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Diamond is a service enabling the device holes and openings in walls and ceilings of any diameter and any shape. This technology enables concrete to drill at any angle, at a depth of 2 m. The diameter of the holes can reach 400mm. And more. For what you can ponabitsya Diamond? Diamond will help you in pipelines, ducts, heating. In principle, all work related to ventilation, water, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are not possible without drilling through walls and ceilings which they are laid.

In addition, drilling concrete and brick can hold any openings in the walls. As doorways and windows. Where it used to for various reasons had not been foreseen. Arched doorways, may safely cut only by this method. Diamond is the only way drilling concrete and other high building structures bumpless manner.

In fact, the method is more cutting than drilling. Moving in a circle diamond segments cut into cylindrical concrete core, which we took out and get a hole in the concrete, equal to the cores. An arched opening in the wall is obtained by drilling holes close to the desired path. Thus, we can drill out openings of any shape. Vibration can drilling to produce any structures. Any other method is not safe just because the dynamic load can lead to loss of bearing capacity of the structure. And in the multifamily housing risk increases repeatedly. In addition, dissatisfaction with the neighbors from excessive noise from shock and vibration will not add anything to you but trouble. Diamond floor is also an important issue in the modern approach to interior design. Quite a lot of people today are expanding their living space by increasing the floors. This is either a private home or a multi-level apartment. And boring as a necessary service in arranging openings in the ceiling. Here drilling concrete and reinforced concrete is superior to diamond cutting. Since the drilling of concrete consumes 220 VA rated at 3000W, which is practically in every apartment, and cutting 380 W. 15th 25000Vt. And this is a commercial scale. To sum up. Diamond has the following advantages. Mobility. Drilling unit can be carried by one person. Can be installed on the ceiling or wall of any floor. Accessibility. Installation drill bits with diamond at a minimum amount of water that ensures that no dust, and hence the ability to work in exploited areas. Power consumption 3000 Tues 220. Present in almost every home. Multifunctionality. Ability to organize and drill holes in the walls and ceilings in any form. Security. Vibration can drill concrete and other high- structures, without fearing for their destruction or loss of carrying capacity due to dynamic loading. If you need to drill a hole in the wall or the ceiling, opening to perform a complicated form in all structures, to lay water pipes, drains, ventilation through the walls and ceilings out there that diamond drilling. An article in part or in whole is permitted only with the link above poster

Education Ecosystems

COMMUNICATIVE ECOSYSTEMS: Disgnostic of the Communication Altina Magalhes Coast In: 10/12/2011 The communication necessity is basic factor in the relation human being since the times primrdios, with passing of the time, this communication was being each more involved time with the technology. Century XX brought significant changes in all the social fields and rhythm sufficiently sped up mainly in regards to use of the technologies of the information and the communication. Thus all the social segments that if had modified had suffered alterations in the forms from communication, organization, management of its spaces. Today, the media, through the medias, is the main form of access to the information concerning world indispensable tool of interaction between the individuals. Everything this also provoked and provokes deep consequences in the individual and collective life in this century XXI in the education and its ecosystems. If to observe well, the pertaining to school space is constituted of some ecosystems. For biology, the ecosystem notion includes the factors and the abiticos biticos, is the set of mutual relationships between the beings livings creature and the way natural, dynamic, but not determined for its size, and yes for its structure and its standards of organization.

In the education, ecosystems are a process of symbolic exchange that generates the social and cultural bows left by successive generations and constitute the manifestations of comunicacionais processes in the measure where they form the fabric of the educative or pertaining to school relations. The Education is changedded into one fabric communicative for being a dialogue space citizenship, thus for this fact must be placed the communication in cerne of pedagogical making, or to question it or to act on it promoting ecosystems communicative that decide the problems for which the education this passing. The school must find ways to establish connection the place with the world-wide one, the staff with the collective one, the individual one with the social one.

UEMA Science

The proper situation of use of the computer takes the pupil to assume the challenge to read, to know and to understand the digital world, becoming a citizen of ciberespao. Objective also to relate the technologies of the information and communication to the development of the societies and the knowledge that they produce. Ray Kurzweil contributes greatly to this topic. The activity ‘ ‘ The city in foco’ ‘ to be developed by pupils of Average Ensino it considers: interaction between the groups; research, reading, production of text and the knowledge of the history of its city in all the aspects and try that some available resources of computer science in the school are used in the development of the process education – learning of significant form. One understands that the resources technological elencados for the development of the activities suggested in this work they cannot be classified as softwares and applicatory properly educational, but one gives credit that the all most sophisticated and modern simplest tool of can be considered educative since that it is coherent with the methodology and the objectives considered for the pedagogical action and that its use is articulated by the professors. Giraffa (1999) ‘ ‘ all program that uses a methodology that contextualize in the process education learning, can be considered educacional.’ ‘ This is a vision each propagated time more in the community of educative computer science. It is important that, in the use of the technological resources for the education, the professor is enabled to not only handle them, working with applicatory texts, sounds, images, videos, softwares and, but also to go beyond the agreement of these. The professor must have the understanding of the use of the same ones, in the process of construction of the knowledge.

This will only happen when the educators if to acquire knowledge of the importance and the necessity to invest in its professional formation in this area of the knowledge in order to acquire basic abilities and abilities for the professional of the education in the current days Is important still to stand out that, in pedagogical making, the professors do not only have to be seen as who uses computer science while instruments of education, as that one that knows the equipment, programs, operational systems, concepts, softwares and applicatory that allows the development it of its work, but, over all must be visas as who promotes the development of the pupils in the context of the virtual society.

Internet Reader

Each site is one hipertexto created partially for the author it partially organizes that it and for the readers who weave new ways in accordance with its preference. This distance educating/reading/the researcher of the linearity of the page, but at the same time makes possible to visualize, to read, to interpret, to interact with images, sounds, movements. Hipertexto is not linear, does not obey a form, an internal hierarchy. He is subversive with regard to the physical position of the reader, with regard to the monologismo and in the relation between the reader and author. It possesss volatibilidade due to the proper virtual nature of the support. Not it possesss edges nor borders for that is topographical. The absorption of words, sonorous effect, three-dimensional icons, tables, diagrams can be made possible in one same literal surface, for that is multisemitico.

It promotes accessibility in all type of source: dictionary, encyclopedia, museum, scientific and literary workmanships. The hipertextualidade allows the hipernavegador to determine the directions of the reading from its interests and necessities. The Internet it favors the hipertextual writing with images, sounds, movements and greater easiness in having access banks of information in different virtual format of the paper, therefore it is a publication space in hipertextual and hipermidial format, that is changing the relation of the reading individual with the reading and the writing, because these do not happen in the virtual space of sequential form, linear, but yes of form to plurilinear with a multiplicity of possibilities of production of the knowledge, in order to become the reader a citizen digital scholar. These changes in the acquisition of the reading and the writing through web do not eliminate the authorship idea, therefore in hipertexto the readers if become independent being able to create and to recriar together becoming author and co-author. The professor must prepare itself to acquire autonomy in regards to the use of the technologies in the classroom, therefore the current speech is that the children, the adolescents and the young have more privacy with all these technological new features of what the professors and this dumb relations of being able in the pertaining to school environment, what it can make it difficult a little the situation of the professor.

Heidi Technologies

The technologies are not only products of market, but products of practical social. Its standards are arquitetados symbolically as social contents, stop later having a marketing adaptation. The technologies of the communication and information cannot be reduced the machines; social processes and negotiations result of that if become concrete. They are part of the life of the people, do not invade the life of the people. The organization of its sorts, formats and resources looks for to reproduce the dimensions of the life in the modern world, the time, the space, the movement: the plural world today lived. 3.2 New Applied Technologies the Education Technology will be in fact that we need it in classroom? She will be that we are not enough capable to enrich our lessons loading one maleta of practical ideas, playful? In accordance with It would make (2001, p.64), in, the use of the technology in classroom is sufficiently valid in the direction that makes possible ' ' an education and a more creative, independent, colaborativa learning and interativa' '. However, professor still, many times, remain themselves apreensivo and reticent in using the technology in its lesson.

According to Heidi and Stilborne (2000, p.24) many are the reasons so that the professor has in this way: not to know as to adequately use the technology in the schools, not to know as to evaluate the new forms of learning proceeding from this use, not to know as to use the technology and, some times due to support of the colleagues or the school for the use of innovations in classroom. To use the new technologies in the education and the pertaining to school environment is something that exists and must occur. However, he is something that must be made with care so that the technology – computer, Internet, programs, CD-ROM, television, video or DVD – if does not become for the professor only plus a way of? to decorate? its lessons, but yes a facilitador way of the development of abilities and abilities that will be useful in any situation of its life.


Third, it does not have enough time for equilblio determination. In the gift, tests for samples of property of high barrier are emphasized; still exists if difficulties to test samples of high tax of transmission. This must be noticed especially that the determination of equilblio of transmission menciada on is point of key for test of barrier property. The conditions for determination must rigorously be respected to prevent false judgment or until ending before reaching the equilblio of transmission. For samples of property of average and high barrier, some hours are necessary for equilblio. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Stephen Willis.

But for materials of property of barrier low, that is material of high tax of transmission, as material not weaveeed and fabrics and separating films of the battery, them they relatively reach the equilblio of transmission in a very short period. For more specific information, check out EOG Resources. Therefore, the equilblio determination of the periodic sample it is cancelled in the norms of test of tax of water vapor transmission for fabrics. For materials of high tax of transmission, the obstacles of test are mainly grown amount of transmission of gas and greater tax of gas flow. For example, the determination of equilblio for test of tax of gas transmission with pressure-differential method depends on tax of alteration of pressure of gas of inferior chamber. When it purges gas of test in the superior chamber to test sample of high tax of transmission, the pressure of inferior chamber would grow quickly due to property of high transmission of sample. How much to the bequeather of tax of gas transmission with method of equal pressure, the determination depends on concentration of oxygen in cmra of test, that would be measured directly by the sensor. But when to test materials of extremely high tax of transmission, concentration of oxygen in the test chamber exceeds value maximum of scope of measurement of sensor and influences its life.

Revolution Media

The colaborativo journalism is a step given in this direction. David Weinberger, author of the book ' The new clutter digital' my cites examples in this direction as the Oh news and the Wikipedia. Click Ann Davies to learn more. Both situations where the common citizen can add knowledge and information, leaving of being a passive consumer to also become a content producer. These and other changes in them place each time next to the onipresena. Zygmount Bauman already says in it in its book ' Lquida&#039 modernity;. Bauman speaks in the onipresena of the information, the culture and the knowledge.

In a world the societies leave its solid, immovable status, pass to assume the fluidity of the liquid, that adapta it the situations, molding itself it the way. Thus, in this context we must adapting in them to these changes. to assume our role as contributing and collaborating in the construction of the New World-wide Order. As already it showed one of the videos most famous of the Youtube. The Revolution Media. The birth of prossumer. A communion between the producer and content consumer. The mobile Internet and devices are half platforms and of the moment.

However the transformation goes beyond the technology. It is mental, psychological and spiritual. Today, as well as the information, through the communication devices, we obtain to be gifts in more than a place at the same time. We obtain to multiply the access our ideas. Our vision of the world. As well as also, of another side, we can have access other universes. Either of house, through the television, of the radio or the Internet. Or in the street through one smart phone, net book or palm. everything this does not scare me impresses nor me, therefore already alive in this reality. As well as others as much. It is joined we. We are waiting you.

Analytical Processing

15.Metadados: They are given regarding data. Metadados examples of are the descriptions of elements of data, descriptions of types of data, attributes/domnios properties, bands/, methods and processes. 16.Multidimensional Expression (MDX): Projected for Microsoft as a standard for consultations and exchange of data in a multidimensional source of data. 17.Online Analytical Processing (OLAP): Application that takes care of to the solicitations of the synthesis users, analysis and consolidation of data. It possesss the capacity of visualization of the information from different perspectives. The functionality of a tool OLAP is characterized by the dynamic multidimensional analysis of the data, having supported the final user in its activities, such as: 17.1.Drill Up/Down: It consists of exploring different levels of details of the information. With drill down divides an item of summary in its detailed components, as for example, one year is divided in semesters, that are divided in trimesters, later in months, until arriving in days.

Drill up is the same process, however in the opposing direction; 17.2.Drill Through: It occurs when the using one passes of an information contained in a dimension for one another one. For example, analyzing it dimension ' ' Tempo' ' , it is decided to analyze the information for ' ' Regio' ' ; 17.3.Drill Across: When the user polishes an intermediate level inside of one same dimension. For example, the dimension time is composed per year, semester, trimester, month and day. The user will be executing one drill across when it to pass of direct year for semester or month; 17.4.Slice & Dice: It makes possible the alteration of the vision perspective. It serves to modify the position of an information, to change lines for way columns to facilitate the understanding of the users and to turn the necessary cube whenever; 17.5.Alertas: They are used to indicate situations of prominence in elements of the reports, based on conditions being involved objects and 0 variable.

Capture Video

Seabra (2003, P. 3) still salient that: ' ' More convenient for the involved parts, it does not demand simultaneous presence of these; the transmission costs are inferior, but they depend on the quality of the information supplied for the primary assistant of sade' '. Continuing with Seabra (2003) it is verified that some factors exist that characterize the application of the telemedicina such as: Number of involved places? Two places, at least involved in the application, however can benefit other localities of education. Number of people in each place – This item is of great importance due its modality and application, varying of individuals and traditional classrooms composed of sets of ten of individuals. Instrucional and communicative media? in this Seabra item (2003, P. Ann Davies is the source for more interesting facts. 3) it affirms that: The medias typically used include: ) the Livened up video: Capture in video of the dynamic visual aspects of the instructor or the patient. b) audio: It makes possible the transmission of sounds of medical interest, as well as the conversation enters the involved parts without use of conference for text, normally less present in the practical one of the involved parts. c) Static video: Captured images of the video without animation; the transmission or capture of livened up video can be used in technical incompatible situations with, capturing suggestive images, evolutivas phases of an illness, characteristic injuries, medical images for transmission.

Continuing with Seabra (2003, P. 3-4) how much to the nature of the interaction in a telemedicina application, they are used with one it saw in place-paramltiplos local; in two ways, place-for-place; two ways partial, multiple places; two ways, local multiples. One saw place-paramltiplos local – the communication alone occurs in the direction of the place that publishes the information for local multiples or individuals (pupils). In this model, the communication between pupil and professor do not occur, being comumente exemplificado for the net of educative television.

Eletronic Transaction Protocol

The criptografia functions with the encriptao and decriptao of the data where, encriptao is the transformation of these data in codes, what it guarantees the privacy of the message and, the decriptao is the transformation of such data in legible form, becoming possible the reading of the data for proper reading machines. Brien (2004), describing the measures to be taking to guarantee security to the users of credit cards, defines criptografia quickly as to codify and to shuffle the data that go of the customer to the trader and live-turns. Thus, it is possible to more describe some protocols of used security or criptografia. Electronic protocol, according to Turban (2004), ' ' … is a set of rules and procedures that the transference of information in the Internet commands. It is also the software that helps in the authentication, the security and privacidade' '. They are these:? Ssl (Secure Socket Layer)? it functions creating the criptografia of the message.? SET (Secure Eletronic Transaction Protocol)? also it is a criptografia software, however, according to Turban (2004), it incorporates signature and digital certificate.? The criptografia still offers a bigger which had advantage, only to make possible the access of the information to the authorized users, that is, those that use software, therefore the criptografia involves the use of special mathematical algorithms that they transform simple information in shuffled codes before the data are transmitted, thus only obtain to decode them who to make use of the specific program. One of the biggest advantages and at the same time difference of the functioning of smart card in relation to the cards with tarja magnetic, is that the machine of the card with chip does not emit voucher for signature of the user, in this in case that, the card is inserted in a machine and the bearer types a password for approval of the commercial transaction, where in case of purchases the voucher of the operation is only for control of the user.