It is no secret that 2009 has been mixed for the Russian segment of information technology. Many companies in the acute phase of the global economic crisis has reduced their IT-budgets, some even longer invest in information technology. Staff of the enterprises are also undergoing changes throughout the year. This is understandable – during a period of economic instability, any company seeking optimize their costs. On the other hand, work with clients during the crisis also requires qualitative changes, since such periods, among other things characterized by a sharp drop in consumer demand. In his turn, this fact increases the significance of process management relationships with clients, and the effect of each individual client to the economic sustainability of the company and the ability to turn risk of a crisis in benefits for the company. Periods of economic instability are usually characterized by significant changes in balance of forces in almost all competitive markets. Such a process inevitably leads to redistribution of clients, in other words, the quality of customer service and adequacy of measures to attract customers, their retention, management, loyalty becomes the key.

The perfection of these processes in company depends on how mature is the method of customer relationship management as the company faces the customer and what efforts it has made to continuously improve client processes. Certainly not the last role to play specialized software tools to significantly improve the efficiency of these processes. Portal Practice crm in 2009 spent own study of the situation on the CRM-market of Russia and the cis, whose results are presented in this article.