Heidegger dedicated the one of its workmanships Husserl titleholder ' ' The being and the Tempo' ' (1988). Although to be disciples of Husserl, then to appear its differences. To argue and to absorb the works of important philosophers in the history of the Metaphysical one were important for Heidegger, an indispensable task, while Husserl emphasized the importance of a radically new start for the philosophy and with few exceptions as Discardings, Kant, the precursor of the fenomenologia wanted to exclude, to place in parentheses the history of the philosophical thought. The concern of Heidegger was that the fenomenologia if to dedicate it what it is hidden in the experience of day-by-day. It tried in ' ' The Being and the Tempo' ' to describe what it called structure of the daily one, or, ' ' being in mundo' ' , however that this implies how much to the personal projects, social relationship and papers. In its Heidegger criticizes pointed out that to be launched in the world between things and the contingency to carry through projects it is a type of much more basic scienter that the scienter mere to contemplate or to think objects, and is that more basic scienter the cause and the reason of this last one, of which if it occupied Husserl Already Sartre (1905-1980) strict follows the thought of Husserl in analyzes of the conscience in its first works, in which it makes the distinction between the perceptual conscience and the imaginative conscience applying the concept of scienter of Husserl. Based mainly in the fenomenologia of Husserl and ' To be and Tempo' of Heidegger, the sartriano existencialismo search to explain all the aspects of the experience human being. Most of this project is systemize in its two great philosophical books: The being and the Critical nothing and of the reason dialectic. METHOD FENOMENOLGICO the fenomenologico method consists of showing consists of showing what presented and to clarify this phenomenon.