Month: March 2017

Santos Students

Also points out that study exchanges of the reader with this type of text provides a more complete model of the reader which includes factors such as motivation, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the cognitive factors. Orihuela and Santos (2005) described his experience about the use of digital blogs (weblogs) thus: the publication online of class tasks is especially relevant in matters doomed to the study of Scripture and the design of navigation in Internet, disciplines in which it is basic to the students to develop skills associated with reading and writing through links. In another example, Garces Perez shares the experience of using a software to support the development Phonological of beginning readers. The futurist may help you with your research. Hogue, Nellon, Patterson and Schulze, (2004) says: the technology also serves as a motivation for students as a platform, interactive and viva. In conclusion is clearly seen that educational institutions not are preparing new generations for the present and for the future or which has been flaws in the development of labour competencies. That is why we emphasize that there must be coordination between all elements of the education system and have clear purposes of the development of science and technology and apply them in search of positive results that ensure that students have a good performance in their future. As opposed to the traditionalist teaching we call to the Magisterium to assess the functionality of the practices that are maintained by tradition, to examine the correspondence between purposes and results and a determine the efficacy of forms of teaching in regard to the purposes. IMPORTANCE of programming of applications MULTIMEDIA applications multimedia has marked and be marked with the passage of time very positive change in my workplace because through them support me to improve my teaching practices, and with which took my students to enter the era of new technologies, thus leaving a background lectures. .

Forced Technological Parties

Before even that the DNI nicknamed the chip of the electronic signature, the lawyers was provided us our professional meat with such anticipation. And with a futuristic elevated positivism, he spoke of an imminent procedural revolution. It’s been years, and the virtuality of this tool, but null is currently very low. All are convinced that new information technologies lead a metamorphosis of our profession. I recently celebrated a trial with a companion, labor lawyer who was only carrying an iPad as a working tool. However, it seems that we are not able to find the way up to that point, every time that recently operated reform has focused rather on the optimisation of processes. Credit: Petra Diamonds-2011.

Which is not negative nor exclusive, and can be the first decisive step, everything is said. The truth is that our justice moves with the slowness of an elephant, both in its day-to-day operations and in addressing the changes and needs greater agility to give timely responses. Perhaps the debate for the future focuses on how implement electronically notifications to all parts of a process, when personally think it is easier than all that, as is a waste of time duplicate (or multiply) the files, whether virtual or physical. There must be one only, the judicial, located on a server under the Ministry of justice. And all those involved, procurators, lawyers, Secretaries, judges and staff members access through accredited electronic signature. Just as prosecutors have to be notified daily physically, according to this new implementation would do so with the same regularity, although with computer evidence. The various writings of the parties would be submitted telepathically, remaining linked but not integrated into cars while they do not diligencien. The transfer of copies between the parties equally simplify with consequent saving of time, paper and money.

Armed Force

The man creates weapons to construct the peace and destroys the hope to construct its capitalist empire, to the end all we will be white of tests of the weapons and the only certainty is that its wealth only will make them deceaseds with more luxurious burials. Silence will bring the peace, only in closing of the eyes of the human targets. Cursed either the imbecile who invented the weapon that has as only purpose the death. He was a sadist if imagining a God who found that he could control its fear keeping distance of its opponent and without giving defense possibility, not even the possibility of an approach. Who uses a weapon is not more than a coward. Who supports the job of the force it uses and it of destruction weapons is not more than an animal that does not trust its power of dialogue and agreement.

It does not have domnios that they justify the weapons and does not have peace that if conquers with the war the respect if conquest for incorruptivos acts and not for the imposition of the Armed Force. The minimum or collective lethality of one sets depends on the intention of that it detonates its device of functioning. Controlled zone does not exist when the targets are mobile and when who is not identified is white and who is alvejador. Perhaps all and any nation that if makes to be valid the weapons to extend its domnios walks in the opposing direction the presence of who created the life, therefore imagines that God abandoned the land as much time. A fool still writes these things in the hope that somebody still believes in this, but if one day I to leave to believe, little imports if the weapons to provoke my silence.

A New Approach To Technology Education

A NEW APPROACH TO TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION IN MEXICO. SUBJECT: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY PARTICIPANTS: Guadalupe Herrera Milagros Fonseca Reyes Olga Stein are many conflicts and events that led to the implementation of neoliberal programs in Latin America. This new approach to education, also brings a different way of dealing with content and support that are used to achieve the expected learning. Here we can mention the Information and Communication Technologies that are fashionable as it is motivating to the learners. To place ourselves in our context, education in Mexico for some time has tried to reach for most scientific and technological advances, we can mention the beginning of this program when the pilot schools were equipped with the first phase of Enciclomedia, which is a computational tool designed to stimulate the process of teaching and learning of primary school teachers regarding the curriculum contained in the books free text of the Ministry of Basic Education in Mexico.

The system supports various kinds of resources to support the teacher teach when resources to support different learning styles. Time after seeing the positive results obtained with the use of this tool was improved and is the program that is in most schools. But simultaneously with the State administration, created another program that used the technology and that competed directly with Encyclopedia, this program was the Media Classroom, which is an open space to the school community, which aims to strengthen the teaching-learning process, by incorporating the technological tool and information through the same can be obtained. The media classroom consists of computer equipment connected to the Internet, television equipment and satellite station, which receives the signal EDUSAT, CD’s and videos diverse educational and printed material related to the use of technology in the classroom. Unfortunately the political conflict of having a school with two programs, maintenance caused difficulty because at first the two programs were consistent service, but once time passed both the Federal government, as the State forgot to send technicians who maintained the equipment in good working order. Currently there are other companies that are offering in the envelope of technology to developing students with low achievement or great, we can mention the international giant Microsoft, is also equally important to Telmex. With this support for students, teachers and educational institutions, we believe that we will not so far behind in knowledge and use of ICT’s

New Model Energy

In the past the human being has used natural sources of energy to improve their quality of life. It has been able to use the force of the wind to their advantage. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Petra Diamonds. Until recently the windmills were an essential part of the economy, in modern terms these domestic wind turbines were environmentally clean and sustainable. With the industrial revolution and the discovery of the steam engine the energy model based on fossil fuels replaced the energy model based on natural sources. At the beginning everything were advantages, the coal and oil seemed the perfect guarantee of the welfare society. A society without future vision was let go by economic interests. Priority was the immediate economic well-being and all who raise voice against was strikethrough radical. Even nowadays there are groups who argue that climate change does not exist, it is not caused by human being and of course fossil fuels nothing have to do.

Worried about the future that awaits us, nowadays society She seems willing to change. Environmental issues are fashionable. Governments encourage the use of renewable energy and all sorts of new plans promise us a hopeful future. But the reality is that the changes are very slow, all seem to agree in wanting to radically change the energy model without changing the economic model. While each defend their own interests and others put the cry in heaven our planet continues its slow agony.

Lean Element

Valley to remember that everything this must be analyzed and nosimplesmente discarded of the time standard, therefore can indicaroportunidades of improvement. You may want to visit Xcel Energy to increase your knowledge. Paradividir an operation in elements is necessary to form a concept deelemento. ‘ ‘ An element consists of one or more movements that all form umaparte significant of ciclo’ ‘. Example for a cycle of umaoperao of rebitagem: To catch washer with the right hand and the rivet with the left hand and to place in the device. To set in motion bimanual. To rivet.

To catch set of the device with the right hand and to make use in the mat. Convmque these elements are composites of homogeneous, periodic movements, of short duration, but that they can be chronometered (superior the 4 hundredth of minute). Importantssimo identificarpontos of separation clear between the elements is, where ondetermina starts and each element of accurate form, for an accurate marking dostempos. Noexemplo above, element 1 could start when the operator finalizao element 4, that is, when the movement to make use is finished, or still, when the part touches the mat. Observeainda that element 1 could still be I divide in two elements, umpara the movement ‘ ‘ pegar’ ‘ another one for the movement ‘ ‘ colocar’ ‘ , this podedepender of the characteristic/complexity of the element or if its cronometrvel duration. Tambm important to identify some details of the movement, as porexemplo, as the hands and the feet is used. One remembers: the division emelementos must reconstruircompletamente have enough information for the cycle of the part. In the next article, we will speak on the concepts of time in the Cronoanlise.

Heating Water

Furnished our villa or their home, you have to take care of such things as sewage, heating and water supply. We are ready not only to offer reasonably priced water system, heating and boiler equipment, but also assist in their purchasing and commissioning activities. Do you know what to give water or at home, well drilling – that's not all. More information is housed here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. To decide a year-round or seasonal water supply at home is planned. It is necessary to consider whether you ever use the automatic washing machines, irrigation devices, swimming pools, or other equipment that requires constant pressure, as this will surely affect the installation of water supply systems.

It is not excluded that will be necessary to the treatment plant, and this in turn greatly complicate installation of water supply. Adjustment of heating equipment and heating system has some peculiarities. First of all, it is necessary pre-design the system to heat your home and develop a home heating. Still need to calculate the thermal regime of heating equipment, still need to determine the heat load, identify the places where they will be heating boilers, chimneys, railway. And already then just do the calculation and installation of heating equipment.

The process of setting up sewage also requires consideration of certain issues. After giving sewage, which used less frequently and, consequently, the load on the waste water is not very big, very different from the sewage cottage, which is inhabited year round and, therefore, need different treatment facilities. Thus, when installing sewage country house and try to consider the same features of the site, and especially the surrounding area. It is very important in the early to choose the right type of cleaning equipment, so you do not have to it was redone. And yet you do not particularly worry about it. Sale of boilers and other systems for your home – it is not all that we offer. Our excellent professionals are highly qualified and professional skills in all the above types of work. Installation of boilers, installation of water systems, installation of heating – these and other additional types of work will be done quickly and qualitatively.

Manual Pablo

In the multimillion model, the immediate of the radio is remained, but the message can have given adds that the audio support does not hold and that they are available in the different units that compose the website of the station. The contents of the radios in the Internet are fit in a structure technological that it allows diverse linkings it, in an extension of a world of limitless information, registered and of easy access the specialized databases. The linking to the archive is a new sphere of the communication, made possible for on-line and that it comes to desvirtuar the instantaneidade of the radiofnica communication. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Mitchell Resnick. The resources hipermdia represent the possibility to interact with the public and the station, in an interchange process that appeals to fruns of conversational quarrel, rooms, e-mail, votings and commentary of notice. In this way the listener passes to be considered an element capable to be part of the construction of the emissions, coming close itself to the concept of producer of the communication. The expansion of the diffusion systems, holds the palling of the hearings that if divide in function of the increase of the number of emitting stations and the diversification and segmentation of its contents. The listening of programs in differed the election enters some canals that the radio in the Internet can disponibilizar results in a differentiated consumption, in accordance with the interests and necessities of each individual. The technology came to allow to the magnifying of the diffusion and a bigger capacity of storage, favoring the use in function of what the listeners/users determine.

This structure favors the creation of new forms of organization of the contents and the personalization, for the definition of the information that each listener internauta receives for e-mail, or of the structure of the page of entrance of the website. The advent of the webrdios ones not only changes the structure of the radiocarbon language as well as the current trend of the society to converge itself to the way of the multimedia. The extension of the radio for the Internet made possible a bigger interatividade of the same and contributed still more for the segmentation tried for the modern public. One lives new times where nets ‘ starts me to the society to be recognized in one; ‘ not lunar’ ‘ where it is divided now in canals of common interests.

Internet Resources

There are many ways to promote a project. There are methods of promotion are black, and are white. It is worth a closer look at the illegal (black) website promotion. Black methods of promotion are simply created for the web studios mushrooming projects polluting the Internet, confusing the user inadvertently caught in them. Using these methods of promotion to no good will not.

Indeed, such works are not honest webmasters will move very quickly, but not for long. After a short time such online resources are likely to be banned by search engines. For black methods of promotion and advancement of sites include: 1) Use Doorway – pages, redirect the user to another more frequented resource. Search engine spiders to index the page and are redirected to another location, and the page is rated as popular. After the page will be indexed, webmasters will replace the doorway to a normal page, but search engines often detect such fraud and penalize the site owner.

2) Cloaking – the mask. A more advanced and sophisticated the previous method. Changes identified by the ip-address of buyers and the search engine robots. Users are brought to the site, easily readable and well executed, very comfortable. And robots – on page score keywords. However, this method is very complicated, its creator must have the highest skills of programming and optimizing pages. 3) Use a clear text that is not by users, but notice the robots. Also used transparent image. All this leads, ultimately, to the ban. 4) The use of so-called link spam. This is when the link exchange occurs between the resources mismatched subjects. Is there any desire from the user not interesting to visit his site? 5) Create a site specifically for robots, stuffed with keywords. When such a site will rise to the top, its contents are changed so that the user was interested in him attend. A need is Internet sites, stuffed with keys, unreadable, do not carry in itself useful information. 6) Website of the satellite (assistants, companions), promoting a primary site. Satellites also are not useful information, they just clutter the Internet. This is the most basic ways of promotion of black sites. But there are many more. It is important to understand that these methods except the inconvenience to do anything more can not. Internet sites have to scrape by, created exclusively for the promotion. And most importantly – never do it yourself!

New EnergyEfficient Technologies

Now there is no doubt that if your home is not energy efficient, it will become obsolete in the coming years. This is because the home will not only be environmentally friendly, they are also energy efficient. Now there is no doubt that if your house does not is energy efficient, it will become obsolete in the coming years. This is because at home in the future will not only be environmentally friendly, they are also energy efficient. While many people are already dreaming about his home: running on solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, energy efficient homes in the future will use more advanced technology prozvodstva and energy conservation. Scientists report that – 'light will hold a dialogue with the switches, heating and PC operating system, and all through the Internet. " Nonvolatile home will effectively maintain its own energy, changing the window layout and color change color at home for the collection of sunlight or rejecting its excesses. It's all part of the common system of energy conservation, efficient homes buduyuschego that will make you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Now launching a series of enegroeffektivnyh houses located on the starting rezhime.Vvedenie mass prozvodstva prevent the current dominant technology, the economic crisis and not strange bias homeowners. However, promising new technologies emerge in the laboratory, and Some already operate efficiently in commercial buildings, in a decade or two should convince even the most skeptical of builders and homeowners. Intensive research is focused now on smart windows. Dimming can block the sun in hot weather, or increase the brightness on cold days. Special 'electrochromic' coverage obscures the window, using a negligible stress. Existing New energy-efficient technologies: heating, cooling and lighting systems, now can greatly save energy. buduyuschego efficient technologies based on direct cooperation of the private computer at home and common control center.

In Canada, already operates similar to a gated development. Each structure includes a glazed section of the wall facing the sun. Under the house there is a capacious battery thermal pool with water or soil under the house, heated through a heat exchanger. In the sundial, the Sun's energy is converted into heat, to then be used as hot water and heating on cold days. The main heat insulation can used straw. This is good old-new heater. Straw – a stem of cereals. Is a tubular structure of 20-40 cm plugged from both sides. This is the ideal thermal cell. Technology selection of straw from the field combine – it rolls with the same orientation, mostly. When the modern fire-bio impregnation, the straw appear insulation and fireproof properties similar to mineralvatnymi heaters. Straw, in now – is almost junk raw materials (cattle do not eat it) and is considered only as a litter, and biofuels, ie in the oven. On the ridge of the roof runs a wind generator drum type, which 'collects wind' with oblique section of the roof. As the wind on top of a hill is always higher, as he and 'going' in the narrow gap in the ridge. Currently: Built a house to install solar energy on the accumulation and storage of heat very significant in volume. Trial operation of wind turbines.