Month: December 2019

The End Of The World 2012 Mayan Prophecy Nostradamus

21 December 2012 the end of the world 2012 predictions? Until a couple of years ago not be knew that many people were familiar with the end of the world 2012 prophecy that was presented by many scholars who have studied the end of the Mayan long calendar. This calendar’s long count has lasted five thousand one hundred twenty five years, and although the end of the calendar has been to many different interpretations, one of the most popular is the belief that at the end of this cycle of the world (or the existence of humanity) will reach an abrupt end on December 21, 2012. Will the world end in 2012? To fully understand the end of 2012 for the preaching of the world, then you must first understand the calendar that is in the center of this controversy. The current cycle, or baktun, this calendar was started on August 13, 3114 C this marked the end of the last period and the beginning of the current. The baktun we are currently living in the 13th, and the end of this cycle is that has been considered to have a high level of importance for the Mayan people, which is why so many people have come to the conclusion that this cycle’s end is that will mean the end of the world as we know it. Although there is not a definitive proclamation of how the end of the world 2012 will happen, those who have studied this assertion, are confident that the calendar was created in order to correspond with a prediction long-term astronomical by the Mayan people. This has led some to believe that this end of the world scenario will play in a way that has something to do with something beyond this world. Although this correlation to something that is happening in outer space is not a definitive thing, for some it’s a basic knowledge of the Mayan culture and its unique understanding of astronomical phenomena and planetary alignments.

World Therefore

In my world limits do not exist My heart are free to love and the peace to spread In my world the illness does not exist and can fly the children does not have fear to play and the adults to imagine In my world the war does not exist and the Land is all blue In my world we can walk for the Sun and later coming back All they can explore each I sing of this world without fear to continue. In this world it does not exist hunger, pain, fear and nor horror In this place all can sing without nothing to complain In it do not have battle, therefore the peace if spreads for all the places In my world all is patient and accepts different the Any person can walk freely without fear of the burning hot fire. In my world tears do not exist and all are respected, therefore in it everything is perfect In each place that you go you see the light to shine and the union if to propagate In my world does not have distance between the hearts because all join in conjuncts the inhabitants take care of of this world with love therefore know that if it cannot be an annihilator..

World Championship

Not many people in the paddock that give too much value to the award every year, at the end of the season, is granted to the best Grand Prix of the season. In 2010 the best organized race was, according to the votes of the teams, the Aragon. The circuit of Alcaniz, Motorland, opened its doors to the World Championship for the first time and received praise everywhere. The track I liked pilots, because the path was fun, with changes in ground level, different than the modern circuits; and the organization not raised any complaint: perfect facilities and proper functioning of the services, such as access to the internet, for example; In addition, even traffic, feared by some somewhat rudimentary access gave too many problems. This Friday, under a soporific heat, Motorland, was shut down. And the blackout gave the fret with that magnificent image of a year ago. Source of the news:: Motorland shuts