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Russian Chanson Classic Secret

Vlad Mikhailov (journalist, news bureau "legendary concert"). The article "Russian Chanson Classic secret" or "Where suit rolls, Zema?" MAY RISE In 1989, the recording studios of the Soviet Union there album "In spite of everything" absolutely no one has an unknown artist Alexander Nemtsov, a singing, accompanied by an unknown band. The sound quality is obviously nedotyagivaet to generally required standards and publishers, however, quickly spread the Moscow studio recording virtually the entire country. From that moment, Brandy Alexander NEMETS and appears in lists of the most prominent and respected representatives of the Russian special song genre, combining the author's, Yard, soldiers and camp songs. And in the next, in 1990, just after the release of their second album, lyricist, who is considered the founder of project, Vladimir Voronezh (Voronezh) and his closest friend, wrote the music and singer Alexander German, along with a recognized free artists as Alexander Novikov, Cloth, Anton Tokarev, Nikita Dzhigurda are invited to participate in the first historic show-festival of the best performers of the musical genre of the informal "Russian Chanson", held in Moscow, the Variety Theatre. So: in 1989, two have no relation to professional music provincial companion, one of Voronezh, the other from Chelyabinsk, in the simplest terms recorded their first album, and in 1990 they were under the common name of Alexander NEMETS already a small number of recently poluzapreschennyh-Union advised that for the first time in the history of our state have the right speech at the Moscow theater Variety – The main venue of the country. This rise seems to be almost what an incredible and for me still remains a mystery why it all happened so fast and who is this really helped. MOSCOW TALES According to Vladimir, Voronezh, now legendary album, "In spite of for that, "later reprinted in a series of discs" Classics of Russian chanson "called" First Album "was recorded by one of ordinary flats in south-western district of the city of Voronezh on the primitive equipment, but with participation of very good musicians in Voronezh, as V. .

New Films From Color Images

The appearance of color in the movie is very slow, as the addition of sound. You may find lucas to be a useful source of information. Technically possible to create a satisfactory color quality movies appeared in the 30s, and in 1939 removed one of the first color quality films, which gained immense popularity among the audience – at the time the new movie ‘Gone With the Wind’, modern sustainable advantage in quality of color film to black and white, began to take shape in the 60-70th. Besides all this, gradually began to improve the characteristics of film, which increased its sensitivity, allowing in many cases forced to do without additional lighting, shoot in difficult conditions. With each year development of cinema was getting quality that helped to win new viewers and fans of color film. After the war, the development of cinema was to some extent due to the social and political tendencies.

In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the ‘thaw’ comes a surge of cinema at this time is new and interesting films are removed, new famous names. In Western Europe at this time continue to experiment with new ways of conveying the psychological mood of the characters, the psychological expression, as in the U.S. – on the contrary, the movie follows the path of strengthening clean entertainment. Later, under pressure of competition from television in the U.S. even stronger tendency to create expensive, with many special effects and decorations, movies – ‘blockbusters’. Last, the most significant innovations in the film are connected with the beginning of widespread use of computer graphics, and not only in those cases, and scenes where the picture is something difficult by conventional means, but almost everywhere. One of the most advanced in terms of total use of computer graphics was the film ‘The Matrix’, and computer effects (along, of course, with an extraordinary and deeply thought-out script) provided the film a huge success. Now computer graphics, allowing you to easily implement unobtrusive on-screen ‘blending’ removed from real life and introduce computer-assisted image sets new standards of realism and entertainment (where it For complex and unusual scenes) film.

Twin Peaks

I would like to mention in addition a mysterious television series, filmed recently already. This series 'Supernatural'. In the TV program, he appeared recently, not many channels have time to include it in your program guide. But the episode managed to acquire thousands of fans, with interest viewing TV programs, and waiting for announcements about new series. What is reason for the popularity of this show? He tells of a mystical world full of secrets and mysteries, unfathomable present with us.

In each series – another scary story about some monster or demon, who may hide under the guise of the common man. Only in the center of attention – the main characters. Two brothers who were left without mothers, and later – and without a father. Together they confront all dangers, fighting all manifestations of 'Evil forces', while possessing no special powers. All you have brothers – this is their experience, skill, resourcefulness and a little luck. The images themselves the main characters also deserve attention – the younger brother, Sam – decent, correct, sensible and smart boy, Sr. as Dean – a charming womanizer, known prankster and daredevil hopeless. Quite interesting to see the humorous (and not) altercation brothers unfolding against the backdrop of not less interesting and awesome mystical events.

And at the end of the mystical dramas impossible not to mention cult 'Twin Peaks'. In the nineties it included a program guide of many channels. Periodically, this episode appears in the TV show again. So, despite the fact that he was not originally designed for such a large audience, as in other television series, though, to see him in TV show – not so unbelievable.