Month: June 2015

Psychology Social

3. Dramatical CONSIDERAES FINAISOs indices of the increase of the domestic violence worry, each time more, the Brazilian society. Many factors are indicated as cause of this increase, between them are the immense economic, social and cultural inaqualities. In the conjugal sphere the violence frequently domesticates manifest through bad – the treatments; when submitting to the woman practical the sexual ones against its will, social isolation, the intimidation. In accordance with Abramovay (2002) argues that if it cannot only concentrate the attention in the physical violence, since other types as verbal and the psychological one can be traumatic and serious. Being thus, it is recommended to listen to the victims, to construct to more similar slight knowledge on violence to the tried realities and the directions perceived for individuals. In the development of this work it was possible to perceive the importance of if extending studies in this area, since the domestic violence constitutes a problem of high ratios in our way, causing a constellation of problems of social, emotional and psychological order.

ON the Authoritarian Caroline Mel Coast it is graduated Psychology for the Tiradentes University (2010.1). The present work was originated from the experience in attendance the victims of domestic violence, taken care of in the Legal Medical Institute. It was integrant of the group of research (PROVIC) of the Laboratory of Planning and Promotion in Sade (LPPS) of the Institute of Technology and Pesquisa (ITP) of the Tiradentes University with the subject: Physical violence: analysis of carried through pericias findings in the IML of the state of Sergipe in the last biennium. Under orientation of the Dr. Marlizete Maldonado Vargas, enters the period of March of 2009 the February of 2010.


The instantaneous communicators serve you to keep contact with the people that likes or needs. The MSN is one of them, where you can add the friends, familiar, fellow workers and all the people who to desire. However, if you already use the MSN you can have noticed that, some times, certain people who costumavam to be always on-line are off-line and you if question if foI blocked. But, he will be possible to see blocked who me in the MSN? Yes, this is possible through a MSN verifier. You do not need more to be thinking if or she is not blocked in the MSN of somebody. It is enough to look for a MSN verifier and to take off the doubt. Generally you perceive that the person is not more on-line in its after vocs MSN to have by any reason argued or fought that she is. Then the doubt appears.

But he is extremely simple to know if you were blocked by that person. He has access any site of search and he looks for the verifier. They will appear innumerable sites that offer this service, you only needs to choose one of them to finish with its doubt. It enters the verifiers of MSN blockade, are the MSN Geeks and To use the service, I will choose one of them and I place its email and its password. With these data, the site will say to it if you were blocked by some of its contacts and its doubt will be ceased. But later that to discover does not advance to emburrar. Therefore who search, generally finds! in the Internet, to find what we look for is more easy still.

Therefore almost everything and great part of the services are disponibilizados in the pages of web. You only need a time to look for that she will find any thing. The instantaneous communicators, as the MSN, had been made with intention to approach the people, to keep them in always counted and facilitating its communication. In case that some day you have if misunderstood with one of its contacts and this it were reason so that it has blocked to it in the MSN, you he can look for to know. To talk with the people whom we like is one of the things that in the ones of the pleasure. Hardly we find somebody that it does not like to talk and to have friends. the communicators allow that these friendships are fortified, therefore the people can be very far and exactly thus to continue if communicating. He is possible also to see them through webcam and to order videos and images. He keeps its familiar friends and close to you and uses the Internet its favor. In case that he has conquered some disaffection and he wants to undo this, he looks for to talk with the person. If already he will be blocked in its MSN, he searchs forms to find it in social nets, or even though in the street, walking for there, in events and parties. But if you do not want more to have counted with this person who blocked it for reasons its, you add new counted and she does not leave to use the MSN!

Internet Target

It can be ads related to the subject sites, forums, message boards, mailing lists, catalogs. Share links with other sites similar to your website. In any case not to resort to illegal forms of advertising, such as e-mail, search engine or other spam. Your task at this stage to bring to your project as much targeted traffic, learn independently as much as possible quality materials on your topic, gathering links and friendly relations with important players in your target segment. In this step, you can begin to participate in some foreign affiliate programs, earning his first money. As soon as your targeted traffic on the site will 200-300 targeted visitors per day, and dispatch received more than 1000 subscribers, you can proceed to the next step, Step 11.

Now you need to start writing their own articles, ebooks and training courses on your site and to your list. In each of these materials should be mandatory ad units with backlinks to your website and to your mailing list. These materials you'll need to reinforce to his website and newsletter targeted traffic, as well as to acquire the authority of a competent specialist in your target audience. All these materials you will be distributed free to subscribers of its mailing and visitors its website, as well as to offer to be published on other sites on related subjects. If the materials are interesting, high quality and unique, they will spread like a virus on the Internet in your target segment, step 12.

Getting the Water Out of the Fog

Fog is a marvelous thing. If you’ve ever had a chance to observe a layer of fog approaching from a distance, let’s say when standing on a mountainside gazing into a fog-filled valley below, you know there is a lot of water in those clouds. Many types of vegetation thrive on the water that the fog provides. But until now the water in the fog was not accessible to people, at least not easily.

The new technology for “milking” water from fog is being developed in an arid place on the edge of the desert in northern Chile, the coastal city of Iquique. In this place the fog is extremely dense, “perfect for milking” as one scientist put it. What this scientist means by milking is removing the water from the fog for the purpose of scientific inquiry, but there is an additional motivation, to collect much needed drinking water.

The hope is that desert fog can be an important source for drinking water in otherwise water-poor areas. Water is milked from fog using nets, which proves to be a low cost method of collecting water, a very important aspect for what are generally impoverished regions of the world.


Heidegger dedicated the one of its workmanships Husserl titleholder ' ' The being and the Tempo' ' (1988). Although to be disciples of Husserl, then to appear its differences. To argue and to absorb the works of important philosophers in the history of the Metaphysical one were important for Heidegger, an indispensable task, while Husserl emphasized the importance of a radically new start for the philosophy and with few exceptions as Discardings, Kant, the precursor of the fenomenologia wanted to exclude, to place in parentheses the history of the philosophical thought. The concern of Heidegger was that the fenomenologia if to dedicate it what it is hidden in the experience of day-by-day. It tried in ' ' The Being and the Tempo' ' to describe what it called structure of the daily one, or, ' ' being in mundo' ' , however that this implies how much to the personal projects, social relationship and papers. In its Heidegger criticizes pointed out that to be launched in the world between things and the contingency to carry through projects it is a type of much more basic scienter that the scienter mere to contemplate or to think objects, and is that more basic scienter the cause and the reason of this last one, of which if it occupied Husserl Already Sartre (1905-1980) strict follows the thought of Husserl in analyzes of the conscience in its first works, in which it makes the distinction between the perceptual conscience and the imaginative conscience applying the concept of scienter of Husserl. Based mainly in the fenomenologia of Husserl and ' To be and Tempo' of Heidegger, the sartriano existencialismo search to explain all the aspects of the experience human being. Most of this project is systemize in its two great philosophical books: The being and the Critical nothing and of the reason dialectic. METHOD FENOMENOLGICO the fenomenologico method consists of showing consists of showing what presented and to clarify this phenomenon.

Organization Cottage Village Post-crisis Variant.Prodolzh

Marketing research contribute to the promotion of sales in the market. Here, marketers analyze all the factors of influence on future sales of the property. These include – pricing cottage village, the method whatever our competitors in any price sale, now is not taking place. Identify the target audience who will buy, a list of demands of the future buyer, and so dalee.Vse these points are important pre-investment. Attraction consultants, the costs of marketing research and analysis in the future will bear fruit. Better pre-investment to all of these activities than to sit in the woods and wait for start sale.

Any ultimate goal of building the cottage settlement – earning money. And this should not refuse. Positioning the suburban settlements, rather listen to the radio wave when the air flashed ads some of the valley, which in the brain immediately raises a certain way. This is precisely the moment when, rabotaeteffektivno job branding agency. Project work – everything as usual, only one small nuance why our builders do not ispolzut methods of project management during construction obhektov property.

The result is evident – this object delivery fall two thousand and eight, and customers get the keys in the autumn two thousand nine. Why does Project has remained aloof from our developers? We turn to foreign markets. Stage of construction is strictly subject to the standards Project menedmenta Institute. Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for project management, kotgda strictly regulated and monitored by all the terms of the project, all project costs and resources. The system of "smart home" is quite reasonable for a country of construction technology which for mass housing will not increase the cost of the project, and for promoting the market will play a factor in raising sales. Rural settlement should be easy for the consumer that the consumer can live year round in cottage settlement, without discomfort. Developed infrastructure must also comply with the plan and positioning, details on the case. Luxury villas and cheap shacks for staff – today passes. Quality cottage village is laid with the project documentation, the business plan for a future project. So let's start to build really comfortable suburban housing, to be not only his sell, but to live by do not be ashamed.

The United Kingdom

The armamentismo, according to the dictionary is: The Ideology or attitude of in favor countries of the progressive increase of its military power, but as it says the dictionary to it, this is an ideology that is to say, are the ideas, the thoughts, the sensations of certain people or some group of being able. Then, if the armamentismo represents an ideology or attitude, why then all the countries with certain ideologies or attitudes are not armament, because it is simple basically for want of resources (case that generally, occurs in underdeveloped countries of the Third World or like African or some of South America), or simply because some policies or limitations prevent it (case that for example occur in Iraq, Afghanistan and good part of the countries which they surround to the Persian gulf, this due to the military occupation of several countries of NATO, with the United States at the top); but now we speak of the countries with but armaments and majors military programs (armament), of planet.

FIRST PLACE: The United States of North America, (Spends: USD 583.283.000.000) By the trained and armed country with the best one I exercise much of the planet, has been present in all the important conflicts to partis of s.XX and until now it does not stop, it owns the greater arsenal of nuclear weapons and strategic of the world along with Russia. Note: Never there is lost a war from his official creation in: 1775. SECONDLY PLACE: France, (It spends USD 74.690.470.000) Definitively, a military power in the world and the European continent, all their I exercise has been upgraded in power progressively from its humiliating defeat and later occupation, by Nazi Germany (1940-1944), also owns capacity and nuclear weapon. THIRD PLACE: The United Kingdom, (It spends USD 68.911.000.000) Another great candidate has to have one of the armies better trained and enabled of the world, their military expenses have been decreasing in the last years thanks to a liberal policy and the opocisin of puueblo against the great ones military expenses, are I exercise with capacity and nuclear weapon.

The Universal

Therefore, the expansion is all in itself an evolution. But not everything works the same evolutionary pace, for example, matter undergoes a slow evolution of wear. Therefore, the universal expansion is an evolution, which never ceases to evolve. Then, the universal being an evolution expansion had to inevitably have an evolutionary origin. All that to say, the universal expansion had to arise 50ms nothing more absolute, like a tiny evolutionary dynamism which did not cease to evolve.

And since then, evolutionary way the universal evolution has continued to evolve without limits, and will continue to evolve indefinitely since nothingness that surrounds him doesn’t offer resistance or limitations for being the nothing. Therefore, never so that way, it will cease to evolve or grow the universal expansion. And although there were other expansive worlds evolutionary or any other noughts, it is as if they do not exist; because besides that they cannot exist, because nothing is absolute and can not be divided into others noughts; In addition, cannot exist other worlds within a same nothing, because there wouldn’t be anything that could separate them, since nothing can separate to another nothing, as in the water cannot be separated with more water. As nothing is absolute, there is only a nothing; Therefore, there is only one universe. 4 Origin of the evolutionary expansion stars Universal expands evenly as if it were an expansive compact mass of invisible in the form of inadaptaciones trends, to be inadaptaciones are trends that have no existence. Because of this, expansion stretches to the expansive force forces him to do so; whereupon, breaks occur in the most fragile spatial expansive places. Inevitably, those break points occur in huge concentrations of expansionary forces heat, equivalent to a major evolution which will result in the evolutionary birth of a star; which, will evolve into a suitable planetary system; to the end of its evolutionary stage be able to disappear as star at the end of its evolutionary cycle.