Odissia Digital

According to sources, the first form that had the book was verbal. In Egypt and the Mesopotmia in the form of hymns and poems, whereas, in Greece, the famous poems the Iliad and Odissia alone had been spread out delayed in book form. The orality, of general form, coexists the book written since has millenia. It is possible to understand that the material form was if adaptando to the characteristics of the new social situations, in accordance with the necessities of information and the available materials. Today, as in one ' ' jump triplo' ' , we can nominate the materials in which we can read books affirming that they had jumped of the rock for the paper, and of the paper to the digital one, moment at which we come across in them with a special technology to ours to make use. As writer and publisher of eBook, the digital book, I see astonished the born possibilities of a simple and almost etreo digital archive where &#039 is possible; ' gravar' ' corresponding data to a layer, leaf of face, bibliographical presentation, summary and notes of reference by touch, whose form if joins to way content to propitiate a rich one and facilitated experience of reading on the part of the reader, who if also becomes one ' ' navegante' '. The current world is invested of technological inventions, populating our practical universe with the calls ' ' gadgets' ' , devices and machines that promise to facilitate our daily activities and in connecting with a parallel world and fully integrated to our reality, when we speak of the Technology of the Information. Use this heading with the capital initials because it is today about a knowledge area for which thus converges a significant number of young and until not so young, that they follow in search of attractive, new features, stimulatons, and forms of experience that enrich its proper lives and daily.