Blue Box

There she goes going up, she arrives at people and there people repass and ready! There she has an agreement to change the scene. Because to the times you project a thing that is bacana, but it is not viable, total viable in the virtual one is readjusted pra another thing, understood? How that it is the sensation of when seems that the presenter is falling of the scene? Already vi, not here in Net TV, but in others Not! In Net TV he falls very also! This is defect of the equipment. Then, what that it happens? You have later you go to show, there people go down a structure on of the camera with infra red light bulbs and surrounded cameras of security in the ceiling. Then they are in the total of twelve cameras that are pointed to cover all the area of ' ' Blue Box' ' , that people call &#039 there; ' Azul&#039 petty cash; '. How that it is? Blue Box! Blue box! Because the deep one is all blue one. these cameras is pra that? Pra that sensor to be located. It is to bind and the camera saw that it there you.

It moved pra there this information is arrives in type, pontinhos, understood? Pontinhos white on deep black color pro computer. There the computer goes to understand that the camera moved. If it saw, it goes there to understand that it had an operation. E, with the perfect calibragem and such, with to develop of the technology, already adjusts that pra there to make the correction of the scene, understood? Then, thus, the machine is calculating the time all. It is a video game in real time. The camera moved pra here, the computer understood that it has that to play the scene here pra. There it has that to make this it is compensation, understood? Has a camera here, moved pra here, the scene was pra it makes this there, it simulates this, understood? There you speak: ' ' ours, you moving! ' '.