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Tips For Freelancer Success

The Freelancer of the year 2008 makes the conversation the German periodical Computerwoche want to know, what makes a successful Freelancer? Oliver Knittel has found his success and his knowledge will provide fond. The consultant selected to the Freelancer of the year the acid IT insurance industry consulting works for nine years for the insurance industry. With a consistent focus on the insurance industry, insure IT guarantees innovative consulting solutions. Additional information at EOG Resources Inc. supports this article. The combination of professional know-how and cooperation with top-class business partners make the consultancy in a time of rapid change a first choice partner for optimizing and securing the competitiveness. The appointment to the Freelancer of the year there was a q & a session, which dealt with the question following the award ceremony “What to see you personally for yourself as a success factor?”. To develop a wider audience with this interesting topic, Oliver Knittel has summarized his experiences in the German periodical Computerwoche.. For more specific information, check out Royal Dutch Shell.

Germany Technical

Give your next technical translation in expert hands translators and develop new markets in global times, German companies should have not only the domestic markets in the field of vision, because as a result they are overrun on short or long from the competition. Abroad offers much potential and that you should not miss. We include German export champion for technical machines and you are needed anywhere in the world. Still is made in Germany”as a major brand and convincing selling point in the world. The technical expertise of German engineers is doing its part. We Germans are not only export world champion, but also world champion in patent applications. B2B translation agency specializes in translating technical documents translations.

Almost all major languages of the world from a single source are delivered, what is convenient for the customer. A team of over 1,000 translators around the world supports the experienced team of project managers and No wishes open. The owner is itself a diploma in engineering and therefore it is only obvious, is that the interest of the translation agency has long focused on technical translations. B2B is always on the lookout for effective tools of translation and localization, to streamline the translation process. Efficiency and competitive translation rates are good arguments for our demanding customers in the technology industry and we offer just that”, so the Managing Director Mrs Jacobs. B2B translations is since now 2003 successfully has been working in the translation industry and knows the needs of customers in the technology sector especially well. This also includes that B2B easily can handle translations with various data formats such as FrameMaker, InDesign and QuarkXpress and many other formats, in order to remove as much work as possible to the customer.

While the translation process should be but not much more expensive, so are so-called CAT tools (computer aided translation system) in the Translation industry often in use and facilitate the work of the translator to a great extent. CAT-tools have the advantage that they work with various Exchange formats and XML – files, etc. and thus eliminating the purchase of the part of very expensive software. CAT-tools simplify the translation process and also provide a relatively low-cost translation because they identify recurring segments of set of and show the translator during the translation process and propose. For more info about CAT tools can be found on the following Web page: or. Get the right partner for a successful expansion abroad!

Peer Advisory Board: Ideas Instead Of Consultant Talk

First tab-entrepreneur-Board in Germany has successfully taught 3rd December 2013 – experience entrepreneurs in Hannover, others still dream: work together with experienced colleagues, instead to get warmed up management knowledge solutions for the individual tasks. The idea of Peer Advisorys is widely used in the United States: successful entrepreneurs meet regularly and discuss the current tasks and problems with each other. It is evident quickly: where the sole trader at borders happens, someone else can show him how she is overcome. “This is of course only if ensured the confidentiality and trust exists between them”, says Frank Kolbe, Managing Director of Peer boards Germany. Therefore, his team would have paid particular attention in the selection of the members of the main Board in Hannover on these points. So just like in the Board of entrepreneurs can never speak openly and as the other members are also experienced entrepreneurs, the advice are so valuable”Kolbe emphasizes. More “Boards in the emergence of running first Board, now is in the area”, Kolbe, pleased of this management idea under the brand of the alternative Board Germany “(TAB Germany) from the United States after Germany won.

We look especially to owner and Managing Director of small and medium-sized enterprises because it’s important to have not only an idea of working overseas, but also in practice to be able to show that it is useful for the German entrepreneur”, Kolbe stressed. Michael Wirth does not necessarily agree. In the District of Hanover, his team is already working on an other Board, but also from other regions of Germany, there are questions. “Kolbe: the next regions in which TAB Board arise, Chemnitz and the room of Cologne.” The monthly business meeting are core of the offer by TAB Germany. Ideas to solve the problem are developed in these Board meetings, sometimes result but even very specific solutions for the individual problems of the participants. The entrepreneur boards are flanked by personal Hours of coaching and the online tools that enable strategic planning and Enterprise diagnosis immediately also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Structured conversation instead of non-binding meeting to the entrepreneurs its personal tasks effectively to support TAB Germany follows a clearly structured rules. “The entrepreneur should after every conversation clearly envision have, what the next steps are, what he intends to examine, in which area he wants to deepen its work on the company so the moderator very consistently accompanied the Board meetings and all participants define their personal goals at the end of each meeting to the next date”, Kolbe explained the procedure. To prospective customers experience the principle of TAB Germany in practice to let so-called sample boards. We can’t breathe because of confidentiality not constantly new prospects in an existing Board therefore we organize them to learn at different locations exemplary entrepreneur boards. Illustrations: Picture1 Kolbe (Kolbe_Presse_131118.jpg) BU: pleased with the successful first tab Board in Germany: Frank Kolbe, Managing Director of Peer boards Germany. Download: press contact: Thomas Grutzeck at the Blue Lake 5 31275 taught T (05132) 59541442

PASS Customer

Stability and performance with each 9.3 points rank in second place. The release capability and the customization of the software follow them. The ergonomics of the software with 7.3 points ends up in last place. Whether a software customer service specially designed on an industry is not particularly important to the company according to our study. We conclude that many of the requirements in the customer service industry across closely resemble, and that industry-specific characteristics are to be drawn through the customization of software.” How and where learn company software and customer service experts, was investigated in the study by PIDAS also the question. Therefore, face-to-face talks are a very important source of information for 75% of decision makers. Websites and newsletter are for less than one-third of importance.

Competitors are a relevant point of contact to other advisers for only 6% of respondents to inform service providers and software solutions. The results of the study provide us with important insights for the development of our software solutions and services. Since the employees are obviously extremely important multipliers, and since your contact to customers for the perception of the company of great importance, we will support here our colleagues even better in the future”, says Hans-Peter Uebersax. The net promoter score, which we have identified in the course of the study, us is definitely positive. A study of PASS, for example, shows that the NPS in the automotive industry, which is characterized by high customer loyalty, moving at an average 23. With an NPS of almost 33 PIDAS issued thus an excellent witness of their customers get.” PIDAS is a service company specialized in the field of customer service environment on the development, optimization and operation of service organizations in the business and IT. The company with offices in Basel, Graz, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich was around 280 staff in 1987 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of POLYDATA group in Zurich founded in in German-speaking of Europe. We incorporate the elements of strategy, human, organization, and technology in our solutions and use in our projects on our customer care concept.