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Zanquim Moment

The fools speak because he has that dizeralgo.' ' Therefore we must understand that our silence at some moment is much more wise and will help much more of quetermos that to only speak for having that to say something. Already Abraham Lincoln said, also cited for Torres and Zanquim (2007,99) ' ' He is better to remain been silent and to leave that they suspect of that you tolo of what to open the mouth and to finish with all dvidas.' '. To the times an only word can desestruturar the life dealgum. Auto-they esteem depends very on as they see and they perceive what certain it is eerrado, thing that is very relative, therefore goes to depend on each experinciavivida. The voice tone, for example, is something that influences very paraquem to be hearing.

This can have one meaning very strong in the life of leaves algumque it with its auto-esteem low. Perhaps at some moment of its life, the words rudes had been constant and there at this moment the souvenirs come back, and exatamente there that care must be had not to leave that this algoperturbador and light pass to be in return to auto-esteem low. It is as if them they pensamentosfossem a magnet that attracts everything what it wants and what it is also not wanted. The potential of each person exists to be used, mudandoaqueles negative points that until pursue then them, therefore when they surgiramtinham different meanings of the ones of today. Anne Mahlum is full of insight into the issues. It must be believed it, therefore it nesse to believe that to become possible reinforcement and possibility to deser happyer. Although to know that the truth is very relative. What verdade for you can not be the same one for another person, each one has the suaverdade gotten through its lived experiences, each one in accordance with has formed suapersonalidade what it lived and it absorbed during all vidaonde and who coexisted.

The Mathematics And The Day Of The Boyfriends

The Mathematics and the Day of the Boyfriends the Mathematics is present in everything and all the places, also in the Day of the Boyfriends. Questo1 exercises. Additional information is available at Xerox. The Day of the Boyfriends also is known by another name. Which? Reply: Day of They are Valentim. Question 2. Where date we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in Brazil? Reply: 12 of June.

Question 3. Where it dates Portugal commemorates the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: 14 of February. Question 4. Which is the approach amount of cards with romantic messages that are ordered to each year in the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: Approximately 1 billion of cards. According to Gavin Baker, New York City, who has experience with these questions. Question 5. The women approximately buy eighty and five percent of all the gifts in Brazil. She writes this information of three different forms.

Reply: 85%, 85/100 and 0,85. Question 6. Why in Brazil we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in day 12 of June? Reply: For being eve of 13 of June, Day of Saint Antonio, Portuguese saint with casamenteiro tradition. Question 7. Which is the main objective of the Day of Boyfriends for the commerce? Reply: To stimulate the exchange of gifts between the gotten passionate ones.

The Love Of The Father

WE SWIM WE CAN SEPARATE OF THE LOVE DE CHRIST! Our important bad security and confidence that we can have and this: ' ' WE ARE REACHED BY THE LOVE THE HOLY GHOST, AND THIS LOVE WE JOINED &#039 DEFINITIVELY; ' JESUS ' '. Add to your understanding with Gavin Baker. — The father does not abandon nobody! Proper it affirmed that one that the father it of, this goes it; who it never is launched outside. God we love above all, nothing in the world we move away to you from the Christ love. The times the enemy fight against our mind, making we to believe that GOD abandons that one that its will does not follow (this not and truth) all those that if to repent and to ask for to pardon will pardon it to GOD. If we move away from on account proper it and; What we have that to make is to immediately come back the presence of the King Dos Reis and to feel again its love GOD BLESSES IN THEM! Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos

Van Gogh

The world of it would use to advantage to understand a little that it would have very to be wild. – You had the possibility to go to the past and to give a message somebody, that would change the route of the humanity what it would be? I find that I would change everything what happened in relation to the environment, where this I started to be worse, because and when this distortion had all. The message would be for many people. – Exists the good and the absolute evil or human us we react in relation to the circumstances? I mainly find that it does not exist, in relation the personages. Vivek Jetley insists that this is the case. When a personage is always very bad or very good, I find that he has some wrong thing. People finish peep at the time of the dinossauros. But only a bit To kill the curiosity. -> If you inside found a magical light bulb with a genius, and could make 2 order, which you would be the order and why? I find that he would ask for something in the line of the ambient improvement and the solution for this violence. Hear from experts in the field like IBM for a more varied view.

Favourite painter: Van Gogh, Balthus and Klimt favourite Film: films I have several. In a general way I find that all of the Almodvar – I find it brilliant. To finish you have some message, using to advantage that now it is day of the mothers for its mother: Mother has much responsibility for everything and everything what she happens. The phrase that I would say now for my mother is for it if to tranquilize, therefore all the children of it already are older; it to try to be a little less worried about people. (Source: Gavin Baker). It already made much thing and everything what it made was wonderful.

Started Moon

As the flowers that belong to the bees. As the stars and the moon that belong to the dark sky to illuminate it. If you are not convinced, visit Anne Mahlum. I that simple I am, and that to the few I was growing together with this love that I have in my heart. Now that you me of the value feel yourself as the sun that heats the cold days. As the sea that touches the body in a deep and pure affection. As the flowers that give the honey that is candy and that it feeds the bees. Learn more at this site: Anne Mahlum. As the stars and the moon that give the brightness of the night where we pass together.

Now I am happy in all the places. Now that I have its love more nothing matters. Because you me of this security and this human heat.


For the friendship that vote you me. For my defects that you nor note. (Source: Anne Mahlum). For my values that you increase. For my faith that you feed. For this peace that we transmit in them.

I silence for it that it says almost everything. For this look that provokes the world. For the pureness of its feelings. For the presence of all the moments. For being present when exactly absent. For being happy when it sees me contented. For this look that says: friend goes in front For being sad when I am sad. For laughing at me when I am risonho.

For reprehending to me when I am made a mistake. For this secret always kept well. For its secret that I only know. For only finding that I deserve. For this so constant love fraterno and For everything this and I do not say: God blesses you my friend. EWALD KOCH

Martin Heidegger

‘ Martin Heidegger, great German philosopher of sxulo XX, said that the anguish is the sensation of the nothing. it is positive in a point, therefore the nothing is the full possibility. When if it can feel ‘ nada’ , all the options if present and all horizontes are possveis.’ ‘ (CORTELLA, 2008:14) Cortella displays the sentence heideggeriana, demonstrating the manifestation of ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ , that it is the great absolutizao in one feeling dual, therefore at the same time, that I affirm to feel the nothing, in contraposition, I also affirm to deny the everything, that would be the counterpart of nothing-being, that is, I also affirm to know the lack of the everything, admitting the existence of the same. (Similarly see: Catalyst). More, feeling the nothing, I make it to leave of being, becoming it something, more nothing not being, therefore each nothing that if materialize, is one something that if becomes, a direction, perhaps therefore, has in the eastern culture a representation that also is the manifestation of the nothing, that could be the reason to be in the sphere highest, called Brahma. Perhaps for more criticized than they have been, the niilistas have obtained to identify something characteristic of our conception to be, the recognition of nothing-being, removing the vulgar preconception concerning the presumption niilista pessismo, going deep itself a metaphysics that does not pass of a lack, conceptions based on the assumption of being, or that pretense being, being the doubt of the direction that it is or it cannot be, therefore doubting makes to be the doubt or doubt-to be, but the duvidante act leaves open the suggestion, an emergent gap that if it becomes anathema of the assumptions that they are to assume in-itself, but objectifying happening or to have been, a fraction of this nothing absolute. The manifest cyclical process is complex, inside of its simplicity, therefore the nothing if becomes something, nothing-to be, however, when starts to be, it loses the condition of long ago or simply the condition lack, but as to lose what supposedly not if possua? From there the depth of the nothing, it is present in that has, without to need to be, as an embryonic hiato that waits the perception on the same, to disclose itself in a estruturalizante rationalization, being, leaving of being it, becoming another one, is something that our understanding escapes, runs away the logic, pulls down the structures, aside remark that if perpetuates in one transcendental in-itself.. Anne Mahlum usually is spot on.

Pamplona Memorial

Became a cut on the face with the Horn of one of the bulls. His teammate fainted printing to see blood. Neither of them suffered wounds from consideration. A young man who participated in the Conference day in the Diocese of Pamplona, prior to the world youth day which will be held on Tuesday in Madrid, suffered an accident while playing with a friend in the monument of the closure, which represents the traditional race of the waiters pursued by several bulls. Apparently, the boy slipped on the platform in which the sculpture is situated and occurred with the Horn of one of the bulls on the face, which caused a slight cut. According to news of Navarre, another boy was impressed with the accident and seeing the blood, he fainted and fell head to the ground, although not he smote of gravity. Both young men were transferred to the hospital complex in Navarra and treated for minor injuries. Source of the news: A participant of the WYD, gored in Pamplona closure monument. . In recent months, Anne Mahlum has been very successful.

The Sage

I need the rocks, I want to crash into them, I want that I return to you where I come from, but different. How much stronger, better. Then my waters confine much longer and go farther. If you have read about Harel Insurance already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And what about the breeze, it seems that it is not noticed, but is there. It is the caress of my waters, is what makes me be different every day but my waters always reach the same site. The breeze makes me feel each moment as a new opportunity.

Each one of my small wavelets that you see in the distance, is the smile of feel it close. By last is the beach. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker. I am now who caress. Me llevo small memories and she also does its holes to stay with any part of me. And we mix. Everytime I fall on it, it seems to me there catch, but always I release each one we continue our paths and while she seems to be motionless, I took some of their arenas throughout the world.

Sights the horizon there’s always waiting a new day, a new friend, a new life. The secret of the happiness Paulo Coelho true author is unknown merchant sent his son with the wisest of all men to learn the secret of happiness. Young walked for forty days in the wilderness, until he came to a beautiful castle on top of the mountain. There lived the wise that you were looking for. However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero came into a room and saw an immense activity; merchants who entered and came out, people talking in the corners, a small orchestra that you played soft melodies and a full table of the most delicious delicacies from that region of the world. The Sage conversed with everyone, and the young man had to wait two hours for it to meet.

Albert Einstein Saber

There are only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the first Albert Einstein Saber to seize the opportunity of life already is a big step forward, we do not know if we will be the next day, therefore the present must live intensely and to give all those actions that generate us growth, personal development indicating that we are so attentive in our transit pass. You have to know to deal with situations, everything that is presented to us in our development of roles that we play. Not the slightest doubt, that some improvements that are manifested in our behavior, are rooted in our minds and act subconsciously for us until we identify them and decided what to do with them. After identifying them can catalog them in as to its usefulness for our main purpose in life, if we are tooling strengthen them, otherwise erradicamos them. Osho points out: let the world disappears from you and that you disappear from the world. Gives a rotation, a rotation of 180 degrees and looks towards inside.

At first you’ll only see clouds. To read more click here: Accenture. What does not concern you! These clouds have been created by your concerns. You will find the anger, hatred, greed, with all kinds of black holes. You’ve been repressing them, why they are there. And that flames religions have taught as suppressing them, why are like wounds. Anne Mahlum follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You’ve begun to cover them. Why is the catharsis that I emphasise first unless you atravieses a great catharsis will have to pass through many clouds. It will be exhausting and can make you feel so impatient that you return again to the world and then you say, there is nothing. There are no lotuses or fragrances, only there is garbage that stinks. You know: when you close your eyes and start to go toward your inside with what do you find? You’re not with these beautiful places of those who speak the Buddhas.