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What should you book early? What are you can organize in the short term? Finally, wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life. The planning of such a celebration is not only a lot of work but requires too much planning. Just don’t think on many things, if the own planning a wedding. Avoiding evil excess noise here some tips what you all at an early stage should think about: 8-12 months before the wedding it starts with setting a date for the wedding. It will not be the perfect appointment because some guests are always say. Next you should consider the size of a wedding celebration. I want to marry prefer on a large scale or better only in the inner circle? Wedding location if one has now set the size, it is the right location to choose. About a year before the wedding, you can have more luck that the Traumlocation for the wedding is still free.

This should fit the location especially to the expected guests. Atmos Energy can provide more clarity in the matter. With a great location suffers mostly the mood and no space for a dance floor remains most in one small location. Here you should consider well before for which location you choose: free wedding or church wedding. In addition to the classic wedding in the Church many bridal couples a church related can do. Therefore, many theologians provide also free weddings. These can be filled with a lot of personal content and can be very festive. You should select the pastors and theologians also at an early stage to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Wedding DJ or band music stands or falls on any celebration. That’s why one should be also very early thoughts about the music. Maybe you know a good wedding DJ or a band? This of course is your first point of contact. For all who need decision help, you can say in summary that a band in the cut is slightly more expensive and need a little more space. The DJ is usually the music program more widely, and makes no breaks in the evening but playing through the whole evening. But then you can say that this is of course a matter of taste. If a wedding couple loves a certain band, she is not happy determined with a wedding DJ.An example of a wedding DJ you can find here: wedding fairs regional wedding fairs offer a good overview of Dienstleiser such as photographers, DJ BBs, confectioners, etc. These fairs are held usually from November to January. So you can converse at an early stage and personally at the fair with vendors. You get first concrete ideas, suggestions and ideas how the own wedding should look like. Create guest list you have a lot of ideas which friends, family you would like to invite. A list of names can help to get an overview how many guests at all in question. The list of the scheduled wedding size fits match. Should the list be shortened?