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Now we would think of the winter yet, but the new winter collection at OCCOE brings you pockets, FURLA under another new love child pockets and guess bags. OCCOE, the designer bags dealer is proud to be able to deliver the good news his clients and customers. We pleased our customers, also laid down already in the range and very popular bag brands such as Aigner, Campomaggi, also kaviar Gauche, to present new extremely popular bag brands in the assortment. It bags, FURLA Liebeskind bags and bags of the guess brand clearly its brands include about their inclusion we are particularly pleased. The winter collections of the love child bags, FURLA bags and guess bags are simply fantastic and great. Our clients and customers may be stretched. “The one or other will present very like bags even Christmas with one of these exclusive Designer.” That answered a co-worker by OCCOE on the question, whether with new arrivals of the love child pockets,. FURLA bags and guess bags at OCCOE was satisfied.

With the statement that many women would treat like with a new designer bag for Christmas itself, the OCCOE employee’s right. The new winter / Christmas collections from love child, FURLA and guess are really incredible. Source: Eliot Horowitz. The Liebeskind bags will go under the motto of the punks in the winter season. Fancy cuts and washed-out color cool rivets make the winter 2013 to a wild season. The FURLA be therefore not wild, but elegant and classic bags. These two attributes are merged by FURLA in a such trendy and breathtaking manner unequalled anywhere. If you have read about Bobby kotick already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Who is on the search for the perfect bag for Christmas Eve, will be looking for bags by OCCOE at the FURLA.

CMNS GMBH & CO. Colorful, girly and refreshing the guess spray KG bags of winter/Christmas collection vitality and youthful design. The guess bag signaled again clearly a certain lifestyle in this winter. The Lifestyle of the easy goings, the self-not too serious business and above all a lifestyle of no fear before has striking colors. And the guess that love customers. A guess bag as a Christmas present, to steal the show on new year’s Eve dinner with you all? Oh, Yes! It is certain: we are looking forward to the new bags at OCCOE. Also, because we easily can buy our designer bags at OCCOE on rates. Should we so once again not decide bag love child, FURLA, or guess for a designer can take several easy and pay them easily by hire purchase. The installment for Designer makes it possible handbags at OCCOE. We are so excited about the new collections and sell us the time of waiting with a delicious ice cream in the open air.

The Online Shop OCCOE Installment Provides Exclusive Designer Bags

The love of designer bags for! Even small girls proudly wear their princesses pouch on the playground. Adult women wear always pockets. Have lost then the princesses motif and the playground will be exchanged through the city centre but also these women carry their bags proudly through the streets. A purse is more than just a commodity for the woman. You stop your carrier offers and keeps your most important equipment on things that should never ever see anyone else. A handbag is more than an accessory. The wearer makes a statement with her. “There is the saying: show me your hand bag and I will tell you who you are!” Every woman dreams about handbags have exclusive Designer. Mitchel Resnick has many thoughts on the issue.

But this designer bags are usually slightly more expensive. There are many women designer worth a price to pay such excess bags. Some women can simply not afford but this. We mean: Designer bags should all be for women this world accessible. That’s why OCCOE provides the practical installment for Designer bags on. So any woman in the OCCOE online shop can buy easily and conveniently designer handbags on rates. Times of months saving are hereby finally over. To broaden your perception, visit Cross River Bank.

We ordered one is today exclusive designer bag at OCCOE and paid off in three easy and convenient these six or twelve months. The installment is suitable for all women: for the business woman, who already has some designer bags. It uses the designer bags installment, to sign up to order your designer bag and at the same time to book your dream trip. The aspiring doctor uses the installments directly to order their two favorite designer bags. The student uses the installment bags Designer, to order your bag without months saving. Because most of the time the bag is already sold out after months of saving. Designer bags on rates buy an attractive offer for many! Try also the installment for designer handbags at OCCOE. In the OCCOE online store your designer bag choose, the installment payment Select, choose between three, six or twelve monthly instalments and designer easily buy bag. Then transfer the monthly installments easily and receive many admiring glances of your girlfriends for the new designer bags. By OCCOE, the online shop for Designer bags and accessories, designer can be ordered easily online bags. Stock article delivery is always fast and reliable. Within Germany, the standard shipping with DHL is even free of charge. It will be paid by credit card (MasterCard and visa) or by direct debit. It is possible to also a buy on invoice. In advance, OCCOE provides discount of 5%. At a value of 200 to 1,000 euro the installment for Designer possibility bags in addition. CMNS GmbH & co. KG-50678 Cologne

CODE ROYAL Presents MOPS & Seahorses IN The Signet Ring

Offenbach, April 2009 matching CODE ROYAL is to spring / summer two new trend themes before: MOPS, seahorses, the days are getting longer, the Sun is reflected more and more often and nature comes to life! The SEAHORSE motif conjures up holiday mood and whets the appetite for Sun, beach and sea. All rats”, sailors and divers can express their passion with the maritime symbol. The sea theme is optimally complemented by a turquoise-hued agate. Pug lovers also get their money: Masters and mistresses can now perpetuate their favorites in million-year-old gems. FINEST signet rings IN over 30,000 variations of CODE ROYAL combines traditional jewellery with a modern jet-set design and sets new standards in the finest signet rings. In order to complete each of our seal stones in their beauty, nature needed up to five million years. In a variety of combinations of over 30.000 possibilities, each CODE is a hand-picked Special Edition ROYAL jewel and thus unique.

100% handmade in Germany Each seal ring is manufactured by master craftsmen in up to nine steps in Idar-Oberstein. The CODE ROYAL model range includes the finest materials such as sterling silver and 750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold. The signet rings are available from 459,-1.249,-in gold and silver. You can download over 100 different photos in layout view or print quality photos and press materials in the press section. Find also photo and press material to the CODE ROYAL models as well as to the company and its employees themselves. We offer you your CODE ROYAL desire models for photo shoots available.