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– The interest for the soup of the neighbor became so strong concluded Teresa – that we decide to change of plate. We go to see if the thing improves; we go to see if vocs they deal with its new wives a more affectionate way. – Not to be improved, will continue married with the wrong wives; if not, return everything as it was before. It had> is not absurd retrucou Teresa animadamente – the development Is alone of what vocs they had started. He imagines what you would make, if I played over the Jorge these looks of fish dead that you make for the Felcia. – I did not bind! freed fast excessively the Daniel, already sorry of what it finished to speak. – Nobody would believe this, Daniel they retrucaram the three, together one, as they had assayed the reply.

Daniel started to laugh, more than nervous of what of another thing. But the situation already was contouring, the first one given step, now would follow for the details. – And when would start this madness? cried out of the other side of the table the Jorge. – Pardon, gentlemen! intervined Felcia – It has an mistake! Nobody asked its opinion, nobody needs its approval. We want to leave clearly that we decide and is enough. – Not to be agreed, go to have that to sleep in some hotel.

goes to be a vexame. All the city goes to speak of vocs. What we are offering added Teresa to decide its doubts if still will have some and inside of four or six months, I and the Felcia will see what to make in set. – Four months! Six months! – Vocs is insane people! It does not have as. We do not accept! – They had been vocs Well that had wanted and moved away the Felcia chair reached two luggages, accurately equal, and it offered the two embasbacados husbands. – Here they are its clothes to sleep and a change of clothes for the work. – To want more added Teresa – they will have that to be liveing where we order! In the way of these colloquies, them they continued impassveis, sovereign, so attractive and elegant, as long clothes of ball were being dressed, saboreando caviar and drinking a toast with French champagne; they were to the will, dominating completely the scene. Finally Felcia was espreguiou, stifled a yawn and was directed for the door. – I go. Good night, Teresa and with pitada of irony, lightly only sketched – it sleeps well! You come, love? If he does not forget to bring its luggage, saw? and left for the door measures, followed for a row of weighed points of interrogation, that seemed to make a strange noise, as of hardware, if to drag for the sidewalk >

Conscientious Estevo

One to want exacerbado to come back in the time and to change that present execrvel. For more specific information, check out Eliot Horowitz. Sleep as an friend to took it to the few in the arms to rest. When suddenly, in the half-opened door it to see a countenance. Simple somebody wet by rain. After contemplating per some seconds it recognizes that it is the same to who was to look in the photo with repulses, and homesickness, who knows? The surprise was as much that remained inert, the only thing that if moved in it was to the pupil of the eyes to observe Estevo kneel and quiet to its feet.

The looks if had found and per minutes they had remained been silent. Until it, with tears mixed to the dew of the night, breaches silence and speaks: – It pardons me! Still inflexible Lcia does not answer, estagna the thoughts, it only feels them, and it does not understand them. Conscientious Estevo of the error insists. But Lcia contests: – I thought it loved that me! – But, I love and therefore I in time came back to say you that it was good for having IDO – Hypocritical! (Lcia is left to exaltar and cries out some times) Cynical. How it was even so it left and me? – I looked a kiss with the flavor of yours, but I did not find Therefore I came back! – I go to travel to the dawn, and you will never see me again! – I know, and I do not judge you therefore, however, I want that it knows that I will create roots your wait, even though when more not to come back.

You do not forget! – I do not believe! I – He does not speak, but he knows that I needed to go I eat I was, to know, to risk, to suffer your loss to convert and me. In my uncertain steps I discovered a strong domain in me, that if it never did not have risky it would discover, I call now it love. – Estevo you know that to your they had left me errors you stain that they had transformed me the life and you cannot more Not! Lcia was surprised by a kiss. The love domou the hatred and the desencantamento. Perhaps one second possibility in the life was not valid the penalty, but it is impossible to know the end, therefore to be flexible is to search the happiness while to last the infinite. Ass: S.M My loves It kissed me thus never I forgot The other touches the hand and feels its to me fondles soft That one denied affection to me when more I needed This since that it arrived made me captive. The first one nor I remember its perfume, however I recognize its look This of enigmatic eyes soon leaves mystery in air That one promises had made the useless me to cry, However, this its smplice to speak sounds safe Despite in one day any lay, me, and independent I followed; it would be in you my last dream of love Because the failures to love suck me the soul. simply I give up! Therefore, my loves, as music, I look for to bailar to the ratio that I love also mount.

Gamma East

– It is. Makes sensible. Demons the return and we infiltrate in them for the right side of palco. Now it was the time of the children of the Francisco and my brother already folloied in them. Zez de Camargo and Luciano had given a show, the faces are mass. They have until a film (Even though the Squid also has, remembered of what the Dani said).

He was at this moment insane who happened the second more left-hand side thing of those last moments of 2009. I was acoxambrado by a policeman baixinho (In the direction of ' ' acoxambrar' ' exactly therefore, pra my luck, it almost did not reach nor my knee). It passed of the Cia Best of the World was looking at me with a face of Hail. Insane until excessively. He lacked only some minutes for 2010. I looked at sky pro: – And then, Dani Where it is the flotilla of smoke? – Arisson, I find that you are in the wrong holiday.

Today he is only fogos of artifice. The controlled explosions had started. Five minutes had passed. I supported the hand below of the chin to support plus a time. Six minutes. I turned the neck to calm cimbra and sailed my look for the sea of people. Several filmed and thought about making the same, thus in the following year would only attend the video in the cellular one. Everybody in 2011 looking at pra top and I looking at pra lower. He would be legal. We were to kill who was in killing since 2009: The hunger. In a kiosk we confer the price. The dog-hot age three Reals. When giving the coasts the owner of the mobile establishment lowered for two. We choose a table and we serve in them: – How much it is the cooling one of two liters? – Five. – Five? – This. Who cries does not suck: – But it can be four and fifty n? – Not.> – P, aunt. It is new year. Of the one discounting. The woman made a face of cries: – I already bought it three and seventy and five. More the ice and the gasoline. I spend very. It spoke and spoke. When we finished we were with tears in the eyes. History comoveu in them. I did not have more arguments. We pay the five. Our car was waiting to the side: In the rodoferroviria. The destination was Gamma East. I and my brother sleep in the house of the namorada one of it, to guarantee that they would arrive in security in its dwelling. I, my brother, the Dani, cunhadinha and the sister of it and plus a friend in a bus. Everybody was to sleep there. I started the year well, we were seated. It wants or since the beginning of the year so far it did not happen much thing. After this everything it is another history.

Large Cabin

The error of almost all city dweller, is to presume that the simple, bashful way and taciturno of the rurcola, are deriving of its lack of academic instruction, of its lack of scientific knowledge, of its not convivncia with modernity, not to know to handle instruments and light and complicated tools as innumerable electronic devices and the most varied existing and characteristic gadgets of the urban life. While good part of scientists, doctors and sabiches of the city works projects of bablicas conclusions, the rurcola simply obeys a natural cycle; It works to produce, it produces to consume and it consumes to work. the fruit of its drudgery is usufructed by all the classrooms remaining. Generally all rurcola, disdainfully called ‘ ‘ caipira’ ‘ , it possesss a sense of perception extremely sharpened, an intelligence and a curiosity to cause admiration in any one; Who of the city knows the nature how much knows it a rurcola? While they are capable of to make forecasts of the time when looking at it horizon and smells only to feel it of rain in air, to know to any day which the phase of the moon, without consulting a calendar or another way any, to know the certain time of planting and spoon, a great majority of people lives bigger part of the year without coming back the eyes toward the sky, without never glimpsing if it wants a cadent star; At night they live under the clarity of artificial lights that them embaam the sights and the sky of a inescrutvel mystery supplies them, but that to the rurcola, such secret does not pass of a guide in clean trails, straight lines and of a clear clearness and resoluta. The rurcola if keeps bashful, is only for almost all knowing the preconception and the existing discrimination in the mind of city dweller, in relation to that they live in the agricultural zone; No matter how hard he tries, a city dweller does not obtain to hide this.