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Diamond is a service enabling the device holes and openings in walls and ceilings of any diameter and any shape. This technology enables concrete to drill at any angle, at a depth of 2 m. The diameter of the holes can reach 400mm. And more. For what you can ponabitsya Diamond? Diamond will help you in pipelines, ducts, heating. In principle, all work related to ventilation, water, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are not possible without drilling through walls and ceilings which they are laid.

In addition, drilling concrete and brick can hold any openings in the walls. As doorways and windows. Where it used to for various reasons had not been foreseen. Arched doorways, may safely cut only by this method. Diamond is the only way drilling concrete and other high building structures bumpless manner.

In fact, the method is more cutting than drilling. Moving in a circle diamond segments cut into cylindrical concrete core, which we took out and get a hole in the concrete, equal to the cores. An arched opening in the wall is obtained by drilling holes close to the desired path. Thus, we can drill out openings of any shape. Vibration can drilling to produce any structures. Any other method is not safe just because the dynamic load can lead to loss of bearing capacity of the structure. And in the multifamily housing risk increases repeatedly. In addition, dissatisfaction with the neighbors from excessive noise from shock and vibration will not add anything to you but trouble. Diamond floor is also an important issue in the modern approach to interior design. Quite a lot of people today are expanding their living space by increasing the floors. This is either a private home or a multi-level apartment. And boring as a necessary service in arranging openings in the ceiling. Here drilling concrete and reinforced concrete is superior to diamond cutting. Since the drilling of concrete consumes 220 VA rated at 3000W, which is practically in every apartment, and cutting 380 W. 15th 25000Vt. And this is a commercial scale. To sum up. Diamond has the following advantages. Mobility. Drilling unit can be carried by one person. Can be installed on the ceiling or wall of any floor. Accessibility. Installation drill bits with diamond at a minimum amount of water that ensures that no dust, and hence the ability to work in exploited areas. Power consumption 3000 Tues 220. Present in almost every home. Multifunctionality. Ability to organize and drill holes in the walls and ceilings in any form. Security. Vibration can drill concrete and other high- structures, without fearing for their destruction or loss of carrying capacity due to dynamic loading. If you need to drill a hole in the wall or the ceiling, opening to perform a complicated form in all structures, to lay water pipes, drains, ventilation through the walls and ceilings out there that diamond drilling. An article in part or in whole is permitted only with the link above poster

Thermoplastic Pipes

First of all, for those who do not know yet firmly, plastic pipes made of plastic or, to put it, full-bodied, plastic mass – the source material of many synthetic products industry. Plastic can be of two types, defined by the specific substances of which they consist. The first are the so-called thermoplastics. Their feature is that, when heated, they soften. As a rule, they have more flexibility, non-friable, plastic. Examples of thermoplastics: acrylic, polyethylene, etc. If you want to see what can be prepared from the thermoplastic mass, take the clothespins, plastic and admire. The second group of thermosets – does not soften when heated.

Most of these plastics are fragile, but more durable. On making home plumbing devices are thermoplastics such as polyvinylchloride unplasticized, specific density and strength of polyethylene and other materials. Not differ as diverse properties and capabilities as the product of metallopolymers, plastic plumbing however, has many positive features. On the simplicity of the mount plastic sewer laterals, we talked a little higher. They easy, but it is convenient for transportation. In addition, plastic piping little prone to stress corrosion process that ensures its greater durability. Other leaders such as Friends of the Earth offer similar insights. Plastic does not need painting, it is smooth as polished tree, making better moves in the pipes accidentally trapped in the sewerage system debris.

As a result, the risk of contamination by careful use of such fixtures to a minimum. Plastic products practically not affected by condensation, but it does not permit harmful fumes at home lavatories. Returning to the production of plastic pipes, it must be said that most often the source material for their manufacture unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is used because it has the greatest strength and heat resistance. Industry produces plastic pipes of different sizes and diameters. You can purchase, depending on the requirements, the pipe length in 2 and 10 meters, with a hole diameter of 40 to 100 mm, which is fully consistent with the practical need to use them. Can not be said about another little-known fact: the fact that water supply systems of metal pipes may cause such unpleasant and even dangerous phenomenon, as stray currents. In a plastic water pipe is practically impossible. Concluding the introduction of plastic trumpets will remind you all about the same as the product on which you need to pay attention to when purchasing it. To arrange a viewing plastic pipe is a snap because it is lightweight and small in size. Not advise you buy plastic with burrs and irregularities on the surface. It is also important to cut at the end of the tube was strictly vertical – is a necessary condition for quality of installation. At present, a big draw recovered a pipe or tube stale, the use of these pipes in certain types of construction allows significant savings.

Casting And Molding

Holding a lighter model, you can see and fathom the future of the entire configuration of the casting and adjust it possible errors that in a typical molding for complex multi-casting rods do not. Model foam casting of cast iron is easier to 7000/25 = 280 times, take it in their hands – if you hold the void, which then turns into metal. Our founders are not accustomed to such technological capabilities and the quality of this casting, since the stereotypes inherent in the institutions of another, hinder understanding the potential of this technology. It does not reek of burned binding polymers, no bays jack form (there are no connectors) and the displacement of rods and forms during assembly, because there are no rods themselves with all the problems of production and a knockout. Production sites – modeling, molding, melting, purifying have roughly the same size and equipped with a simple equipment. Since the model is placed in dry sand in a container standing on the vibrating table, where the sand is compacted around 1-1.5 minutes, it eliminates the need for precision molding machines and extrusion devices, build forms. Official site: Royal Dutch Shell. Emphasis transferred to the production of the lightest models with material density 25-26 kg / cubic meter. m, which usually rely on women's hands. For serial production of castings used semi-automatic, foam production cycle models which is about three minutes. They borrowed from the packaging industry, where they are used for the production of fancy packaging, light packaging, as well as decorative panels and elements of the facade of buildings.

New EnergyEfficient Technologies

Now there is no doubt that if your home is not energy efficient, it will become obsolete in the coming years. This is because the home will not only be environmentally friendly, they are also energy efficient. Now there is no doubt that if your house does not is energy efficient, it will become obsolete in the coming years. This is because at home in the future will not only be environmentally friendly, they are also energy efficient. While many people are already dreaming about his home: running on solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, energy efficient homes in the future will use more advanced technology prozvodstva and energy conservation. Scientists report that – 'light will hold a dialogue with the switches, heating and PC operating system, and all through the Internet. " Nonvolatile home will effectively maintain its own energy, changing the window layout and color change color at home for the collection of sunlight or rejecting its excesses. It's all part of the common system of energy conservation, efficient homes buduyuschego that will make you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Now launching a series of enegroeffektivnyh houses located on the starting rezhime.Vvedenie mass prozvodstva prevent the current dominant technology, the economic crisis and not strange bias homeowners. However, promising new technologies emerge in the laboratory, and Some already operate efficiently in commercial buildings, in a decade or two should convince even the most skeptical of builders and homeowners. Intensive research is focused now on smart windows. Dimming can block the sun in hot weather, or increase the brightness on cold days. Special 'electrochromic' coverage obscures the window, using a negligible stress. Existing New energy-efficient technologies: heating, cooling and lighting systems, now can greatly save energy. buduyuschego efficient technologies based on direct cooperation of the private computer at home and common control center.

In Canada, already operates similar to a gated development. Each structure includes a glazed section of the wall facing the sun. Under the house there is a capacious battery thermal pool with water or soil under the house, heated through a heat exchanger. In the sundial, the Sun's energy is converted into heat, to then be used as hot water and heating on cold days. The main heat insulation can used straw. This is good old-new heater. Straw – a stem of cereals. Is a tubular structure of 20-40 cm plugged from both sides. This is the ideal thermal cell. Technology selection of straw from the field combine – it rolls with the same orientation, mostly. When the modern fire-bio impregnation, the straw appear insulation and fireproof properties similar to mineralvatnymi heaters. Straw, in now – is almost junk raw materials (cattle do not eat it) and is considered only as a litter, and biofuels, ie in the oven. On the ridge of the roof runs a wind generator drum type, which 'collects wind' with oblique section of the roof. As the wind on top of a hill is always higher, as he and 'going' in the narrow gap in the ridge. Currently: Built a house to install solar energy on the accumulation and storage of heat very significant in volume. Trial operation of wind turbines.

Architect Materials

Modern door – it's modern materials. Wood – the dried and processed by the new technologies, new materials and their tree-like combination in the construction of doors. The wooden doors are used as external and internal as for residential and public buildings. But if, as internal, interior (living room), they surely continue to keep the first place of use, when used as external, at present, they become serious competitors. These are steel doors. Only the modern steel doors, with a wide range of options for outdoor design, can provide the required safety facilities. They can fully simulate the wooden doors, having the same division of the canvas, panels, and embossed wood texture.

Glass doors expand the palette Architect capacity to organize the entrance to public building and interior space. Doors can be combined, made using different materials, which increases the possibility of making them with the necessary technical specifications and external forms. Depending on the number of canvases, the doors can be: odnopolnye doors, double doors, doors sesquioxides (with two blades of unequal width). Doors three-and chetyrehpolnye used very rarely. The number of paintings door dictates, as a rule, the width of the opening in the septum or wall. Opening width depends on the functional purpose of the premises and fire requirements.

All double doors, except Shaking require additional locking elements – door latches. Latches are typically installed in one of two valves Double Door, or narrow leaf polutorapolnoy door. Valve, fixed top and bottom latches, becomes a part of a door frame, while it at any time can be freed and open, expanding, thus the doorway. By filling in the door leaf can be: glazed doors; blind door. Balcony doors and windows made of wood always make glazed, energy efficient. Interior doors are also often glazed, for example, to illuminate the second light auxiliary facilities. With the same purpose, transom over the door satisfied. Glass or glazing can be transparent, opaque or embossed with a pattern of different colors, with stained glass. The form of glazing can be very different, as the traditional: rectangular, arched and circular or even triangular. For rassteklovki doors used a baguette. By functionality doors are: the doors for residential buildings, doors to public buildings, and special door. In Depending on the functional purpose of the room to the door subject to various technical requirements. In this constructive meaning to the door should not be in conflict with their appearance, which should comply with the general idea of the interior or the facade. Special Purpose Doors are classified as: – fireproof door – saving door – high sound insulation door – '; protective'; (resistant, bullet-proof, burglar) doors – water resistant door – the other doors (for example, protect against X-rays). Through the use of new materials and technologies, the doors are no longer just a universal element for communication facilities. They imposed stricter requirements on technical characteristics, and each room, depending on their destination, must be fitted with appropriate door. Today it is real, as modern technology gives us that opportunity.

Intel Atom Processor

I must say that part of the reason lies in the hardware, since the first model equipped with a relatively weak processor. Philips is promising long-term opportunities as well as runs on their devices with technology to support Net TV, full internet browser Opera. Follow others, such as Ray Kurzweil, and add to your knowledge base. This makes the network more comfortable and faster. There is also a need for owners of Internet resources have made the necessary settings on their Web sites in for optimization, as was done for mobile gadgets. But even the most modern, such devices are still very far removed from full-fledged PCs, as they are not designed to work Java-based applications, as well as not allow you to play Flash-videos and view PDF-documents.

Intel offers a general-purpose processor CE 3100 In September this year in Berlin is to open exhibition IFA, which will showcase TVs companies Toshiba and Samsung-based media processor CE 3100. For assistance, try visiting Ray Kurzweil. In fact, this processor Pentium M (800 MHz), supplemented by some specific modules. Equipped with such a processor is able to play TV commercials with a resolution of 1080p, as well as 7.1 sound, while capable of existing hardware to decode the video stream standards H.264 and MPEG-2. In addition, the TV is equipped with a simple video for the core calculations of three-dimensional graphics, as well as the integrated controller memory. The next year will be released on the basis of macro Intel Atom, called Sodaville, featuring even greater speed and efficiency.

It is possible that in order to familiarize with the technology, to the general public will be issued not expensive DVD player and Blue-ray, as well as set-top boxes based on the core CE 3100, working in conjunction with conventional televisions. Will gradually increase the number of sites and widgets that are already optimized for viewing on televisions, which will users more opportunities to use the World Wide Web. Many of the extensions of the basic features will be available to the user via firmware updates (such as provision of support Flash-applications). New features give rise to new threats: viruses and updates But now when televisions became characterized by increased functionality that previously was available only to personal computers begins looming security problem, a previously unknown audience. Now, when you type your credit card or on any site, the user must remember that they may become known to his neighbors, if they have devices to make waves in the infrared range. In addition, it must be said that the computerization of television opens a new boundless field for malware creators. Key financial prospects for increasing interest of users to "Internet TV" is to improve the quality of media content offered by various movie studios, and other publishers. Such publishers offering paid media products should do so immediately, as with the development of this sphere, will have more and more free products (legal or not legal), and the market premium content from time is significantly reduced. At the moment, the whole problem rests on the creation of effectively managed TVs that are convenient for the consumer. Futuresight.ru – technology of the future today

Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is used for primary crushing of brittle rocks neobrazivnyh, medium and mild strength. Natural moisture content of rocks shall not exceed 10%. These rocks are chalk, gypsum, asbestos ore coal, limestone, brick fight, marl, clay, etc. For the secondary crusher hammer crusher is also used, the size of crushed material in this case – 100-200 mm to 20 mm and smaller. Divide sticky or viscous materials humidity above 15% of the hammer mill can not. For materials that are capable of clogging are designed with a mobile crusher hammer plate.

Grinding the material in hammer mill is due to strike rapidly rotating hammers to pieces of material, hit pieces against each other and on the boards, which then dropped material.Preimuschestva hammer crushers Low unit costs – the main advantage of hammer crushers. In comparison with the fragmentation method of crushing, crushing blow to the hammer crusher, grinding gives the best effect. The advantages of hammer crushers are: reliability, low weight, high performance, simplicity and compact design, continuous operation. Distinguish hammer mills hammer on the location, method of attachment, the number of rotors, according to the type and position of the discharge device in the form of crushing plates in the direction of rotation of the rotors. The rotors can be operated in reverse and irreversible rezhime.Reversivnye crusher: the principle of reversing mills have been developed for better use of technical knowledge about crushing blows. This is a major advantage, which ensures minimum wear, maximum productivity and product quality.

Crushing of the material reverse crusher made using punches. Reversible crusher – a machine that produces the ideal products for the production of asphalt and concrete conglomerate and guarantees a constant grading curve. Reversing mill is equipped with separate hydraulic control for the defense, special vibratory feeder and a constant power supply. The crusher is ideally suited for crushing materials with a small guaranteed high yield and low sand filler formulation. The internal protective linings made so that it could easily be replaced in case of a single rotor hammer mill iznosa.Ustroystvo Single- hammer mills – the most numerous type of hammer crushers. Shaft hammer crushers single rotor begins to rotate through the coupling of the electric motor, which is put on the bearings. Rotor discs assembled on shaft, and the wheels are suspended hammers. At the bottom of a single rotor crusher is grate. It consists of front and rear ends, each of which apparently is a set of grates tapered section, which are enshrined in the two rods. Housing crusher consists of two parts that are fastened together with bolts. Feed opening for the material at the top of the housing. Its walls otfuterovany plates that protect against abrasion. Plates are also involved in crushing. The material that enters the crushing chamber, is subjected to rapidly alternating hammer blow of the rotor is rotating. Material is shredded and passed through the hole grates, and then goes to the assembly line or in the bunker.

Getting Adhesives Formulations

In a 1 unit (46 10-3 m3) of volume 40% solution 19,14 by volume units (880,5 10-3 m3) of wastes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are placed, and in relation to initial 30 10-3 m3 solvent this volume of wastes anymore in 29,35 times. Search for rational ways of recycling of polymers in the world gets ever more serious environmental importance. On this problem published magazines, printed in various editions of many scientific papers, conducts international conferences 1, 2. Polystyrene polymer material, which is produced by millions of tons, found in the world wide use as Technical and consumer packaging, including containers for food products for construction and many other purposes, in particular, is also used in foundries for casting on gasified models. After using Styrofoam is not recyclable because it does not react with water and not biodegradable. It can not be burned like coal, firewood, etc.

due to the fact that while in the process of thermal polystyrene resin in high volumes liberates very toxic gas. Therefore, EPS is accumulated in large quantities in the human environment, creating one of the most important for human environmental problems. One of the most effective and promising ways of recycling, ie re-use of waste expanded polystyrene, is the dissolution of the organic waste into hydrocarbon solvents. Well it is known that polystyrene (EPS) is readily soluble in many solvents.

Steven Spielberg

Ethical problems predicted in the 1950s science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov, whose book 'I – Robot "recently filmed in Hollywood. Movie 'The Terminator' and 'Robocop' is also showed crazed mechanical guards. Present robots perform more prosaic problem: most common in Britain, robots – it's like self-Vacuum Scooba, lawnmowers like Robomow and toys like Robosapien. But designed machines, which are much more complicated. The National Health Service uses a robot named da Vinci for surgery in a London hospital, Guy s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. In Japan, robots like Honda's Asimo and Sony's Qrio can walk on two legs.

It is expected that more advanced versions that will appear only after 20 years, will be doing daily chores and care for the elderly. 'I hope that they will always be subordinated to – said science fiction writer Brian Aldiss. – But there is no doubt that we will very much depend on them. " Aldiss's story 'Superigrushki live all summer' (Supertoys Last All Summer Long) was the basis for Steven Spielberg's 'E' on the issue of whether it is possible to deny equal rights android that have become as intelligent as humans. Other dilemmas may occur sooner than we think, says Christensen. 'People are going to have sex with robots is not more than five years' – he said.

Do I need to set limits, for example, the appearance of such toys? But the biggest danger seems to be associated with a robot that can learn from their 'experience'. With the development of systems for robots may appear more sophisticated built-in mechanisms for self-learning and to predict their behavior becomes impossible. 'I believe that machine intelligence will appear until 2020 – said Ian Pearson, futurist from BT (Research Laboratory British Telecom. – Approx. Ed.). – If we embedded in the consciousness of the robot, it will be an android. This is an enormous ethical change. " Critics who say that up to smart robots far, robotics meet, the machines already have a huge impact on our lives, for example, Internet. New ethical guidelines for robots – Personal safety: provide control over human robot. – Public Safety: to prevent illegal use. – Personal information: data protection, which keeps the robot. – Ability to track: record of the robot. – Identification: each robot to supply proof of identity. Laws for Robot Isaac Asimov – A robot may not injure a human or may be its inactivity contribute to harm humans. – A robot must obey the orders of a person if they are not in contradiction with the first law. – A robot must protect itself if it does not conflict with other zakonaminam intellect and I would prefer to give priority to people '

Skinner Blade

Sometimes, local craftsmen make good blades, even from a simple carbon steel, sprinkling in forging iron bar crumbs. Prokovyvayut metal strip, folding it repeatedly. Carbon in iron, diffusing into adjacent areas, turning them into steel. It turns out that something like Damascus. Naturally, a good blade can be obtained only with great experience and "feel" of the metal.

At mass production of strip knives (blades) are made by hot pressing, with home-made – by cutting from sheet material or forging of the rod. It is said that the forged blade is stronger – maybe, but at subsequent stages recrystallization process is detail, and this additional strength is largely lost, in contrast to the dowel (procrastination) in the hardened state, such as scythes, spades, where a cold deformation improves the properties material. In the handicraft production of billet 95H18 easily spoil the non-compliance with the thermal regime of forging. After heat treatment, the blade should be the final sanding, finishing and sharpening the cutting edge. Typically, the angle convergence bevels on the blade strip, which form a blade sharpening angle is less than cutting edge – it's easier to grind it to provide quick and editing, particularly useful to sharpen the blade with a concave cross-sectional profile. Angle grinding for all kinds of work done varies.

For example, 8-12 – for razors, 10-15 – for Skinner, 12-20 – cutting knives for hunting, 20-30 – for woodwork (chisel, ax), 30-45 – for cutting raw bones, 40-60 – a saber. Hack nails pierce barrels of gasoline (as for promotional purposes, some companies do) and even open the cans without prejudice to the blade at an angle can only enchant, which corresponds to this "work – 55-65 . At cutting blades of each other's victory will not ensure a knife, which is made of better steel, but what has more edge angle. Fairly long blade can have multiple sections with different angles Sharpening the cutting edge length. Falshlezvie, as opposed to fighting knives, should not be acutely sharpened as at the opening of the peritoneum is only prevents, but can be used in cutting, releasing this work fine main blade. Near the heel often make a big edge angle for heavy work, or use this site to the so-called sharpening serreytornoy – sharpening serrated saw-like, consisting of identical or alternating more and less deep grooves that run across the edge. Options such sharpening set to the same blade with a sharpened very effective when working with hard parts of muscle, cartilage, tendons, rope (parachute Cutters). Old Finnish knives, knives, blades are gradually thinning towards the point, have a variable angle grinding (grinding plane is twisted propeller on each side). Some northern peoples of Russia have traditionally enjoyed a one-sided blade sharpening. To finish today's blades manufacturing companies use a method electropolishing and came into the fashion fine sanding. In order to camouflage combat knives are often tinted. Hunting knife is only good enough to polish to enhance the anticorrosive properties of the metal and less clogging the blade when cutting a trophy.