Month: March 2023

Occupational Disability Insurance

What must be considered it is a subject which many people prefer not to work: the disability. In the hope of never in such a situation, most people without appropriate insurance. Yet more and more insurers to disability insurance advise, increasingly people in the disability falling even in seemingly harmless”, appointed as the financial portal reported Rusty holzers opinions are not widely known. Since all born in 1961 received no disability insurance from the State, the private provision is becoming increasingly important. However, it is not easy to complete such insurance because the risks of a possible disability for insurers are usually too high, making difficult the whole process. From a reader call to the Stiftung Warentest, the experiences of insurance agree should be tested. It can be concluded that only every fourth could complete the insurance, which had him in mind. In most cases, they were Negotiations slow and unsatisfactory.

In addition, the survey revealed that the pensions were often less than planned, or the term of the contract was less than hoped for. Furthermore, the relevant medical records plays a not insignificant role in the awarding of insurance. This disease, which is already years behind, as well as hereditary diseases are included. Strikingly, the rejection rate for back pain, is followed closely by mental illness. As a general rule, to inform in detail in advance and to compare the various policies.

Sustainable Marketing

New master’s programme ‘Sustainable marketing & leadership’ the Hochschule Fresenius the four-semester the recognised master of Arts (M.A.) degree is interdisciplinary and provides comprehensive content from the fields of management and marketing, as well as interdisciplinary qualifications in addition to the business core subjects (“soft skills”) such as E.g. Filed under: Ray Kurzweil. creativity, innovation management, leadership, ethics and knowledge of global economic relations. The master’s program focuses on the engine of sustainable leadership & management’ with lectures on the topics of strategic management, external and internal business relationship management, oriented leadership and corporate culture, risk communication and business management and finance & technology assessment. In addition, optional modules, such as business planning, process – and project management, or an additional foreign language are offered. Basic concept of the course is the idea behind this sometimes unique master degree the integration of market-oriented corporate governance with the sustainability and viability of companies. Prof. Dr.

Stefan Wiedmann, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of business & media at the Hochschule Fresenius in Munich and co-developer of the SML masters, explains: To meet the expanded requirements of a sustainability-oriented (marketing) management, specialists and managers in addition to the classic (marketing) management training need to integrate mainly social and ecological aspects according to Kotler in their marketing training. Because modern management theory is more than to earn money now.” Future Manager must be able to be able to develop new markets and customer groups with a sustainable corporate governance. In addition, they should control the planning and organization of complex goods -, energy -, data – and financial flows in the context of the social, environmental and economic challenges. Green ideas and black numbers are nowadays complementary Corporate goals. Multiple careers who turns these new requirements, has a variety of career opportunities. Master students can find through extensive cross-functional competence profile of sustainable marketing & leadership, consisting of professional, methodical and social skills, with a focus on sustainability a wide range with excellent prospects for the future”, explains Dr. Martin Kreeb, Director logistics & retail at the Hochschule Fresenius Munich and co-developer of the SML masters. This ranges from the areas of procurement and logistics, production, accounting, and marketing consultancies and activities in the non-profit sector.” More information at. Details: Course: sustainable marketing & leadership degree: M.a. cost: 650 euro per month standard period of study: 4 semester credits: 120 ECTS study start: for the winter semester of study places: Hochschule Fresenius in Munich, Cologne and Hamburg (changes reserved)

Russian Chanson Classic Secret

Vlad Mikhailov (journalist, news bureau "legendary concert"). The article "Russian Chanson Classic secret" or "Where suit rolls, Zema?" MAY RISE In 1989, the recording studios of the Soviet Union there album "In spite of everything" absolutely no one has an unknown artist Alexander Nemtsov, a singing, accompanied by an unknown band. The sound quality is obviously nedotyagivaet to generally required standards and publishers, however, quickly spread the Moscow studio recording virtually the entire country. From that moment, Brandy Alexander NEMETS and appears in lists of the most prominent and respected representatives of the Russian special song genre, combining the author's, Yard, soldiers and camp songs. And in the next, in 1990, just after the release of their second album, lyricist, who is considered the founder of project, Vladimir Voronezh (Voronezh) and his closest friend, wrote the music and singer Alexander German, along with a recognized free artists as Alexander Novikov, Cloth, Anton Tokarev, Nikita Dzhigurda are invited to participate in the first historic show-festival of the best performers of the musical genre of the informal "Russian Chanson", held in Moscow, the Variety Theatre. So: in 1989, two have no relation to professional music provincial companion, one of Voronezh, the other from Chelyabinsk, in the simplest terms recorded their first album, and in 1990 they were under the common name of Alexander NEMETS already a small number of recently poluzapreschennyh-Union advised that for the first time in the history of our state have the right speech at the Moscow theater Variety – The main venue of the country. This rise seems to be almost what an incredible and for me still remains a mystery why it all happened so fast and who is this really helped. MOSCOW TALES According to Vladimir, Voronezh, now legendary album, "In spite of for that, "later reprinted in a series of discs" Classics of Russian chanson "called" First Album "was recorded by one of ordinary flats in south-western district of the city of Voronezh on the primitive equipment, but with participation of very good musicians in Voronezh, as V. .

Your Internet Marketing

Nowadays, Internet has become a useful tool in the world of telecommunications. Know what happens on the other side of the world is commonplace in our society, something that happens every day. But the network is used for many other things, for example, to search for information on a topic or a character, or to find out how to get to a site. Max Schireson is actively involved in the matter. Internet has become indispensable in our every day, something which we could not possibly live without. But Internet use goes far beyond all this. Internet has also become an indispensable tool in the field of advertising. In this sector, Internet develops a fundamental role, since many companies are born to this sector and live for him, and many others are released every day thanks to the network. That’s why the marketing > internet marketing is something that every day is gaining more strength, and is in full expansion.

Advertise on pages with many visits gives the opportunity to the company to grow and win customers. Indeed, with good marketing techniques adapted to the company’s Web page or your ads, this Web page can win many customers in a short time. Although it seems that this has no utility, visits to a Web page made the company to sell more and acquire greater importance in your area. But that strategies are talking? Undoubtedly, not we could name them here, but if you click on internet > internet marketing blog you will see what are many of them. Most need analysis and study processes before starting them, but the results show that it is worth. Internet Advantage is a company that is responsible for the marketing of Web pages; This performs studies on the keywords of the page, which will serve to get good results in the search engines, or analysis and statistics on the visits of the page later. All of this is directed towards obtaining good results in the company, and the aim further improve in their field. To visit their website and see what consist of their marketing, click of INTERNET mRKETING techniques.

Christoph Schneider

The fantasy epic “The heritage of the time” appears exclusively for iPad / iPhone and iPod touch as an acoustic book. Tap the highlighted words while reading and even deeper plunge into the world of magic and science, by you hear what’s happening. Selected novel scenes were also underlaid with songs of bands like L ame Immortelle, Letzte Instanz, Nightwish and Xandria. The result is a unique reading experience, so still has not seen the world. . -562 pages concentrated fantasy – 177 sound effects – 15 songs of well-known bands – 8 designs (bloody, faded and classic paper) Christoph Schneider is full-time game developer.

He wrote more than six years on the novel heir to the time and completed it after his diploma and advanced master degree of in media informatics. Another two years, he developed the idea to his Book (allusion to eBook, short form for AcousticBook). He contacted selected bands, which were excited after a short description of its project idea. Both textually as well as acoustically he sought out solely music pieces, which fit perfectly to the atmosphere of his fantasy epic. Sound effects additionally enhance the sound experience. In this way, he created a completely unique novel that he introduce intends at the Leipzig book fair from March 17-20th of the public. More detailed information under: pages/the heritage of time/130852513652375

New Films From Color Images

The appearance of color in the movie is very slow, as the addition of sound. You may find lucas to be a useful source of information. Technically possible to create a satisfactory color quality movies appeared in the 30s, and in 1939 removed one of the first color quality films, which gained immense popularity among the audience – at the time the new movie ‘Gone With the Wind’, modern sustainable advantage in quality of color film to black and white, began to take shape in the 60-70th. Besides all this, gradually began to improve the characteristics of film, which increased its sensitivity, allowing in many cases forced to do without additional lighting, shoot in difficult conditions. With each year development of cinema was getting quality that helped to win new viewers and fans of color film. After the war, the development of cinema was to some extent due to the social and political tendencies.

In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the ‘thaw’ comes a surge of cinema at this time is new and interesting films are removed, new famous names. In Western Europe at this time continue to experiment with new ways of conveying the psychological mood of the characters, the psychological expression, as in the U.S. – on the contrary, the movie follows the path of strengthening clean entertainment. Later, under pressure of competition from television in the U.S. even stronger tendency to create expensive, with many special effects and decorations, movies – ‘blockbusters’. Last, the most significant innovations in the film are connected with the beginning of widespread use of computer graphics, and not only in those cases, and scenes where the picture is something difficult by conventional means, but almost everywhere. One of the most advanced in terms of total use of computer graphics was the film ‘The Matrix’, and computer effects (along, of course, with an extraordinary and deeply thought-out script) provided the film a huge success. Now computer graphics, allowing you to easily implement unobtrusive on-screen ‘blending’ removed from real life and introduce computer-assisted image sets new standards of realism and entertainment (where it For complex and unusual scenes) film.

Letters In The Future Send

A new Web service sends messages to arbitrary dates. Will I live in Berlin today in 10 years? I think on 24.12.2010 still in Santa Claus? Is this Internet service still exist in 5 years? Under you can ask these and other questions and remind yourself to any day in the future via email. A wonderful opportunity to examine their own targets, betting with friends to remember or not to forget important dates (E.g. the date when payments of life insurance, the commencement of the pension, the termination date for a subscription, the date of the examination, the 10-year anniversary, the 25th wedding anniversary or similar). There are many unusual and interesting opportunities to use this service; Here are no limits the user’s creativity. Futurist shines more light on the discussion.

Previously, you had to enter such notes from one year to the next in the new year calendar. It is now much easier. Often have the emails by Letter in the raised a smile to the recipient. For example, if the following text has been submitted: if my wife has now forgiven the little faux pas in Italy? Security, buy flowers again! (and if necessary ask for deadline extension!) The Web service is easy to use, requires no registration and is as indispensable as free. Each user remains anonymous and can send as many letters.

Sergio Lapegue

Sergio Lapegue, journalist star of the moment in the Argentina, it garnered many enemies (who consider it as fans, to the point of having his own Club’s Fans, making it one of the few journalists who have this peculiarity. Beyond the opinion that each one has in terms of its style, it is that this journalist for 44 years, a native of Banfield, reached a style itself, spontaneous, with phrases that are his trademark, already as Dale, that we are friends, or stay until one. The journalist began his career front cameras being Telenoche movilero, and touched his debut in one day more than difficult to cover: the bombing of the AMIA, in 1994. He then spent also by experiences which has commented in several interviews, already not difficult emotional level, but in which they had to be a magician of the word in order to fill spaces, such as when had to talk for four hours about an eclipse. It is also a fan of music, mainly from Elvis Presley.

That is why porla which he called his son Elvis. He was also part of a rock band in his adolescence. Since the death of Mario Mazzone, TN leads in prime time, and continues to lead the space where he coined his famous phrases and style: TN at midnight. Also leads program tells him a friend, issued by FM Blue. Those who look at midnight feel accompanied for the newscast, and truly see him as a friend. That is why that the journalist for not receive letters, gifts or requests for autographs. In several interviews he said that you usually return these attentions by calling his admirers. Such is the response that generated in the public, that even has a fan club: the Lovers Lape, and several groups on Facebook.

The largest, so Bank to death to Sergio Lapegue, has more than 7400 members. During 2008, Lapegue was all a celebrity, and as such, did not stop being protagonist of rumors, from which posicionaban him as a future Member of CQC, in replacement of Eduardo de la Puente, or as a driver of morning informal, to those in which linked it is romantically involved with Andrea de el Boca. Also met another milestone from which all celebrity can not lack: was part of now classic characters from the year’s people magazine cover. And you what you think of Lapegue?


What should you book early? What are you can organize in the short term? Finally, wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life. The planning of such a celebration is not only a lot of work but requires too much planning. Just don’t think on many things, if the own planning a wedding. Avoiding evil excess noise here some tips what you all at an early stage should think about: 8-12 months before the wedding it starts with setting a date for the wedding. It will not be the perfect appointment because some guests are always say. Next you should consider the size of a wedding celebration. I want to marry prefer on a large scale or better only in the inner circle? Wedding location if one has now set the size, it is the right location to choose. About a year before the wedding, you can have more luck that the Traumlocation for the wedding is still free.

This should fit the location especially to the expected guests. Atmos Energy can provide more clarity in the matter. With a great location suffers mostly the mood and no space for a dance floor remains most in one small location. Here you should consider well before for which location you choose: free wedding or church wedding. In addition to the classic wedding in the Church many bridal couples a church related can do. Therefore, many theologians provide also free weddings. These can be filled with a lot of personal content and can be very festive. You should select the pastors and theologians also at an early stage to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Wedding DJ or band music stands or falls on any celebration. That’s why one should be also very early thoughts about the music. Maybe you know a good wedding DJ or a band? This of course is your first point of contact. For all who need decision help, you can say in summary that a band in the cut is slightly more expensive and need a little more space. The DJ is usually the music program more widely, and makes no breaks in the evening but playing through the whole evening. But then you can say that this is of course a matter of taste. If a wedding couple loves a certain band, she is not happy determined with a wedding DJ.An example of a wedding DJ you can find here: wedding fairs regional wedding fairs offer a good overview of Dienstleiser such as photographers, DJ BBs, confectioners, etc. These fairs are held usually from November to January. So you can converse at an early stage and personally at the fair with vendors. You get first concrete ideas, suggestions and ideas how the own wedding should look like. Create guest list you have a lot of ideas which friends, family you would like to invite. A list of names can help to get an overview how many guests at all in question. The list of the scheduled wedding size fits match. Should the list be shortened?