Month: December 2018

The Honey Bee Utilities

What is the only food that is not damaged? The honey of bees. You can count our grandmothers to the mixture of honey and cinnamon cure most diseases.The honey is produced in almost all countries of the world and, despite being sweet, science has shown that taken in normal doses as a medicine, it does not harm diabetics.It is a super-especial product, and in Cuba occurs in the form of export to many countries of the world. The magazine Weekly World New in Canada, on 17/1/95, publishes a list of diseases that cures the honey mixed with cinnamon. In this list are several diseases and we propose you and are as follows: heart disease: make a paste of honey with cinnamon. Butter bread and eat it regularly for breakfast instead of butter or jam.

It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and prevent heart attacks. It prevents new attack in people who have already had them. Regular use of this process mitigates the loss of breath and strengthens the heart beat. In the USA and Canada, where it is used this paste continuously in nursing facilities, it has cast that revitalizes the arteries and veins of the elderly and cleans them. Insect bites: mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of warm water and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Make a paste with the ingredients and gently rub on the bite. Pain and itching go away in 1 or 2 minutes. Arthritis: Mix: 1 cup water heated with 2 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Drink 1 in the morning and 1 at night. If taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a study done at the University of Copenhagen the doctors gave their patients on a daily basis, before breakfast, 1 tablespoon honey and 1/2 cinnamon powder. In 1 week, 200 patients in treatment, 75 stopped having pain completely and 1 month later almost all had no pain, even those who already could hardly walk.

Christian Sozialismus

The science of reasoning brings together the insights of all recognized Sciences. “The lying above Special Edition a supplement to the science of reasoning band 1 basics” and the second chapter history. About the new spiritual author of Wallace Delois Wattles Wallace Delois Wattles was born in 1860, shortly before the end of the civil war in amerikanischen as the son of a gardener and a housewife. So also Wattles was more like his father first as peasants bad right through life. At that time, his life was marked by defeats, verlusten, poverty and failure. Problems plagued at all. In his life, nothing indicated long time that he would become big ReichTum. During the 1896 season, Wattles at the age of 36 years attended a meeting where he was confronted with a kind of Christian Sozialismus.

The raised there theories had to have had great influence on him. He dealt from now on in a basic manner thus, how he could do himself and his FAmilie out of poverty and towards prosperity. As he believed that the key to a successful and happy life to have found, he started writing in almost every free Minute. Quickly, Wattles evolved into one of the bedeutendsten of the amerikanischen Movement of new thought writers. His most famous book the science of getting rich”was 1910 just published a day before his death. An article was veroffentLicht in almost every issue in the NAUtilus”, the magazine of the new thought movement, by Wattles Wattles practised his own theories with success. He became in the course of his further life to a successful, prosperous, and strong Personlichkeit full of energy. The ingenious special edition of science of thought leadership is to as a free download available.

Editorial Gadfly

1926 Hugo Gernsback created the Austouding magazine with stories, among others, of Asimov. Brian W. Aldiss angry will tell Hugo is the worst calamity that ever fell on the field of the CF. 1939 Campwell purifies the genre, exerting an intolerable paternalistic dictatorship, according to Capanna. The cult Metropolis de Fritz Lang film is projected and spreads the famous and powerful radio version of the war of the worlds with the proverbial panic caused by Orson Wells.

Appear the UFOlogists as Daniken. L. Ron Hubbard in addition to writing CF will create a cult called Dianetics with influences that duran. In 1944 a loose novel of Cartmill entitled Deadline ahead of the outbreak of an atomic bomb when the project was still underway and it was top secret, they arrested the author to then release it. Hiroshima Nagasaki. Heard the echoes of the pump, the reality of the end of the species was no longer a mere fantasy. 1955 die the pulp in the U.S. but there are certain rise of the CF in Argentina, the men of the future of Editorial Gadfly magazine brings material Austouding and Starling Stories, hard three numbers but it emphasizes the localist translation, so flame Weinbaum black appears a such Jose Alberto Quintana, cordovan engineer, as protagonist.

1953 1957 More than science and fantasy magazine mother of an unusual quality has its boom, directed by H. L. Gold and later H. G. Oesterheld. It was subsidiary of Galaxy and classic installments of the genre as the day of the triffids of Wyndham, edited works of Heinlen, Asimos, Bester, Clarke, Sturgeon, Bradbury, etc. Local writers were Asquini, Oesterheld, Peres Zelaschi, Cobarrubia, Mariotti also owned spaces of scientific dissemination, test, and good illustrators. A few months until the Sputnick takes the Earth beyond left out, those who laughed at the crazy futurists enmudecieron. At the same time came out Urania, eponymous magazine of the Italian who only took out two numbers.

Trivia Quiz: The Hypocritical Society

What are the tricks and knowledge there, a liar to entlarfen in our society is lied, that rip the bars. Experts have found that everyone cheats on average 200 times a day. But not all lies are bad. Rather, these small FIBS are important for our social coexistence. But how do you recognize a lie? Why are they so important and what tricks are there to unmask a liar? Many politicians or Manager has proved successfully it ourselves: lying is, where it goes. But not only people in high positions and positions of power try the truth with a lie to cover up.

In private life, lie, little shenanigans and FIBS are not uncommon. Up to 200 times the man lies a day, slightly less for women, men more. Of course, a lie must be not always a bad thing. After all, these shenanigans are our harmonious coexistence. Who already want to hear that the newly purchased jeans not really stressing character is or that for hours preparing food slightly less Salt would have to cope with? But even, if the lie is actually well intentioned, the liar in the subconscious is under stress. and experts, fraud investigators or FBI investigators have used exactly this situation, to get the truth on the ground. Their findings have helped significantly, to be able to detect lies better.

The procedure is relatively simple. In a lie the limbic system the part of the brain that is left us yet from early Vorzeiten turns on with. The man has no influence on the limbic system, all operations take place subconsciously. Lightning reactions such as escape behavior or anxiety be controlled, the gestures and facial expressions is on it. The futurist: the source for more info. These subconscious reactions can keep for example a shallow breathing, hands in front of the head or insert head be. Eyes speak true volumes at the liar. While a normal conversation the conversation partner 30 to 60 percent of the time in the eye, look the falsehood is said, this eye contact either significantly shorter or much longer. Mind reader or special lies professionals go further. Use in addition to get the truth to emerge successful Sciences NLP or Kinesiology. Who must retrieve for example an image from memory, looking out of seen links above, reports the online magazine. A liar, which only together must make is in the head the image, looks, however, to the right above. The exciting knowledge quiz tells the hypocritical society”all these and a lot more tricks to recognize a liar. Just join and finally recognize the truth when you believe…

Discover Whats Mathematical Knowledge

today I decided to write about a subject that has to do with the mathematical knowledge, but not about numbers, sets, areas of triangles, or all of those topics that we teach in school. So what is it? It is the global phobia have many students of mathematics. immediately we would have to ask: what is the reason? Is there a global conspiracy by those who teach mathematics, so this is hard to understand the students? Frankly I’d rather not believe this, but I bear witness that many universities in many countries have “star teachers.” But teachers who are the stars? Are those responsible for making the filter in the university, especially when there are more students than they should have.

These teachers are identified because they are bitter at the time of examination, since it places very high level mathematical exercises, which perhaps only they could invent or solve them. As an engineering student, I witnessed this, as we had feared reference “star teacher the third quarter “was a” prominent “because of an average of thirty or forty students show up for their course, only about two or three had the possibility of adopting its current integral calculus or math. Now I wonder Is this the true philosophy of mathematical knowledge? honestly do not believe and I say this by applying the Japanese philosophy, on the mathematical understanding, because to them it is a process that the student must be step by step and the best of this philosophy is the students just happen to the next level, until his teacher has been that this student has understood the topic, ie a little more work for teachers in Japanese and not as our Latin America, the teacher has become a “qualifier mathematical exercise, this is hard to recognize, but we must face it to start changing.

I am sure that mathematics are not difficult, because I had the good fortune to understand this science and we should give it a totally different approach to education that is being given, but this mission is not only the teachers, too corresponds to the psychological panic students leave this area and the first thing you should remove the language is that famous little phrase “I’m bad at math.” when we begin to look with different eyes and another thought, surely increase the number of students to begin to “understand the mathematical language.” This is the secret of mathematical understanding. We should be starting this task and for this many governments should restructure honestly how we evaluate students, and that it is better to understand a few things for life, to understand many things, just for an exam, which a few hours we have forgotten. I hope this letter will serve as a reflection and analysis for those who want a change in education that promotes the understanding of our next generations..