Month: September 2014

Take Scientific Method

The limestone crushing system in domestic cement plant often uses the two-stage crushing or one-stage crushing. The one-stage crushing system includes a dual-rotor impact breaker or a single-stage hammer crusher. With the emergence of the large-sized vertical shaft hammer crusher with excellent performance, many new and expanded enterprises chose the vertical impact breaker with good tightness, large crushing ratio and small particle size to improve the yield of the raw materials of the mill. In recent years, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has developed a new crushing equipment, namely cone crusher. The extrusion crushing is produced when the liner closes to the backplate. This kind of crusher has high crushing ratio. It has many advantages.

It has been widely used in many projects. In addition, many manufactures try to transform the crusher so that it can better adapt the production. In recent years, the power is sent to the vibrating exciter. The Inertial eccentric force produced by the vibrating exciter so that the crushing cone can be used as the secondary crushing equipment of the limestone. The materials enter the backplate and the crushing chamber with the frequent vibration and rotation. Learned from a cement plant in Hebei Province, at present, the concrete mixing plant has an immeasurable development prospect, so this plant is ready to take the cement concrete mixing plant as a new sales channel. We know that the cement and sand is very important for the concrete mixing plant. Therefore, in order to obtain greater profits, many cement plants began to cooperate in cement and sand.

They crush the abandoned limestone and basalt crusher sand maker or by, and then sell the final products with the cement, which will get more benefits.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. It is reported that the river pebble, limestone and granite can be used as the main raw material of the gravel cogeneration. Especially for the river pebble, it is widely distributed in various regions of our country. Therefore, there are a lot of river pebbles production lines in our country. In April of this year, Hongxing Company provides a river pebble crushing system and a production line for a small gravel gravel enterprise in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province. This production line is mainly composed of the fine Jaw Crusher, Symons Cone Crusher, high efficiency Sand Making Machine, Sand Washing Machine, Vibrating Screen, and all the equipments are working in the centralized control.


Never losing of sight that the essential one is the formation of the pupils, the acquisition of abilities, values and attitudes. Using the adjusted available tools and more for determined activities. To the end, it will be concluded on the importance of computer science, over all in the education of pupils, as form of social inclusion. also, on the necessity of maintenance and application of resources in this level of education. To elaborate the text, one appealed journalistic article reading the educational, legislation and documents to it, books and articles.

Word-key: TICs; Learning; computer science; inclusion. 1. Introduction the objective of this article is to analyze as the use of the computer can assist the education process/learning. more, if can contribute to characterize the pupil and prepares it for the work market. The technological advances occurrences had in recent years practically compelled the education institutions to include in its programs of education, of some form, the use of computers and Internet. Being thus, the use of new technologies is a reality that appears in the schools and that it deserves to be argued. One of the great challenges for the educator is to help to become the significant information, to choose the truily important information between as many possibilities, to understand them of form each more including and deep time and to become them part of our referencial. (MORAN, 2000, p.23) For in such a way, they will be presented in the following work: ) the advantages of the use of the computer in the education process/learning; b) the diverse types of technologies that can be used in classroom.

Solar System Definition

Astrology is the science that studies the influence from the Cosmos, the Sun, the Moon and the planets on the life of human beings here on Earth. To explain this definition a little more can be said that we start from two principles or basic premises: 1 the Earth is for us, its inhabitants, for the purpose of receiving any kind of cosmic influence, the symbolic center of the universe. It is what is called geocentric or anthropocentric mentality. 2Nd that the Cosmos is a vast ecosystem, within which we have our habitat (the Solar System) and inside our cockpit (planet Earth), in which we live and evolve. Therefore, everything that most directly affects the Earth has vital importance. I.e., planets and stars of our Solar system, members of the same family as the Earth, are that more will we influence. There is an old aphorism that comes to explain everything what you have here is exhibiting.

It tells us that the human being is a microcosm within a macrocosm, or, put otherwise, we are like drops of water in a huge ocean. Any vibration or movement that affects or comes from a part of the ocean, sooner or later will also affect us. Another more specific definition of astrology would be planetary statistics applied, i.e., with more detail, statistics from the effects of the celestial bodies on entities that vary depending on the time. With this definition the Astrology we join two best-known science; Astronomy and statistics. We combine it with astronomy for the simple reason that in astrology we use as starting point or mother of all predictions to so-called letter Astral (or native), representing, in figurative language, photography of the planetary positions in a specific space/time axis. The Charter Astral (or native) is a photograph of the sky, done for the day, the hour and from the concrete place of your birth.

For Pierre Levy

Beyond remaining more hours online the Brazilian also surpasses other countries in number of had access pages. Another research carried through for the Date leaf 35, the TV, although to be the main source of information for the young Brazilian comes falling in the preference of this public, to the step that Internet comes consolidating its space of source of trustworthy information. How much to the research in the Internet, if on the other hand the amount of available information also represents an advance in the democratization of access, on the other hand it creates the necessity to separate what it is of interest of reliable quality and, and of hierarquizar this infinite world of information.

How much the production of content for the way on line, we must consider that we are producing content for a public reader that makes use of all these resources for the navigation and the learning. In this manner, we can call the ticket the text for hipertexto, an interconnection of texts that can present on the format of writing without photo and animation, video, etc. Such interconnections if they make for ways of links or hiperligaes, ‘ ‘ more hipertexto only is not applied to ciberespao. In the reading classic for former (texts printed matters), the reader if engages in also hipertextual process, since the reading is made by interconexes’ ‘. For Pierre Levy the base of everything is alfabetizao, that is, therefore if we do not know to read and to write we cannot read and to write in the paper, also we cannot make it in the screen. Therefore, in fact when if it speaks in alfabetizao in the new technologies it has a little of meaconing because any child, ahead of a computer, after one week, learns if to capsize and until can teach the adults. The true problem is alfabetizao, in the future, the trend will be to read and to write in the Internet, in this great net of communication, or what it will go to substitute it.


The views of the scientists are divided; Some believers recognize and others say that God is incompatible with science. The opinion of the physicist Stephen W. Hawking about God, did revive the controversy. For Stephen W. Hawking, God does not lack to explain the universe. One of the many links of science with religion, is with the first Transplantation between humans, in the year 1954, conducted by the surgeon Joseph E.

Murray, and Nobel Prize in medicine in 1990; who by this issue, consulted with various religious leaders. Other issues have been the debates on stem cell research or the teaching of the theory of evolution. Many think are topics where science and religion is not mixed. The scientific community is not a religion-free closed circle.In 1997, the journal Nature published a survey on religious beliefs of scientists, where 40% of biologists, physicists and mathematicians said believing in God. Edward J. Larson of the University of Georgia, released a very similar survey in 1914; with similar results. Today scientists recognized, are declared believers and other atheists. The affirmation of the physicist Stephen W.

Hawking, about which the universe, can create from nothing, is not recent.200 Years ago, the French physicist Laplace was criticized by Napoleon, by neglecting to God, in the discussion relating to the formation of the solar system; Laplace said: don’t need that hypothesis. John Peacock says that the non-existence of God, is much more difficult to imagine that their existence. Josh Frieman (researcher of space missions), says that the existence of God is beyond the scope of science. Stephen W.Hawking writes: given that there is a law such as gravity, the universe can be created from nothing and it does; the Catholic Church, through the Pope, has defended the empathy between religion and science and that you can compose leaving a space for the mystery, as God’s design. Similarly the Muslim world, has attempted to and deepened a history of harmony between religion and scientific advance. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.

Large Cabin

The error of almost all city dweller, is to presume that the simple, bashful way and taciturno of the rurcola, are deriving of its lack of academic instruction, of its lack of scientific knowledge, of its not convivncia with modernity, not to know to handle instruments and light and complicated tools as innumerable electronic devices and the most varied existing and characteristic gadgets of the urban life. While good part of scientists, doctors and sabiches of the city works projects of bablicas conclusions, the rurcola simply obeys a natural cycle; It works to produce, it produces to consume and it consumes to work. the fruit of its drudgery is usufructed by all the classrooms remaining. Generally all rurcola, disdainfully called ‘ ‘ caipira’ ‘ , it possesss a sense of perception extremely sharpened, an intelligence and a curiosity to cause admiration in any one; Who of the city knows the nature how much knows it a rurcola? While they are capable of to make forecasts of the time when looking at it horizon and smells only to feel it of rain in air, to know to any day which the phase of the moon, without consulting a calendar or another way any, to know the certain time of planting and spoon, a great majority of people lives bigger part of the year without coming back the eyes toward the sky, without never glimpsing if it wants a cadent star; At night they live under the clarity of artificial lights that them embaam the sights and the sky of a inescrutvel mystery supplies them, but that to the rurcola, such secret does not pass of a guide in clean trails, straight lines and of a clear clearness and resoluta. The rurcola if keeps bashful, is only for almost all knowing the preconception and the existing discrimination in the mind of city dweller, in relation to that they live in the agricultural zone; No matter how hard he tries, a city dweller does not obtain to hide this.

Odissia Digital

According to sources, the first form that had the book was verbal. In Egypt and the Mesopotmia in the form of hymns and poems, whereas, in Greece, the famous poems the Iliad and Odissia alone had been spread out delayed in book form. The orality, of general form, coexists the book written since has millenia. It is possible to understand that the material form was if adaptando to the characteristics of the new social situations, in accordance with the necessities of information and the available materials. Today, as in one ' ' jump triplo' ' , we can nominate the materials in which we can read books affirming that they had jumped of the rock for the paper, and of the paper to the digital one, moment at which we come across in them with a special technology to ours to make use. As writer and publisher of eBook, the digital book, I see astonished the born possibilities of a simple and almost etreo digital archive where &#039 is possible; ' gravar' ' corresponding data to a layer, leaf of face, bibliographical presentation, summary and notes of reference by touch, whose form if joins to way content to propitiate a rich one and facilitated experience of reading on the part of the reader, who if also becomes one ' ' navegante' '. The current world is invested of technological inventions, populating our practical universe with the calls ' ' gadgets' ' , devices and machines that promise to facilitate our daily activities and in connecting with a parallel world and fully integrated to our reality, when we speak of the Technology of the Information. Use this heading with the capital initials because it is today about a knowledge area for which thus converges a significant number of young and until not so young, that they follow in search of attractive, new features, stimulatons, and forms of experience that enrich its proper lives and daily.

Others Gadgets

We would never imagine has some years backwards that the technology related with espionage objects so would be developed as it is currently. But the truth is that it today has an enormous variety of objects with espionage functions: cameras to film occult, writing of voice and clearly, the possibility to take off photographs. But what we want to point out today is the advantages of a very particular object, the spy penxs. Why we can consider this one of best gadgets of espionage of the last times? This is, with certainty, one of the most known and more divulged objects with occult camera. But what it makes of excellent it to catch images without others see? One of the main points is the vulgarity of objecto. All the people have one or more penxses. We use them almost every day, are gifts in any house, any office. Its appearance is total normal and most certain he is nobody at least to repair in its spy penxs.

For being a so common object, any person can carry it without therefore if they raise suspicion. It wants either student or it has one raised position in a company, if its objective is to catch some image with the spy penxs, then it can be rested that this is the ideal object. It is also very easy to handle e, with the due precautions, will be able to place it of form to apanhar the angle that it intends. Moreover, the common functions of a penxs continue ' ' ativas' ' in the spy penxs. Yes, it is truth, it will be able to write as if it was a normal penxs. This is plus one of the reasons that help in the excellent disguise of this spy penxs. As it can see, many are the reasons that make of spy penxs one of best gadgets of all the times. Already it has its spy penxs?

Xenon Lamps

The standard halogen lamp – a thing not a capricious and budget, but the quality of coverage often leaves much to be desired. Going at speed, and tired eyes peer into the darkness. This situation can and must change radically. Assistant in this case – xenon headlights. It has many advantages, and most importantly – that it glow better perceived by the human eye.

This fact is well known, do not live in the Stone Age. Xenon light source such as HID (High Intensity Discharge) – a discharge lamp, filled with a mixture of noble gases including Xenon. The principle of the lamp is as follows. At the initial ignition of the lamp electrodes to its hazardous voltages and under the influence of electromagnetic fields in the bulb starts the process of ionization of the particles to form a gas-discharge arc. After that is required to maintain the arc voltage is reduced to about 80 volts.

In the laboratory, and tuning Design Car-Lab you can buy a kit xenon light for 3000 rubles! It includes: * 2 lamps, 2 blocks * Ignition * connecting wires and brackets. The main characteristics of a xenon lamp: 35W input power consumption voltage 12V Color temperature 4300K (yellow) 5000K (white), 6000K (white-blue); 8000K (bluish) In contrast to halogen lamps with xenon lamps instead of incandescent spiral built two electrodes, which are immobile condition. At a certain distance from each other in full of gas and metal salts of gas charging tube of quartz glass. With gas high-voltage pulse between the two electrodes is electrically conductive and an electrical discharge occurs. So called xenon lamps as lamps, gas discharge. The electrons move between the electrodes and electrically charged gas in such a way that the energy manifested in the form of light. The color temperature of an electric discharge is determined by some mixture of gases and mixtures of metal which are used with these xenon bulbs. Choice of color is based on gas used. HID xenon lamp radiation, the emitted spectrum is closest to the sun the light of day. The result is a bright light and less eye fatigue when driving at the dark. Xenon bulbs are twice as high intensity light beam compared to classical halogen, at a much lower current consumption. In addition, they surely will allocate your car among hundreds of others. Xenon lamps can be used in the headlights near, far and fog light without replacing the standard wiring. Currently, xenon lamps are available with virtually all the most common caps: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, H27, 9004 (NV2), 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), D2R, D2S. The advantages of xenon bulbs in comparison with halogen: * big light output due to higher (by a factor of 2-3) the relation of power to the power flux energy consumption, which provides almost double the illumination of the road in the dark * much longer life (1000-2500 instead of 300-500 hours) * large economy (35W instead of 55-100W) * stability flux, regardless of possible fluctuations of voltage the car * greater comfort due to excellent visibility of the road at night and in adverse weather conditions, which allows the driver to get rid of undue stress, vibration resistance * (no filament) * lower heating temperature.