Getting Adhesives Formulations

In a 1 unit (46 10-3 m3) of volume 40% solution 19,14 by volume units (880,5 10-3 m3) of wastes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are placed, and in relation to initial 30 10-3 m3 solvent this volume of wastes anymore in 29,35 times. Search for rational ways of recycling of polymers in the world gets ever more serious environmental importance. On this problem published magazines, printed in various editions of many scientific papers, conducts international conferences 1, 2. Polystyrene polymer material, which is produced by millions of tons, found in the world wide use as Technical and consumer packaging, including containers for food products for construction and many other purposes, in particular, is also used in foundries for casting on gasified models. After using Styrofoam is not recyclable because it does not react with water and not biodegradable. It can not be burned like coal, firewood, etc.

due to the fact that while in the process of thermal polystyrene resin in high volumes liberates very toxic gas. Therefore, EPS is accumulated in large quantities in the human environment, creating one of the most important for human environmental problems. One of the most effective and promising ways of recycling, ie re-use of waste expanded polystyrene, is the dissolution of the organic waste into hydrocarbon solvents. Well it is known that polystyrene (EPS) is readily soluble in many solvents.