The Regime

Retruque Le saying merely replace people is going renewing the circle of power, leaving aside the radicals or moderates – and liberalizing – or hardening – the regime, because I always thought that man changes the system and not upside down. In this case, I think that the regime had to be made flexible. Cuba has endured the most severe boycott for more than 50 years by the United States, without that the regime has been affected one iota, punishment that has gone exclusively to the population, causing losses to its economy by more than 230 billion dollars. In the last Assembly General of the United Nations, 189, 194 countries that make up the world body have condemned blocking considered genocide by erecho international – elD for the 19th consecutive time.For reasons of humanity and respect for a nation the blockade must be lifted. Despite the good intentions of the US President Barack Obama, not enough that only remove the travel restrictions (formerly Cubans residing in the United States.)UU. They could only travel once every three years on the island) and family remittances ($300 every three months) shipments.The ban was also lifted donations prohibited as gifts of clothing, toiletries, seeds, medicines.

This more rational policy toward Cuba, is threatened by the Republican beating in recent elections. Obama, we believe, is held hostage by cubanos-norteamericanos lobbies who don’t want to lift the lock-in addition to Turkish lobby groups with regard to the Armenian genocide – and Moroccan lobbies, in reference to the problem of Western Sahara, among others.On the other hand, the Cuban Government also gives samples, to the extent of its possibilities, goodwill, but as he himself says It is a process of permanent transformations that have been giving for more than 50 years and not by imposition of a particular country.The release of political prisoners, the realization of the national seminar on the economic policy guidelines draft and Social of the party and the revolution, prior to the call – after 13 years – of the Cuban Communist Party, in April 2011, to implement economic reforms.Refers to cut half a million public employees (where Iran if private sector activity is in its infancy?), opening up to foreign capital and the increase in productivity. Previously, the regime has lifted the restrictions to its settlers factor communications (already allow computers, mobile, DVD, there are 240 thousand Internet users, one in every 32 people have access to the network). As a parenthesis, we can not fail to mention Cuba advances in education, considered the best quality in Latin America and the great development in medicine (biotechnology, transplants, nanotechnology, ophthalmology, etc.) and sport.In addition, it is important to highlight that after more than half a century, the Catholic Church in Cuba reopened the seminary Arquidiocesano San Carlos and San Ambrosio, in a new location, with more conditions and with the support of the Cuban Government, fact unthinkable some years ago and was featured by Pope Benedicto XVI.The prophetic words of then Pope Juan Pablo II, in the historic Plaza Marti, before one million Cubans in 1998: world, open up to Cuba. Cuba open to the world, even though they didn’t have a Poland effect, are increasingly effective.