Brazilian State

To speech in commitment in the pedagogia courses one is become involved confusions of questions that go of resume the questions practise and theoreticians. A complexity of facts that the pertaining to school institutions need a curricular reorganization that answers of forceful form that professors we want to form? that pupils these professors go to form. In this direction, he develops a necessity to register and to rethink these practical, searching the construction of new knowledge on the process of formation and of practical professor, as well as on the diverse occured changes in the process of formation and the performance of the professor. (…) any politics of reformularization of the Course of Pedagogia has that to consider this identity, that is directly on to the revolutionary perspective of prxis social. However, what we see is a certain dismounting of this course on the part of the Brazilian State, when of the implantation of the new lines of direction of Pedagogia? what it is lamentable, therefore, historically, this course has fulfilled an important paper in the formation of professors for the basic education and managers of the pertaining to school education. (PEAR TREE, 2010, p.8).

We live a time where the conscience of that the world passes for deep transformations is each stronger day. This reality provokes in many people and contradictory groups, feelings, sensations and desires, at the same time of unreliability and fear, potenciadores of apathy and conformismo as well as of newness and hope, mobilizadores of the best ones energies and creativity for the construction of a different, more human and solidary world. Globalization, multiculturalismo, after-modernity, questions of sort and race, new forms of communication, computerization, cultural manifestations of the adolescents and young, cultural and religious expressions of different social classrooms, movements, diverse forms of violence and social exclusion configure new and differentiated social scenes, cultural politicians and.