Month: December 2017

Mexican Internet Association

With this tag – #internetnecesario – was launched a movement of Mexican cybernauts in the pages of social network more famous Web: Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of its creation is obviously the rejection to the levy of 3% to telecommunications, and more specifically to the Internet. There are several reasons underlying the protest and although some are mentioned here, the approach is better aimed at the analysis of this movement as a social fact that has momentarily awakened the sleeping giant. As you know, the last Tuesday that we live, he was approved in the Chamber of Deputies the tax package next year and although the proposal of the Executive initially was taxing telecommunications at 4%, negotiations ended in approving the modest 3% about 15% VAT we pay today, in addition to 1% of the new consumption tax. The reaction was swift, hours later the Cyber Community spontaneously organized his rejection and there are results. In less that sings a rooster Senate representatives sat at the table to listen to the protesters, who argued inter alia the following: according to the National Association of telecommunications (ANATEL) and the National Chamber of the electronics industry and technology information (CANIETI), – based Mitovsky inquiry incidentally – pointed out that increase the cost of the Internet would lead to the contraction of the productive market, the extension of the digital divide and would accentuate the differences in social development by regions; In addition to subtracting to small and medium-sized enterprises competitiveness and undermine the development of citizens. For its part the Mexican Internet Association, stressed that current lawmakers should not forget that they have used the Internet to get closer to the citizens and now they (the politicians) are those who give back to the service, I just hope that in the future other than Internet who them back to them (you guys). .