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Microsoft PowerPoint

Written thought we must write our own thoughts as if we were talking with a well-known person who is in front of us. Talk with your idioms without distorting a vocabulary that you don’t commonly use to that imaginary virtual character. Paragraphs neatly write each paragraph having one connection with the next divided into sections each both and not make a section of paragraphs without any subtitle that divide. Spelling errors makes your content in a word processor that has spelling mistakes corrector because it would be very low level if you show a misspelled text. Practical practice makes the master. You do not amilanes if not these conforming with your first content, probably improve over time and especially with the practice that you should never give up. Take information from internet search information on Google for keywords related to the product to promote and solutions. You will find articles where you can take the points most important and write them using your own words.

You can possibly add something of your own experience or detect something important to get found in a single article. Print in PDF format. We use a word processor for writing the book you can use the Microsoft Word then we can pass it to PDF with PDFCreator. Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to save your work from .doc to .pdf Distribution upload and download to be able to upload to the hosting and so customers can download them, use a transfer program such as FileZilla or NicoFTP that can be downloaded free from internet. 2. Product in audio record reading the book recorded before a microphone reading the original book that we have created in text. It is very easy to create audio with camtasia studio in addition to creating videos we can generate mp3 files. This product is excellent and is convenient that you can buy it since life you’ll be creating audios and videos. 3 Product in video record video with slides make slides using Microsoft PowerPoint with the contents of the book and then recorded a video based on them. The recording of slides that we can even animate, we recorded them with the program camtasia studio at the same time that we can record our voice or add him then a music.

Produce Own Electricity – Independence Reach

Anyone can produce own electricity, independence from rising prices is possible freeze your own power, independence, cost, which is the stated goal of many citizens. The EEG, a legal basis to the charges and the vovellierten supplements, is today for everyone possible internal power to produce. “This is technically relatively easy”, so Willi Harhammer, Managing Director of iKratos from the Frankish Weissenohe. Many of its customers today ask about the ability to make independent. Solar cells produce electricity. Feasible, on the roof, garage or carport are also called balcony solutions and facade systems is possible. This current is fed into the public power grid, a part of the current is consumed in the budget itself. At night or during power failure is a part of the generated current again for consumers available.

This option is made with its own storage system, but is not a requirement. Basically, you can in addition to the practical use of the invested money, expecting an interest rate of 10%. Photovoltaic/solar power has reached a high priority, long since outgrown from its infancy, today large corporations and utilities to invest in this technology, “made in germany”. Those who are more interested in this technique, is welcome on May 9 in Weissenohe, 20 km north of Nuremberg, invited to the so-called “solar day”, many lectures, exhibitors to inform on this day comprehensive “New energies”. For more information see

Solar Technology

A little guide for the everyday use of solar technology. The time is ripe for small, private energy transformation! The energy revolution is here, and the alternative energies will fundamentally change our country in the next few years. But each of us can begin even now on a small scale it: through the use of practical solar lamps and solar lights and solar gadgets, like around the illuminated solar house number. The principle during the day is an integrated or separate connected solar panel energy from the Sun, which is stored in batteries. Usually provides a twilight switch that that automatically turn the lights at onset of darkness.

Basically extremely economical and long-lasting light-emitting diodes (LED) serve as light sources. Solar spotlights for targeted illumination of ways solar spotlights can be used everywhere, where paths, entryways etc. should be highlighted. Sensibly, they are equipped with a motion detector, because it increases the usable light duration a Many times over. The illuminated solar house number for more security the solar house number light, however, radiates the whole night through without interruption. You makes it easier for visitors to the orientation and contributes to night quickly found an address in case of emergency.

LED solar balls – solar lights in its most beautiful form solar balls with modern LED technology are a very decorative item for any garden and balcony. Many are also completely waterproof and can be used as floating lights in the swimming pool or garden pond. Solar standing lamps solar floor lamps are suitable for marking of roads and entrances. Depending on the number and power of the LEDs and the integrated rechargeable batteries they are suitable also for the illumination of surfaces up to a diameter of 6 meters. Boundaries of solar technology in everyday life naturally plays here the Sun a preponderant role. As a result, for example, a solar lamp radiates in summer to the delight of the owner most of the night (on the other hand: when one is already the whole night?), in winter, when the Sun is Trust forth barely behind the clouds, she can adjust their service even after 2 hours. Here only helps: rely on better weather and to charge the batteries once after into the battery charger. However, the start has been made, and also the possibilities of storing energy is constantly improving! Conclusion all solar lights and solar appliances together is that they neither need cable to another outlet, use only the power of the Sun and the light production using modern, economical and long-lasting light-emitting diodes (LED). They are subject to certain limitations due to bad weather but, still. Them apart but applies: solar and LED an ideal combination, which belongs to the future!