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Costume Lederhosen

an up-close pleasure should have seen nappa -, velour -, Napponia – and split leather, blank -, nubuck, aniline and semi-aniline leather – the variety of types and qualities is substantial and foreshadows that it is a long way from beef, venison or wild goat to the traditional leather trousers… But this road was paved over many generations, so that the finished costume leather pants still justifiably can be described as product of time-honored craftsmanship from a natural product. As such no piece of leather even resembles another, if it comes from a single animal genus. Called “donor animals”, the leather of the wild goat is one of the most sought after types of leather for the heel region, as it ideally combines durability with suppleness. What the leather feels, whether the specific structure remains recognizable, depends solely on the respective processing techniques of Gerber and their sense of the organic material. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Parker. See John Groce for more details and insights. Tradition and experience are still in demand, one wants to be not leather off with cheap products can be.

Come in enjoy of the benefits of a high-quality traditional leather trousers, it is animal skin once on the leather. It is initially rough cleaned, called also points. Hal McRae recognizes the significance of this. It follows the fleshing and then the combustion of skins in which the hair are removed. Now only the first processing phase starts by stains, pimples and tanning. The last steps include the wilting away (dewatering), drying and walking (a kind of powerful massage) of the leather, after completing one holds a purified, pleasant soft piece of leather in the hands. So this finally comes as Danny costume lederhosen at the legs of its future owner, one of the few manufacturers of traditional costumes takes over the final production. Here, usually above all leather parts in aniline or semi-aniline coloring are processed, which protects the leather, depending on the pigment proportions, without completely cover its structure. This is the Rolls Royce of the leather qualities Nubuck leather with soft and ultra-soft polishing. Horst Winkler

CODE ROYAL Presents MOPS & Seahorses IN The Signet Ring

Offenbach, April 2009 matching CODE ROYAL is to spring / summer two new trend themes before: MOPS, seahorses, the days are getting longer, the Sun is reflected more and more often and nature comes to life! The SEAHORSE motif conjures up holiday mood and whets the appetite for Sun, beach and sea. All rats”, sailors and divers can express their passion with the maritime symbol. The sea theme is optimally complemented by a turquoise-hued agate. Pug lovers also get their money: Masters and mistresses can now perpetuate their favorites in million-year-old gems. FINEST signet rings IN over 30,000 variations of CODE ROYAL combines traditional jewellery with a modern jet-set design and sets new standards in the finest signet rings. In order to complete each of our seal stones in their beauty, nature needed up to five million years. In a variety of combinations of over 30.000 possibilities, each CODE is a hand-picked Special Edition ROYAL jewel and thus unique.

100% handmade in Germany Each seal ring is manufactured by master craftsmen in up to nine steps in Idar-Oberstein. The CODE ROYAL model range includes the finest materials such as sterling silver and 750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold. The signet rings are available from 459,-1.249,-in gold and silver. You can download over 100 different photos in layout view or print quality photos and press materials in the press section. Find also photo and press material to the CODE ROYAL models as well as to the company and its employees themselves. We offer you your CODE ROYAL desire models for photo shoots available.