The Universal

Therefore, the expansion is all in itself an evolution. But not everything works the same evolutionary pace, for example, matter undergoes a slow evolution of wear. Therefore, the universal expansion is an evolution, which never ceases to evolve. Then, the universal being an evolution expansion had to inevitably have an evolutionary origin. All that to say, the universal expansion had to arise 50ms nothing more absolute, like a tiny evolutionary dynamism which did not cease to evolve.

And since then, evolutionary way the universal evolution has continued to evolve without limits, and will continue to evolve indefinitely since nothingness that surrounds him doesn’t offer resistance or limitations for being the nothing. Therefore, never so that way, it will cease to evolve or grow the universal expansion. And although there were other expansive worlds evolutionary or any other noughts, it is as if they do not exist; because besides that they cannot exist, because nothing is absolute and can not be divided into others noughts; In addition, cannot exist other worlds within a same nothing, because there wouldn’t be anything that could separate them, since nothing can separate to another nothing, as in the water cannot be separated with more water. As nothing is absolute, there is only a nothing; Therefore, there is only one universe. 4 Origin of the evolutionary expansion stars Universal expands evenly as if it were an expansive compact mass of invisible in the form of inadaptaciones trends, to be inadaptaciones are trends that have no existence. Because of this, expansion stretches to the expansive force forces him to do so; whereupon, breaks occur in the most fragile spatial expansive places. Inevitably, those break points occur in huge concentrations of expansionary forces heat, equivalent to a major evolution which will result in the evolutionary birth of a star; which, will evolve into a suitable planetary system; to the end of its evolutionary stage be able to disappear as star at the end of its evolutionary cycle.