Month: January 2016

Russia Certification

Today's consumers are largely ignorant of their rights and often require a seller's certificate of compliance with state standards. It should be noted that in Europe it is already common practice, but in Russia it is only begins to be popular certification. But buyers are increasingly choosing products not on price but on quality. For a good thing not a pity to give up the bank. Goods and services that do not meet the standards certification will not be able to pass, and therefore do not fall on the shelves.

Although there are exceptions. Cases when the markets offer products far below the cost of the original. In such cases, we must be vigilant and demand Vendor documents confirming the certification of the goods. It's no secret that in such cases, the seller of low-quality product will wriggle and try to explain that at this point a certificate of the goods had gone, as He was among other documents at home. At first glance it might seem that the certificate of origin – completely useless document, receipt of which the seller takes a significant portion of valuable time. This document confirms the country of origin of a product. Most often it is used for regulation of tariffs on the import of any goods from abroad for certification. It is also important that the certificate Origin allows you to reduce the number of fakes in stores and shopping centers.

Unfortunately, conventional markets still remain the place where poor-quality copies of the items are quite common. In the first all, it concerns of home appliances and mobile phones. It can also be attributed and televisions, and computers, and laptops. Unscrupulous sellers often falsify documents for import. As a result, the market is replenished poor technique, in which there is no manufacturer's warranty, or documents proving the country of origin. Certificate of Origin enable manufacturers of quality products, at least partially stop influx of counterfeit goods under the brand well-known manufacturers. Fortunately, today, many consumers understand that the purchase of household appliances from clandestine arms sales is fraught with headaches, because it is not clear how many will serve you buy a monitor or a camera, assembled in an underground shop next to the city. In this case, the seller will prove to you that his proposed goods produced abroad, and therefore worth more. In this case it is best require a document on a mandatory or voluntary certification of goods.

Winner Of The INTRA.NET Awards 2013

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE what big with the best global intranet and won the we.CONECT INTRA.NET award of 2013 from the 24th to the 26th of April 2013, we.CONECT s INTRA.NET reloaded 2013 of Bucholz more than 200 intranet & Enterprise 2.0 professionals from leading global organizations to discuss current challenges and future developments in the fields of intranet, social business collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 on the evening of the 24th of April, the annual INTRA.NET award 2013 took place at Cosmos Berlin, where the best intranet project, which awarded. The independent jury, consisting of Jorn Bodemann (CEO, e-spirit AG), Philipp Rosenthal (future Office evangelist, Tieto), Darius Miranda (Vice President, social business strategy, Wells Fargo Inc.), Kelli Carlson Jagersma (Vice President, social business strategy, Wells Fargo Inc.) and Jonathan Phillips (Manager, digital communications, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.), selected the BEST INTRA.NET out of more than 30 candidates. And the winner of the we.CONECT INTRA.NET award 2013 is MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. The project what big thanks to the excellent transition operated After the merger of MAN Diesel SE and MAN Turbo AG. Joseph Purse and his team managed to overcome the challenges in creating a common platform to connect a large number of employees within different fields, as well as bridging the gap and uniting global sales and operational services throughout the company.

Christiane Krohling, online communication Manager, received the prize and thanked the entire MAN Diesel & Turbo intranet team for their hard work. The second place went to the Swiss Post for their company-wide intranet project, which connected more 30,000 employees. The third place went to Hamburg Sud for their successful integration of two intranet networks into one common system. The non-profit organization Camara education Inc. received the 2000 prize from we.CONECT global leaders GmbH. Camara is an international organization involved in global training projects and dedicated to using technology to improve education and skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. The INTRA.NET 2013 included more than 40 case studies, World Cafe and interactive sessions. The discussions and presentations on topics such as enterprise social networking as part of the business strategy, organization of content in the field of usability, intranet strategies in the business environment and knowledge management for employee portal and intranet networks completely surpassed the expectations of more than 150 participants. After the conference is before the conference with more than 40 speakers and 150 participants from all over the world INTRA.NET reloaded is the largest European networking platform in 2013 for internal communications manager, intranet managers and collaboration project leaders. The we.CONECT team is already preparing the 3rd INTRA.NET reloaded 2014, which will take place in Berlin from the 27th to the 29th of April of 2014th next year, award to the INTRA.NET once again be attributed to outstanding intranet projects. Further information about the third INTRA.NET reloaded, registration and application for the award can be found here: review 2013:

Michael Tillner Is A New Member Of The Executive Board

RANDOM logistics group Gottingen, 22 may 2013 – to April 2nd chance occurred in the management logistics group Michael Tillner (49). He succeeds Heinz-Gunter Basell, is adopted at the end of June from active professional life. For more than twenty years, Michael Tillner in distribution logistics is at home. Its stations include well-known newspaper publishers, carriers and most recently the logistics subsidiary of Pharmagrosshandelskonzerns. He represented the national freight forwarding, intercontinental transport, information technology and controlling in the random logistics group. I’m glad to work with human beings at the Centre are in a healthy family business”, Michael Tillner welcomes its new commitment. It goes well with my core values.” Press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Friedrich random GmbH & co.

KG Internationale Spedition Robert-Bosch width 11 37079 Gottingen of Carolin Heinrichs marketing communication phone: 0 551 / 607 271 about the COINCIDENCE logistics group: under the umbrella of the random logistics group are the Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, Axthelm + random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, spedition GmbH, the transaction state, LOGISTEC logistics, management & Consulting GmbH, Distribo GmbH and NAVIS random GmbH. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group at 10 locations with over 1,800 employees including 139 trainees in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus night Star Express.

Internal Cultural Change Prepares Companies To Free Trade Area From

Companies will save many billion euros or $ Eltville – Erbach, July 30, 2013 – the largest free trade area in the world will be created between the European Union and the United States. With this ambitious project, the transatlantic trade from the year 2015 is to be expanded. Currently running the negotiations in full swing, to trade barriers in the chemical industry, to reduce the automotive industry or the banks and insurance companies. So, new jobs on both sides of the Atlantic are to be built thanks to identical standards, safety standards or competition rules. A rapid agreement with some 815 million people could cause the Earth’s largest sales market. And a new upsurge with around half a million of new jobs in Europe can be expected without tariffs or trade barriers. Companies are saved many billion euros or dollars,”says Claudia Schmidt, Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH. and only with a targeted strategy of globalization, many can only exhausted benefits, or Conquers markets”.

This proves the current change fitness study of Mutaree GmbH. So the changes in the market and the customers (61 percent), as well as the fast pace by high cost and competitive pressure (45 per cent) considered challenging. Companies must respond to a unified trade zone acts in the first step clearly to the advantage of consumers. But with many internal questions of the management companies are facing new obstacles. So a shortage is already international in the war for talent ‘ is about the future of a company. Here, only a transatlantic strategy of HR helps to recruit top talent from today closed regions.

So, the Commission estimates that Europe around 400,000 jobs must are occupied in order the estimated additional economic growth of 0.5 percent annually to generate. Only with the help of a cultural onboarding’-program German companies from all industries can the relatively short time to consolidate the Free trade area use”, explains Schmidt. Diversity becomes the subject of a new labour market, so companies should prepare also on the different cultures, religions or lifestyles. But often is a holistic approach of diversity even in the child shoes, especially at the leadership reluctant companies in implementing this business trends. A company that wants to succeed both in Europe and the United States, needs an international top management”, so said. Companies are positive almost all companies from all German industries are in favour of an expansion of the free trade area and realize at the same time, that they can first of all an internal change must undergo a cultural change, successfully offered their goods or services. Manage this change and international talents find their way to Germany, the second most important export market (to China) for German companies should be open. About the Mutaree GmbH: The Mutaree GmbH is a specialist in change management. Around the services – including the planning and control of processes of change, as well as the implementation support to achieve the objectives of the change. Where is the human being always at the Center. Mutaree advises clients from various industries: banks and insurance, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, public administration and tourism. The Mutaree GmbH is a member of the Federal German management consultant Association (BDU). Press contact: Stefan Roth corporate communications phone: + 49 (40) 32 57 79-32 fax: + 49 (40) 32 57 79-20 contact Mutaree: Mutaree GmbH wine road 106 65346 Eltville – Erbach

Sauna Plan And Build

Anton Muther GmbH of traditional producer of sauna and sauna party Anton Muther GmbH – wellness & sauna building is one with her over 50 years anniversary to the most traditional sauna manufacturers in Germany, the company attaches great importance to tailor-made solutions for individual requirements. With this philosophy the company stands out positively to the mass-producing competition in this specific market segment. Muther GmbH company founded in the year 1958, was launched by the cabinet-maker Anton Muther in life. In this initial phase, the company has again developed a real sense for upcoming trends of the time and so also in the area of the winter gardens laid the cornerstones of primary. With 25 employees and involved in many partnerships is the sauna manufacturer. With an increased focus on network partners, first in the Haltern craftsmen Association and then in the wellness partners, could here the individual strengths of the participating farms for the benefit of the members be bundled. Continuous developments created an excellent reputation of the company with consistently high quality products over the years, that the Muther GmbH also beyond the borders of Germany international has made known.

The initial production of sauna facilities for private use, the Muther GmbH in the course of time has acquired the even complicated constructions for commercial use in public facilities. Distributed all over Europe are these based on the holistic use of continuous quality claim, built and offer a unique sauna enjoyment around the clock. Original custom-made for special customer requirements have become the core business of the company, here be implemented also fancy sauna dreams into reality. However the Muther GmbH puts equal value on the integration of classical and traditional concepts of the sauna building, which skillfully with modern design templates are implemented. The best Woods, use such as the Kelo pine, is a constant maxim of the company. This obtained directly from Finland, the country of origin of the sauna. In the future, the Muther GmbH wants to remain loyal to its principles and produce innovative sauna solutions with excellent materials and a narrow customer loyalty. More information: Anton Muther GmbH of Muther Munsterknapp 17 45721 Haltern am see 02364/9374-0 sauna building press: wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 Germany 50678 Koln 02214537373

Fedora Companies

When you hear the word Linux, maybe that you imagine programmers with beard by typing long lines of code into a black screen.Good news! Things have changed. The quick answer Linux is an operating system, a great piece of software that controls a computer. It is similar to Microsoft Windows, but completely free. The correct name is GNU/Linux, but Linux is most used. Linux is not the product of a single company, is the result of the contribution of a large number of companies and groups of people. In fact, the GNU/Linux system is a central component, which is transformed into many different products: call distributions. The distributions change the look and feel of Linux completely. There are from large fully equipped complete systems (backed by companies) until the light weapons entering on a USB Keychain or work on old computers (usually developed by volunteers).

An outstanding distribution, complete and easy to use to get started in GNU/Linux is UBUNTU Using Linux GNU/Linux is no harder to use than Windows, and has many more features. It takes only a few minutes to familiarize yourself with a distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora which comes with many installed programs. If you need commercial-quality software for working with business documents, Internet, connecting to networks, or working with graphics, is ready to use it.Do you want even more? Linux can do this: there are many thousands of programs that can find, install and uninstall of an intuitive and simple way. However, you should not assume that Linux is a clone of Windows. To find out what awaits you to delve into Linux, we suggest that you read our page related to migrating to linux the complete answer when you get a distribution of GNU/Linux, also gets the freedom to study it, copy it, change it, and redistribute it.

That is what makes it truly free. Many companies develop their own operating systems based on GNU central system: create derivative products which do not have the exclusive rights. Then, how does everything? Most of the companies get benefits thanks to the technical support and other payment services associated with your GNU/Linux distribution. Business customers pay by the guarantee of security updates and assistance, even many times training and software modifications to adapt it to your needs. Other companies, such as HP and IBM, contribute with Linux because they pre-install it on servers that are sold. A huge community participates in the development and improvement of software, lowering costs and improving efficiency. Finally, people tend to get the software for free, while enterprise customers are often happy to pay for a more advanced support.

Financial Success

Today, one of the most important rules of success in the labor market, you can call the broad skills of candidates. Every person who wishes to acquire a real constant and considerable financial success, think about that have not a narrow specialty, and to explore other directions, perhaps even close to the main current work. And who would be able to say a few years ago that an ordinary accountant stops to bury themselves alive under mountains documents and all documents will not really alter dozens of times for the slightest mistake, but just re-print from the pc? At the moment courses 1C for an economist is not something special, and the norm specialized work. This is understandable, since the software content provides the opportunity several times to make a quicker response to duty's leading economist, respectively, to reduce the staff required for correct execution of accounting obligations. A reduction in the number of workers required to ensure business continuity of Accountants leads to a reduction in spending on the maintenance of administrative staff, to which moves each director. However, not only the accounting department can relate to the changes, but also any and all departments of production. Director must have a main corporate complex, but if with this he can still own the knowledge, for example, in electronic charts, the enterprises engaged in production and promotion, it will be possible to redirect the work of a full-fledged designer to a specific fulfillment of orders made, while the head will prepare together with the client preliminary sketch to take account of all, without exception, the desires of the consumer.

And yet, for this requires that the Director was familiar with computer design. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop this branch. In addition, these ancillary skills are able to provide not just a more substantial implementation of business functions, and including provide minor financial success. To the nuances of additional financial success. Need to ponder including the work in the area, which nowadays is the most popular and growing. This is the sphere of the global network. Also, basic web design courses will allow anyone who wishes to consider the underlying basis for the creation of web sites and is likely to make such an occupation is not even entertaining addition to the main office, but also directly – work. Select appropriate courses for today will not make difficulties. But it is important to remember that the main thing – it's own motivation. Cheap and of short duration courses will be given the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals required the department, the practical application will contribute in general. You want to really feel their own workers' achievement? Then – time, learn!

Brazilian State

To speech in commitment in the pedagogia courses one is become involved confusions of questions that go of resume the questions practise and theoreticians. A complexity of facts that the pertaining to school institutions need a curricular reorganization that answers of forceful form that professors we want to form? that pupils these professors go to form. In this direction, he develops a necessity to register and to rethink these practical, searching the construction of new knowledge on the process of formation and of practical professor, as well as on the diverse occured changes in the process of formation and the performance of the professor. (…) any politics of reformularization of the Course of Pedagogia has that to consider this identity, that is directly on to the revolutionary perspective of prxis social. However, what we see is a certain dismounting of this course on the part of the Brazilian State, when of the implantation of the new lines of direction of Pedagogia? what it is lamentable, therefore, historically, this course has fulfilled an important paper in the formation of professors for the basic education and managers of the pertaining to school education. (PEAR TREE, 2010, p.8).

We live a time where the conscience of that the world passes for deep transformations is each stronger day. This reality provokes in many people and contradictory groups, feelings, sensations and desires, at the same time of unreliability and fear, potenciadores of apathy and conformismo as well as of newness and hope, mobilizadores of the best ones energies and creativity for the construction of a different, more human and solidary world. Globalization, multiculturalismo, after-modernity, questions of sort and race, new forms of communication, computerization, cultural manifestations of the adolescents and young, cultural and religious expressions of different social classrooms, movements, diverse forms of violence and social exclusion configure new and differentiated social scenes, cultural politicians and.

Successful Conflict Resolution

Properly handle ensure we balance our energy, self-control and therefore Joshua Many successful organizational conflicts arising due to the absence of known control management, properly handle their self-control, maintain calm in difficult situations that arise in the company. Why all this? What prevents the manager to properly handle the situation? Why not knowing control? What is the reason for not knowing how to properly handle their emotional intelligence? What is being done? Are some questions arising from the analysis of self-control and knowing how to keep calm. Management should have a good control of their emotions, manage their energy charges to know, especially those that are activated by external stimuli that lead to critical situations often where serenity is required, to control the passage of the solution assertive is needed to avoid conflicts.

In the context of personal relationships, self-control pushes us to be discrete and mature to avoid gossip, criticism and defamation Norberto Baygorria gives us information on this subject that allows us to clarify its scope, impact, benefits and disadvantages about reminds us that self-mastery must be understood as an attitude that drives us to positively change our personality. When there is no such inner strength, appropriate action is taken soon, usually as a result of a state of mind, the harmony that should exist in all living together breaks, we are exposed to falling into excesses of all kinds and entered a state of comfort prevents us from concrete purposes. Every day we seek to exercise this dominion over ourselves, our character automatically begins to mature by the serenity and patience that prints this value, will free us from discouragement, we control our tastes and live better sobriety, in short, entered a continuous improvement process..