Internet Target

It can be ads related to the subject sites, forums, message boards, mailing lists, catalogs. Share links with other sites similar to your website. In any case not to resort to illegal forms of advertising, such as e-mail, search engine or other spam. Your task at this stage to bring to your project as much targeted traffic, learn independently as much as possible quality materials on your topic, gathering links and friendly relations with important players in your target segment. In this step, you can begin to participate in some foreign affiliate programs, earning his first money. As soon as your targeted traffic on the site will 200-300 targeted visitors per day, and dispatch received more than 1000 subscribers, you can proceed to the next step, Step 11.

Now you need to start writing their own articles, ebooks and training courses on your site and to your list. In each of these materials should be mandatory ad units with backlinks to your website and to your mailing list. These materials you'll need to reinforce to his website and newsletter targeted traffic, as well as to acquire the authority of a competent specialist in your target audience. All these materials you will be distributed free to subscribers of its mailing and visitors its website, as well as to offer to be published on other sites on related subjects. If the materials are interesting, high quality and unique, they will spread like a virus on the Internet in your target segment, step 12.