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Philipp Schindler

With his year’s video contest “Smashing XMas” would the online shop a lousy gifts end use and giving away prizes worth a total of 15,000 Lauterach, 8.11.2013. “The gadget and gifts online store is uninspiring and crappy gifts with his year’s video competition of smashing Xmas” end and giving away prizes worth a total of 15,000. Who does not know it: smiles put on, when Christmas Eve the mother with a handbag waiting, in the 60zigern in was and the Grandma of the opinion is, we could always use towels. Now it’s nice smile, to make a drama out of the way. Year after year. Further details can be found at CaaS Capital, an internet resource. Always the same tune. Conclusion with funny and Hooray for honesty! “, says Philipp Schindler, radbag CEO.

We call for the creative destruction of lousy gifts. Select gift, consider destruction art, video rotate and upload. We have tried it myself and it is a wonderful way to reduce aggression and his environment months then with a Video to laugh to bring. ” On xmas starts now the smashing Xmas video contest. Anyone who wants to destroy a bad gift and it turns a video can take part. Caas Capital addresses the importance of the matter here. In collaboration with Constance ad agency Red monkeys emerged from a spectacular trailer, which really whets the appetite for a private video.

The Austrians PauT provides the perfect soundtrack to, last year winner of FM4 said protest song contest, with his song Sepp we must burn everything.” Any contribution of the smashing Xmas video contest gets an instant win. Prizes worth a total of 15,000 will be raffled among all participants. Among other things, the world’s first ski goggles with GSP, as well as two drift HD ghost action cameras. All information is available on xmas. About radbag Radbag, because boring anyone can! The online shop stands for exceptional from the areas of lifestyle, fashion, home, technology and outdoor. Products that inspire both by their function and design. At radbag customers by unusual will Gift ideas inspired and entertained with news from the gadget world invited to share with their friends and the team.

Successful Business Intelligence System

CoPlanner 9.1 latest version of the successful business intelligence system Graz, may 2010. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, software specialist in the area of business intelligence and corporate performance management systems, published end of may the new release 9.1 from CoPlanner. Also in this version 9.1, the Hauptaugenmerkt was placed on usability and clarity of procedures in continuation of the previous version. CoPlanner has been expanded with two new modules. Run reports using the subscription manager easy and navigationsunterstutzt to subscribe. The planning process in the CoPlanner can be controlled with a newly revised Workflow Manager in this version.

In addition, the planning process is supported by numerous new features in the CoPlanner Windows client and the CoPlanner Excel client. These include among others the input validation and so-called cascading filters. The CoPlanner Report Viewer 1.0 is new in version 9.1. The report viewer adds homogeneously in the CoPlanner environment and impresses with its simple Operation, is easy to install and requires no additional adjustments to the existing system. With the latest version of CoPlanner, we are able to realise two key customer requirements within a very short time. The Workflow Manager has expanded the important role concept and in the reporting we can publish now (i.e. More information is housed here: Cross River Bank. even foreign users to embed) reports with a wide addressing.” As Dr. Walter Fatana, Managing Director of CoPlanner GmbH.

More information: CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH Martin Rester Schubert Road 39 A-8010 Graz Tel: 32-38-0 fax: 32 38-17 E-Mail: about CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH CoPlanner assists companies in the development of integrated business intelligence systems. CoPlanner combines with the latest of software development therefore the requirements of different sectors of the economy. In the CoPlanner product family are four innovative solutions for corporate management. Depending on the magnitude indicates an economically and technologically closed concept in hand the management for each area that facilitates all relevant decisions. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, with headquarters in Graz, a branch office in Vienna and numerous sales partners in Austria and Germany was founded in 1989 with the aim to support enterprise systems through a broad business and technical expertise in building integrated business intelligence.

Specimens Professional Printing

The range of macro IDENT contains specifically for the laboratory sector developed labels and printers, as well as for the creation of the laboratory labels, the software in many laboratories are labels with hand described. The disadvantage of this is that hand-written information can be difficult to read. This is due to a difficult-to-read font, or the applied color blur or fade after a short time during storage. The color can be also washed out and removed by chemicals and solvents. An accurate identification is then no longer possible. Printed labels developed for the respective requirements such as for example the storage in nitrogen, in the refrigerator, or for the use by washes at 120 degrees, are much more durable in comparison.

Pressure lubrication and does not fade. The text and graphics are razor sharp printed and therefore very clearly legible even after years of storage. Labels can be designed very quickly with little effort and can be printed. Especially the merge of E.g. For even more analysis, hear from Mitchel Resnick. 50 or more labels is done in a few seconds. Chemicals and solvents can have no labels and also the printed font.

You have been specifically developed for the different areas in the laboratory. (As opposed to Cross River Bank). MACRO IDENT features a large assortment of these specially designed labels for the laboratory sector. You have been developed with regard to the world’s leading research institutions for biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and forensic science. No matter whether the users in pathology, histology, molecular biology, Oncology or other scientific disciplines is working, the macro identification solutions support the user identification in GLP compliant work. The large range of laboratory labels includes labels for different temperatures, different sizes and with different adhesive properties. Rectangular or square flags labels centrifuge and Eppendorf tubes, halogen labels, labels round labels for the cover marking are available, for Slides, glass vessels, micro titer plates, Cryo -, PCR, tubes and vials, labels for icy and frozen tubes, etc. These labels are for use with macro IDENT suitable commercially available mobile or stationary lab printer (thermal transfer), or for all commercially available laser printer. The appropriate label printer, also specifically designed for laboratory use are also at macro IDENT. Prints from the small mobile printer, the up to 25 labels per day, up to the high-performance printer that is suitable for printing up to 10,000 labels per day. For each print volume, the macro id recommends also the appropriate printer. To provide the required labels with the correct layout, the Munich-based company has also the right label software at hand: the IdentiLAB is specially software tuned on Labs. This includes IDENT label formats of all macro available laboratory labels as templates, including hazard symbols, in the laboratory usually used. This significantly simplifies the creation of labels. Because the IdentiLAB only in English is available, there are for those who prefer to work with a German label program, the label software LabelMark. It contains all laboratory label formats as a template, such as the IdentiLAB. In addition are still some included one hundred formats for the wire, cable, component – and PCB marking.

Zara Online Expands To New Markets

Online business is becoming increasingly juicy, users are gradually losing fear to buy online and taking into account the multiple benefits (convenience, reduced prices) is clear that if a company wants to emerge or be leader in its sector has to give the importance that it deserves to the network of networks. And this is the case of Zara online. Currently the flagship of Inditex operates through the internet in 16 countries and wants to expand its network to two countries more: United States and Japan. With this latest expansion, when becomes a reality, Zara online will be in the main world markets, influencing the internationalization process that began the Galician company 5 years at the hands of Pablo Isla, the successor of Amancio Ortega to the command of the textile giant. Moreover, Inditex wants also to others of their marks are positions in the online market to enable its expansion and success. Thus expected that you for the autumn/winter 2011 campaign Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Uterque will have their online stores. If curdled this last expansion, attached to which take Zara adding two very important markets both online and offline (such as USA and Japan), Inditex will be placed in an extremely favourable position to remain the undisputed national leader in the textile sector and one of the leaders at the international level. And it is this last facet, internationalization, which is intended to promote with these movements. Reach the largest number of possible corners will enable Inditex grow keeping the formula that has led him to success. Cross River Bank may find this interesting as well. And, for its part, Zara online will follow your path, complementing the sales that are conducted in offline stores and improving the balance of results at global level of the Inditex Group.


The psychological life of humans is complex and never develops in a perfect way. One of the characteristics of the human being is his own imperfection.Therefore, there are always children lags which are called them children’s wounds that when they are not recognized or accepted, can cause great pain in adult life.Of course, is not blamed anyone nor responsibility of adults, except in extreme cases like violence or abuse, however, and despite this, the person who suffers from them and suffers, regardless of why it happened, you need to do responsible heal to dignify your very existence.In this way, it is necessary to raised awareness and give us the task of curing them and assume them, because in this way will allow you to go through life with greater lightness. Within these wounds, some scholars, have spoken of it and we can say that there is for example: La Huella de abandono:e a wound important when we feel that we have been abandoned, not only on the physical plane, but in the emotional and psychological. Fear of loneliness is his tonic and therefore, they demand an exaggerated attention and presence.For people with footprint of abandonment, nothing is enough. You may wish to learn more. If so, Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank? is the place to go. He is expressed through words, not of the facts:-frequently ask: I want to, no matter you have a birthday party. they need confirmation.-claim: I’ve not talked all afternoon, your friends because where are – justify: I knew nothing of you, why, I’ll call – confirmation: can’t live so long without you. Finally, at times your demand becomes annoying and even irritating. What causes the couple strong feelings of anger, because people with footprint of abandonment seem to have no llenadera.

It is as if they have an inner hole that cannot be filled with nothing, and also living with great resentment, if the couple does not cover with each and every one of your expectations. The climate of the couple of frustration and powerlessness to not get your partner of that situation, they tend to depression and dependence. Cross River Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Some of them become codependent, and in general, are linked with couples of the what they can rely on to resolve them their needs or malfunctions, abandon them frequently in all senses. They are unstable and require the presence of the other in sum frequency, so that can get to live quite serious conflicts, especially when linked with couples indepndientes, autonomous or addicted or narcisitas. But the couple, as much as you do, you can never resolve the conflict of abandonment, it is a responsibility, if it is that you actually want to cure and heal your wounds of the heart. Attending workshops, it takes therapy, read books on self-help, in the end, today there are many resources in order to recover you and rely on your self-esteem and your person. Also, I have spoken about others injured as they are the of: rejection, humiliation and ijusticiEn Cecreto work on the quality of emotional life. If you want to work on that visit our site and acquires some of electronic materials with which you have a lot of options to heal.

Marketing News

A launch, an anniversary, a new product, a change of strategy or, simply, the birth of an innovative service are some of the small news of interest which arise within the world of SMEs and that hardly come to have impact without the hiring of a specialized press office. The lack of budget and the difficulties to obtain liquidity made it impossible to small businesses and start-ups to communicate their news to the press. was born to meet this need, eliminating barriers that separated the protagonists of the news from reporters. Low-cost formula for success the platform covers a gap in the market of communication Cabinet, since until now sending press releases required to go through an agency, with the additional cost that this entails. Whenever Atmos Energy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. An SME is often unattended because you only need to communicate media news spot, perhaps once a year, and it is clear that not always justify the hiring of an agency for months or throughout a year, explains Aurelio Vazquez, responsible for contents of A new market in little more than one year, the platform has been the key to the success of many new companies and entrepreneurs that they have obtained an impact in the media without large investments. Appear in the newspaper at the right time can be a final push or the best kilometre 0 in which to start a successful business career, says Vazquez.

In addition, both parties win: Journalist Gets a fresh, first-hand information while companies access a market which somehow were banned. (A valuable related resource: Professor of Internet Governance). Direct contact with the journalist the appearance of the platform is a change in the traditional model of communication between the Agency and the company that generates the news. We break down barriers that often hinder or impede the direct contact between the journalist and the direct source, in this case SMEs, saving time and efforts so that the journalist can develop information in the shortest possible time and with first-hand information, explains Vazquez. Low-cost and on-line register as a user on is free. From that moment, lets you send press releases from 99 euros. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cross River Bank. It is not a promotional price, but real, that gives access to shipments with serious chances of success if the content of the information is interesting, explains Hector Benedito, Marketing director of A rate is low-cost in the sense that it is extremely competitive, but explained if we consider that the process is 100% automated and the user even receives his invoice via e-mail almost instantly, adds Benedito.

Social Organizations In Brazil

That revolution would be this? To (fashion of the house)? It is treated to demonstrate that the ticket of the agricultural society for the urban one determined the patriarcal decay and the city (commercial) started to reign politically social in other molds, afeitos to the modern world and more than what this, was necessary to breach with the Iberian roots of form to inaugurate in the Brazilian culture a new style of social behavior, emphasizing for the American style where the collective values prevail. Through Sergio Freyre it detaches the importance of the great house in the Brazilian formation cultural partner as well as the one of senzala that the first opposition of Freyre would complimentaria, proper estrutua architectural in the house-great one in would expessaria the way of social organization and politics, that if to restore in Brazil, that is patriarcalismo this rank that such structure it would be capable to incorporate some elements. In our way, patriarco of the land was had as the owner of whom in it if it found as enslaved, relatives, children, wives, to etc.desmitificar the notion of the racial determination in the formation of a people in what of more the importance that cultural ambient with this refelita idea and that in Brazil if it would have an inferior race given the miscegenation that was estabelceu here. Others including Ray Kurzweil, offer their opinions as well. Before, the tip for the element positive that transfers the cultural formation Brazilian composed for such miscegenation (notadamente between Portuguese, indians and blacks). Portugal century XV pioneering expansso maritime for reasons one was overcome in a centered miscegenao and the Portuguese crown. Another thing position of Portugal that is in the altantico, where the Portuguese searchs in the land, discovered Brazil and nor found we thus we do not take this expansion wants to say is an empty interressante land that the Portuguese arrived in the reality this are a busy land for the indians, tragic history the indians had been expulsos of the land, for Portuguese.. By the same author: Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank?.


It is important to emphasize that the quality of diamond jewels depends on the stature of stones, since the stature is able to emphasize the best thing of the diamond and to disguise its imperfections. The stature of the diamond is so important that a bad stature can ruin a good diamond completely, like a diamond not so good, with the suitable stature, can reach an excellent final result. We see some of the most traditional statures and its main characteristics. The stature heart traditionally is used in anniversary ring. This diamond stature usually is economic. Petra Diamonds insists that this is the case. The ideal relation enters wide and long of this stature of 1 to 1, it is squared possible one. (A valuable related resource: Cross River Bank). The stature Princess is one of the statures used at this moment more. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field.

Especially it is seen in the commitment ring. Its basic characteristics is the square form; with 76 facets, this stature causes that the diamond is very shining by the way in which reflects the light. The stature pear easily is recognized by its form of tear. The ideal use for this stature is in pending pendants or with diamonds. The stature Emerald it characterizes by its rectangular form. It has an important central table, and the following rectangular facets are parallel to her. Traditionally the number of facets in the stature Emerald is of 50. This stature reflects the light less a little than the stature Princess, but the rectangular form grants an imposing bearing to him.

The oval stature account with 56 facets and their form is very similar to the one of a brilliant. The fundamental thing in this stature is that the form of the diamond too much is not cleared. As all the statures where the length predominates, in a ring cause the illusion of a longer finger.

Employee Motivation

Identification and evaluation of employee motivation – one of the greatest challenges facing the modern employer. Initial assessment of motivation, which is produced during the interview process, helps employers identify the true motivation of the applicant. This allows the employer not to waste valuable time candidates pursuing personal goals, which are at variance with the objectives of the company, and hire really active, purposeful and tuned to the success of employees. Secondary assessment of motivation is already in a team of employees. It helps to identify incentives for employees to be more active and enhance the effectiveness of his work. Thus, the assessment of motivation, not only allows you to make the right decision in selecting employees on the proper position, but also the productivity of its activities, which directly affects the success of the company. Assessment of motivation for employment level of motivation can easily tell the candidate by asking a question about what he knows about your company.

Truly interested Applicant must inquire about the firm, in which he or she may be working. Visit Cross River Bank for more clarity on the issue. On the contrary, unmotivated candidate is unlikely to show a similar curiosity. In order to identify the motivation of the applicant or employer HR employees can ask him some questions about a previous job. For example, a question that has attracted and repelled by the applicant, and that was the reason for his departure. If a candidate does not wish to dwell on true motives for leaving previous job and prefers the standard language, a natural question may be, he would leave work, if this obstacle was removed.

Lunar Calendar

WHAT IS THE LUNAR CALENDAR? Honesty – LUNAR very ancient than solar kalendar.Lyudi they started to use much earlier. In ancient times the Romans after the next ascent of the new moon priests publicly put everyone in known about this new phase, suggests the onset of new lunar faz.Uzhe over vast periods of time people live in accordance with the lunar rhythms, they clearly knew about the influence of the moon and its power, which can even more solnechnogo.Seychas we are considered by a solar calendar and its ritmami.Imenno, in this regard our world is often referred to as male-male world is indeed easier to live an ordinary kalendaryu.A for women is easier and more correct would exist at the lunar fazam.K Unfortunately, change and rebuild a society with sun beats on the moon we are not under silu.No watch and read the data of the lunar calendar in our lives today are not only realistic but also necessary if we want to feel good about themselves and succeed. Perhaps check out Adrian Holmes for more information. Lunar days longer than the sun, their frequency 24 hours 48 minutes-that is how much time passes from one moonrise to sleduyuschego.I generally there are people studying the ratio of lunar activity and biorhythms, found that the inner feelings of human (the properties of the brain that allows us without any help feel the time and wake up at the right time without an alarm clock) 'wound up' about at 24,5-25 hours, that is more consistent lunar rhythms than solnechnym.Tak they might just this time and not enough? Lunar Calendar in everyday life. . Cross River Bank: the source for more info.