Produce Own Electricity – Independence Reach

Anyone can produce own electricity, independence from rising prices is possible freeze your own power, independence, cost, which is the stated goal of many citizens. The EEG, a legal basis to the charges and the vovellierten supplements, is today for everyone possible internal power to produce. “This is technically relatively easy”, so Willi Harhammer, Managing Director of iKratos from the Frankish Weissenohe. Many of its customers today ask about the ability to make independent. Solar cells produce electricity. Feasible, on the roof, garage or carport are also called balcony solutions and facade systems is possible. This current is fed into the public power grid, a part of the current is consumed in the budget itself. At night or during power failure is a part of the generated current again for consumers available.

This option is made with its own storage system, but is not a requirement. Basically, you can in addition to the practical use of the invested money, expecting an interest rate of 10%. Photovoltaic/solar power has reached a high priority, long since outgrown from its infancy, today large corporations and utilities to invest in this technology, “made in germany”. Those who are more interested in this technique, is welcome on May 9 in Weissenohe, 20 km north of Nuremberg, invited to the so-called “solar day”, many lectures, exhibitors to inform on this day comprehensive “New energies”. For more information see