialist before using any essential oil. The essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender and chamomile are the only ones that can be used undiluted, recalling that only a few drops are enough (remember to always buy reputable companies in Aromatherapy). People with heart or nervous system, heart, pancreas, kidney, cancer or pregnant should consult with your doctor specialist before using any complementary therapy even natural. All essential oils are for external use only, highly concentrated and must be diluted before application.

Finial Network

Within the knowledge of all forms of attack we specialize our players. Players with many resources: 4 and 2. Due to the tactical needs we must seek strong and with great mastery of choice of whipped m fullback players. EXERCISES: r r -Tea I analytical career, whipped, etc. – global exercises career, whipped, etc. – subject to a certain height ball hitting.

-Launching on the network of tennis balls. -Slapping against the wall (game). -Autoplacement, one-step, whipped and beating. -Aimed shots. Classification and considerations technical tactics of the attack a) attack point: – must pass over the network – with power – seeking hands of the blockade – evading the blockade – never will be b) attack pass or control network: – must pass high over the network – with ball poorly raised, adaptation of the attacker. (-With break or no break c) 1st attack TIME – fast (fast) in construction and definition.

-Lead the counterattack from the area where falls Central Blocker subsequently before an active lock of the same. ((d) attack emergency – high – as much as possible with the deft hand – solve the problem posed by the play e) LOOSEN – with a good attack lifted choose the attack with power or weak attack. DIDACTICS of the attack – acceleration for the jump. The attacker goes in search of the ball (the trajectory of the pass up reading) – arms action, coordination of railway top and bottom. -Blow at the top, at the moment more height of the suspension. Adaptation of the hand to the ball – supplementary controlled movement, to avoid mistakes. Stable balance of the body. -In any gesture of attack, the attacker must be separated from the network according to the following relationship: Player ball network for the training of the auction the auction as a technique: through the variation of conditions Areas that directs Finial additional tasks work against blockade variation in the auction as a tactical armed: emphasis on conditions precedent: The recognition of the situation the ability to make fast changes the capacity in advance.

Sand Production Line

The role of sand maker in sand production line Carborundum can use as combing hard alloy cutter in machining. Processed silicon carbide plate can be used as Jose board in Pottery firing. Finish machining micro powder can use as painting in the high-tech electronic component and far infrared radiation materials, high purity micro powder can use as the coating of vessels in Aerospace defense industry, it has been widely used in all economic field at home and abroad. Hongxing sand production with a full set of equipment has a high degree of automation. All links of the the whole production line are finished by production except the boot, shutdown and routine maintenance of the equipment by manual operation. The sand production line meets various needs of national high-speed pipes because its high production efficiency and handling intensity, low power consumption and noise, which makes finished stones in uniform particle size and shape of good grain.In the operation of the equipment, there will be a variety of simple or complex faults.

How to deal with problems? Remember not to feed much in the operation of the sand maker. The crushing cavity will be blocked If the sand maker is fed too much. When the crushing cavity is blocked, you should immediately stop feeding and not start again the feeder until the material in the cavity is completely crushed. It is noteworthy that the machine cannot stoped in this process. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the sand maker, we should make an tour inspection in the operation of the machine, observe the working conditions of the various components and pay much attention to the temperature of the bearings. For large plain bearings, high temperature will prone to cause bush-burning accidents.

Another thing you should note is that reducing the temperature of the bearings immediately when the temperature is too high but you must not immediately stop the operation of the machine. Without endurable quality, the development of any enterprises will become fantasy. An enterprise or an industry will always come cross the cold market situation, under this situation; enterprises should enhance Internal Strength, and depend on their first class products and first class brand to open and stabilize market. As for the develop prospect ofsand washing equipment, we should see farther. Quality is the basic of enterprise, under the bad background, the enterprise should pay more attention on the quality. Hongxing brand sand maker does well in this aspect, except for the guaranteed quality, the company pays more attention on the new technology development and application of sand washer.

How To Find Work In Crisis

The crisis that we are experiencing has had its most dramatic manifestation in the destruction of employment which has caused in Spain. The Spanish economy had experienced very significant growth in the last decade thanks to the real estate sector, which was braking abruptly, causing many workers construction and auxiliary industries to stay without work, generating dramatic situations in their families for the loss of their main source of income, and negatively affecting consumption and moving effect to other sectors of the economy. Faced with this situation, the Spanish Government has launched a program of extraordinary aid to alleviate the absence of income of many families, approving extraordinary subsidies for households that lacked sufficient income to survive by their own means, but even so, it is not possible to keep this situation for a long time since the State also boasts a very high public deficits and also has seen depleted their income tax to lower economic activity. Always find working in crisis has resulted in great difficulty, because the crises lead to changes in the economic structure and a period of time is necessary so that both firms and workers to adapt to these changes. In the case of workers, this change means to acquire training to develop their profession in a new environment, perhaps with new media technical, and in the case of the companies is required to change the system of production through the incorporation of new technologies. For both the companies and the workers, those before face this challenge will be those who benefit most. Focusing in the case of workers, in order to find work in crisis, you need know anticipate seeing new needs that will arise in the companies, and invest in their own training for training in the development of new activities that the new work environment demands. One of the new professions that are emerging with more strength in these times of crisis is the social media manager, that for some years now, this kind of professionals are on the templates of large enterprises, but now demand extends to companies of all sizes by the importance that are acquiring networks as a means to attract customers and as a means to promote a good corporate image. In many cases, the skills in techniques of social media will be the ideal complement for the development of a traditional profession. In these moments of crisis, success in finding work is in training in one of the professions with a future.

Boca Contacts

This is the most common and ideal for adding the first members. Simply to look for in Google trick for invite all contacts on Facebook and this much easier the way, given that you don’t have to go by selecting a one, but it selects the entire base of contacts at once. Link: Trick for invite all the contacts on Facebook 2 on your wall, where it says state you can also share the link on your page, it may be redundant to the previous point, but believe me that there are people who neither learns the invitations of the pages, to publish it on your wall they may realize that there is. 3 In your msn you can place the link to your page in options Personal display name. 4 You can ask the administrators of the pages with many fans who publish your link or do it yourself, the ideal is that they do so since many times you appear on the flap of others and almost nobody sees them.

It of placing something friendly and not to fall heavy doing it all the time. 5 Share on forums and sites in which you participate. This is the most boring part but also helps a lot, always leaving the link in your signature. 6 Put a share button on your page, simply add the FBML application and add you the following code where editing says URL of your page, put there yours: 7 Place a good striking logo, the width of the sidebar is 200. You pass some measures much are being used: 200 250; 200 300, 200 x 400, largest not because already they exaggerate. But you have experience looking for a friend or acquaintance that you as elavore. 8 On the information tab you can put a tutorial on the steps to follow to invite all contacts at once as we saw in section 1, there are people who don’t know or can get tedious do 300 click or more according to the amount of friends. 9 Keep alive page information, keep a record with publications, encourages readers to participate, makes interesting questions e.g.: If your page is cars, ask them: what brand prefer Ford or Chevrolet?.

The spicy questions also serve, if your page is sport, who is best Boca or River? Who wins the Championship Barcelona or Real Madrid? And I assure you that your fans are not bore the desire to answer those questions. And there must be hundreds of tips more, I think that you’ve cited the most important. If you’re wondering because I have few fans in my page of Lo Globalizo, it’s simple. I looking for fans who want daily read my articles, not that fans are only because if. Success with your pages!

Project Press

Constantly we read or we listened in mass media, new notes of press on Web sites, new features, modifications, etc. and the key question is: Why not my Web? The simplest answer, possibly is that they do not know our web site. So it depends on us to cause that our Web is well-known. That is fundamental part of marketing online. The mass media are constantly looking for new information and the news of interest for their readers. On the other hand, the electronic mail is replacing little by little to other average ones as the notes of press in paper, to the fax, or the telephone.

He is faster, he is simpler and he is economic. Nevertheless, the Spam or indiscriminate publicity, is an error that we do not have to commit. We can send a note of press to any mass media with simple click and to obtain an ample diffusion of our Web. It is easy, it seems simple and he is practically gratuitous. But there are some things that we must consider before putting to us to write up it.

A note of inadequate press, no it will not only benefit to us nor it will help to secure our objectives us, but it even can harm to us much. We are going to see what we can do and what we do not have to do. 1) How to write up a note of press 1. Before writing, it thinks what is what you want to communicate. Mralo from the point of view of the journalist who will read your message. Why it could interest your message to him? What contributes to him. The title of your message is very important. The journalists professional are very occupied and have two things in mind: the subjects that interest to their readers and the interests of their publisher or publishing group.