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Ernest One

In its skin it reverberated the light of the sun, as if the body it was covered of very small scales, as of a reptile. It shone as if she was catching fire! Ernest was obliged to close the eyes because of the intense light. When he came back to look at, came across itself with the woman in its front, smiling. It continued pretty, the round face, eyes chestnuts, the long hair. It inclined on it and its mouth they had left fire languages that acariciaram its face and it tried to hug it, but Mariana disappeared suddenly in the flash of the sun.

Ernest opened the eyes and discovered that still he was seated next to door. Of this time it saw the figure clear of the woman to follow for the edge of caatinga. Congregating its forces it goes down for the ravina, where it found a seated old man in a rock to the shade of a dry trunk. Its suit was simple, of poeirentos cloths and encardidos, appearance where if they became the one clothes andarilho. Supported in full cajado of us, it observed tanajuras that leave a hole in the alone dry to attack a beetle. – It saw a woman this way to You? Ernest asked.

The old one looked at for it, I sing twisting it of the mouth in a jeering smile and answered: – Woman? In these matos? Ce you the dodio, home! Ernest tumbled, released it the land, weak, disillusioned. Lying of coasts in the soil, he saw the old one if to approach, to incline on it, revistando the pockets to it. He was then he recognized that it, was Coal Chico! The anger gave to forces the Ernest, it turned over at the same time where the old one to the ground played. Mounting on the chest of the man and impelled by the revenge, it started to press the neck to it with the two hands.

Large Cabin

The error of almost all city dweller, is to presume that the simple, bashful way and taciturno of the rurcola, are deriving of its lack of academic instruction, of its lack of scientific knowledge, of its not convivncia with modernity, not to know to handle instruments and light and complicated tools as innumerable electronic devices and the most varied existing and characteristic gadgets of the urban life. While good part of scientists, doctors and sabiches of the city works projects of bablicas conclusions, the rurcola simply obeys a natural cycle; It works to produce, it produces to consume and it consumes to work. the fruit of its drudgery is usufructed by all the classrooms remaining. Generally all rurcola, disdainfully called ‘ ‘ caipira’ ‘ , it possesss a sense of perception extremely sharpened, an intelligence and a curiosity to cause admiration in any one; Who of the city knows the nature how much knows it a rurcola? While they are capable of to make forecasts of the time when looking at it horizon and smells only to feel it of rain in air, to know to any day which the phase of the moon, without consulting a calendar or another way any, to know the certain time of planting and spoon, a great majority of people lives bigger part of the year without coming back the eyes toward the sky, without never glimpsing if it wants a cadent star; At night they live under the clarity of artificial lights that them embaam the sights and the sky of a inescrutvel mystery supplies them, but that to the rurcola, such secret does not pass of a guide in clean trails, straight lines and of a clear clearness and resoluta. The rurcola if keeps bashful, is only for almost all knowing the preconception and the existing discrimination in the mind of city dweller, in relation to that they live in the agricultural zone; No matter how hard he tries, a city dweller does not obtain to hide this.