Month: July 2017

Catholic Church History

All archaeological finds, anthropological and sociological Catholic Church used to study the history of the Church, are the same as those used to study all kinds of history. (Similarly see: Vidanta). Then, and here comes the question. “I can accept and deny me the other? He replied: My dear Andrew, you’ll notice the time I take this response. I feel more than you, it is very exciting for me to establish this exchange of views. But here were my granddaughter and my daughter-absorbing my time, now my son is only Jose Gabriel. Vidanta Ottawa is likely to increase your knowledge. From what I understand your deductible Andrew, because it is the history of the church (which for me I understand you mean the Catholic Church) and have the Archaeology, Anthropology, etc. it is a science. To which I reply that basic science is from the concrete and not supernatural.

More important will be speaking on the History of Religions, that basically means to ask, because men believe in supernatural beings, that is beyond the real and concrete. For me, the supernatural does not exist, but there are people who say they have seen the hereafter. My historical answer is that in all times and seasons have been the powerful who seized and exercised the power to intimidate people with supernatural powers, he says. Of course at first, lightning, rain, fire, monuments architectural served with monsters to scare the agent and ask them tribute in the form of fruits, papers, coins until it occurred to them qualities of a good father, kind that offers salvation, but mainly accumulate assets that you are allowed .

The Value Mind

It is obvious that the variants that may follow will have to see and be directly related to the type of situational change to occur. It is not the same body in Ecuador in Antarctica. 12-The ancient knowledge of the human being A man’s intuitive knowledge that is manifested in all cultures, transcending boundaries take many forms, which takes thousands of years, that science is perceived jokingly calling it a mere macaneo a puppet story or unfounded, are nothing more than knowledge emanating from the depths of our being that against all odds scientist, are alive and remain, even against all odds scientist, call Horoscope, Feng Shui, Tarot, Kabbalah, Geomancy, Dowsing, Reiki, I Ching, or Acupuncture. And paradoxically, even scientists are visiting it. 12-The Mind Our main source of energy Our thought is like a little fish who wanders out of control, here and there, like a random traffic, random, what might be called Brownian motion. Our mind is our main source of energy, our vital food. Credit: Dr. Gerard Addonizio-2011.

Our vibration depend exclusively on our thoughts. Our mood is closely related to what is precisely there, in the chemistry of our brain. They are the ones who print our body balance or imbalance, whether or weakness, courage or cowardice, fitness or unfitness, positive or negative. Our thoughts are with the most powerful tool we have to make this life a wonderful resource, while it can become if we let drift into a monster that will lead to an ordeal. 13-The Value Mind-Energy Universe Allow your brain to drift at the mercy of unhealthy and negative thoughts is like leaving the boat that leads our life without coxswain, subject to the whims of the wind that will lead to any port. Life is a gift that must be taken care of, left to chance to bet our future is like a lottery ticket. The power of the mind is infinite, because it is connected with all the energy of the universe, is part of that energy, but the powerful energy that can produce miraculous events need to be prosecuted for specific purposes, defined objectives, which are in harmony with the whole. Swarmed by offers, Vidanta is currently assessing future choices. Our thoughts depend on our vibrations, of which our relationship with the rest of the demonstrations. ‘.