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Kiel On High Octane

The first maritime country Festival in Kiel under full steam this maritime country Festival sets new priorities in the area of traditional navigation. It is valid to set the focus, whose Erbe has been almost lost on the commercial shipping. But also for the maritime history of Schleswig-Holstein should be interested in the population. Go to International Energy Agency for more information. Where it could run better than in Kiel, where packing houses, lighthouses and fire, plants and the Maritime Museum of the country remembered the special tradition\”, emphasizes Dr. To read more click here: Penny Pennington. Willi Diercks, Managing Director of the home Federation and Chairman of Schleswig-Holstein maritime. A stately parade of traditional vessels, which are usually found in their home towns in the historic port of Museum, invites the interested visitors to tours during the event days from 06 to 08 June 2008 a.

Several times a day, the heater of the heavy hitters set\”in the stuff and bring the boiler under pressure. If then on board the steam whistle sounds loudly, can the captain on the bridge, the Machinists or Heater below like to be seen at work over the shoulder. As well as the large ‘ the eight steam boats invite visitors to a no less interesting nostalgic journey to the Kiel fjord. It had counted some of the steamer or commercial vehicles at the start almost to the scrapheap. Also like the Kiel Daymark steamer or Tonnenleger-based Hawk\”, built in 1905-06. \”\” After it 1979 an official boiler from \”for ship and crew gave the old lady could\” almost seventeen years at the Maritime Museum as this ship, admire.

Kiel owes a traditional ship again fahrtuchtiges a small group now especially buzzard e.V. Since 2006. However, there are in addition to the historic vessels in the Germania Harbor to admire even Sailer. The Kiel Harbour operates not only\”passenger transport in the smaller frame, but must ensure even during major events like this, for example, the smooth ferry of the Scandinavian giants.

Neumann BUREAU Digital

Ceremony on 1 November in the framework of the ART BERLIN of the year’s d.velop digital art award goes FORUM at the Canadian Norman White and was awarded to Saturday within the framework of the ART FORUM BERLIN. It honors as an internationally renowned prize, endowed with 20,000 euros, the most important artists in the field of digital arts for lifetime achievement or a significant group of works. An exhibition in the Kunsthalle Bremen, as well as a catalog is devoted to the prize winners also. The d.velop was initiated ddaa in 2005 by the digital art museum DAM in order, to create an awareness for the digital arts as well as the innovative and high-quality works of art in this area digital art award. The award will be presented this year for the third time under the auspices of Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin. Sponsor of the ddaa is the d.velop AG as well as the Haupt Pharma AG.

The prize-winner Norman White is a pioneer in the use of electronics and Robotics in art. His machine and robot creations enrich the discourse in the field of ‘New media’ for decades. Through his experimentation, Norman White in electronic art has developed pioneering works. Already at the end of the 1960s, Norman White works before the era of the computer with kinetic electronics. White sees the computer as freely programmable interfaces between man and machine, and as a universal brains for robots. For him, computers are not compliant tools that limit creativity, but ‘ fun-house mirrors’. He presented his work primarily in the social space, where they perform an unprepared audience against anonymous. To match his still tireless commitment in the ‘Rawbotics’ and the he invented ‘ Sumo robot challenges’. Silke Neumann BUREAU N