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Russian Devices

Since its inception, the video glasses have come a long way from the cumbersome virtual reality helmets, which seemed devices of science fiction films, to a quite compact and stylish gadgets that are increasingly part of the daily lives of most people. In the frantic pace of life of large cities is sometimes so nice to dissociate itself from the hustle and bustle of the screen e-book player or phone to see on the way to new cinema, to who never have enough time at home … Now imagine that you have in your pocket, there is a cinema with a large screen and stereo sound – all in an easy and elegant design. In the role of the theater can serve video glasses that no special tricks are connected to any device with video, such as PCs, iPod'u, MP3/MP4 player, game console and so on. Not long ago, in a wide range of products of the company attended Prober video glasses, only supports connection to VGA-plug your PC or laptop, putting the buyer before a choice: take a model that is compatible with any multimedia devices c AV-output, or to buy the model points, connected solely to the PC? Exit the updated model EVG-920D, which has absorbed all the accumulated experience of the company, eliminates the issue – video glasses supports connection to virtually all devices, from game console and ending a personal computer. And photo of video glasses come in a stylish package, and give you no shame, and receive a gift of pleasure. After opening the box, see the following picture: Rich package bundle of cables, cords and adapters to connect to different types of devices, including VGA cable to connect to a PC, Composite cable, AV-cable, to connect to the PSP, Wired remote control. Also included is a pad on the nose, blinkers, a paper manual in English and Chinese, and CD-ROM with user manual in Russian.

Microwave Food

Frozen foods should not be in contact with fresh produce. If the freezer must be placed very a large number of products that can be pulled out boxes of frozen food (except the bottom) and put food on each other directly on the lattice freezer. SHELF LIFE OF FROZEN PRODUCTS To avoid deterioration of the quality of frozen food products, it is important not to exceed the allowable shelf-life products. Shelf life depends on the type of frozen food. For ready-made frozen foods nutrition, which are commercially available, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of manufacture or use of the term of the product in the food. COOKING ice cubes Fill a tray of ice cubes for three-quarters water and place in freezer.

To facilitate removal of the frozen ice cubes from the trays, gently fold it. THAWING FROZEN FOOD, depending on the type of food product and method of preparation, which to be used, you can choose one of the following methods of thawing frozen products: – defrost at room temperature – defrost in the refrigerator – electric defrost oven – defrosting in the microwave. Thawed or melted frozen foods can be frozen again, provided that they were at or below +3 C: meat and fish – no more than one day, while others products – not more than two days. CLEANING THE REFRIGERATOR AND CARE OF THE REFRIGERATOR CLEANING Before cleaning the refrigerator be sure to disconnect it from the network by unplugging the power cord.

PKP Petroprom Produces

PKP “PetroProm” produces and sells: a new generation of capacitors without water cooling KBSP “Ark”. 1. Economy (from 2100 to 4200 cubic meters of water per year, as consumption of water for cooling the old type of capacitors is 0.18 cubic meters / hour, except that additional hardware and equipment (hoses, valves, flow meters, hoppers, etc.) and periodic washing with concentrated hydrochloric acid cooling channels), 2. Environmentally friendly (complete absence liquid filling), 3. For even more analysis, hear from Tufan Erginbilgic. Maintainability (the breakdown of the internal capacitor cell replacement is subject to only the cell and not the entire capacitor, capacitor spare cells are also available) 4. Security (Open construction of “dry” capacitors allows you to set alarm temperature sensors on each cell capacitor in order to protect them from thermal overload) on all products is set to 1-year warranty. There warranty service. PKP “PetroProm” renders services on designing, manufacturing, installation and repair: the high-frequency equipment for hardening, melting, tempering, heating of metals, welding, ultrasonic systems for cleaning parts, welding metals and plastics, production of fine emulsions, etc.. Check with Royal Dutch Shell to learn more.

POS Stores

Remember that professionalism is required from the very first stage – negotiations, where it is necessary to sound the right questions and record answers to a stage start of the automation object. Through negotiation, for example, must decide which features are to perform each employee store (plants, warehouses, offices), a commercial equipment and software must be purchased and how it will all be served. Automation of trade and logistics company can save on extra jobs, and thus significantly reduce the cost of wages. But it also says that staff need to improve their skills and get free education to work with the equipment. Any company offering services for complex automation of the store can provide a supply of the required software software, but not each make an attractive price for the entire spectrum of electronic trade and exhibition equipment. Electronic Equipment in the projects on automation of shops can be represented very widely, and may be limited to ready-made solutions in the form of POS-systems. POS-systems, sometimes in the form of one-piece ergonomic POS-terminals, commonly used to automate retail outlets (supermarkets, mini-market, boutiques). Now there are systems that are optimized for different shops There is a system of automation of trade for hypermarkets.

Since the hypermarkets from the other stores are different only in scale Showroom and an assortment of goods, the developers came up with a small but comfortable and efficient electronic means for accounting and sales, up to large, such as appliances or furniture. Today Professional software takes a major role in the automation of hypermarkets. Cashiers work with such software and with built-in barcode scanner workstation that together can as quickly as possible and accurately perform the procedure for settlement with customers. For minimarkets there is a solution, the special trade system. In this method provides automation software for office, warehouse, shop home appliances, shop, supermarket and, of course, supermarket. The automation system allows us to solve the basic problem stores: sale of goods, purchase of needed goods and support relations with its customers (card readers), etc. Despite the fact that different types of stores are already different types of software, many people use it the one with which you can work at any point of sale.

It is not necessary forget that automation does not end the store only to install equipment designed to simplify the calculations, with the buyers. Automation stores also implies an effective anti-theft – as on the part of supermarkets, as well as by professional shoplifters. This may be installed three different types of security systems. The first – RF – have the smallest cost. They activated without contact and in almost all cases. The second type – akustomagnitnye system. They are also well protected from theft stores, are activated as well, but have a minimum size of the label. Electromagnetic systems are also very effective. They can be installed on all types of goods, unlike the previous types of equipment. Size of the label is also minimal, and they are almost invisible on a product that prevents them detection and removal. In addition, the labels for electromagnetic systems can not be damaged by mechanical means.