Month: November 2019

Employee Training

Tuesday was a warm winter, when I entered the training class of the company. My task was to try to teach something about the business plans for a team of apprentices, a social responsibility project aimed at providing training in business and technology for youth in the city. The three days before I had thought about what would be the best approach to talk business with a group of people that little, if any, knew about it, and quiet the doubts that I could read in the faces of the students showed me that in this case, talking was not going to help much. So I decided to reduce the theory to a minimum and go directly to the practice by proposing a case study. I told students that they would inherit a candy store where a curve of decrease in sales would cause the bankruptcy of the company in just over three months. Their mission was not only avoid this, but also increase profits. None of these people was able to solve this problem alone because all lacked expertise on the subject.

However, as soon as formed working groups, some interesting ideas emerged, and little by little, the initial difficulties were overcome. As a result, some good strategies are developed. Amazingly, many companies do not understand this remarkable feature is called synergy, nor their potential for development of the organization. They do not realize that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts, and that myopia, probably because their growth impacts. Much has been written about knowledge management, but few people really know what that means in practice, and what more can be found are companies that deal only to store the knowledge of its employees, fearing to become their hostages.

With this, they are simply gathering information incomplete until they can not cope with all that more mass. It's a real "indigestion" of knowledge. If, for its part, the organization must stop knowledge about your business, equally important is the dissemination of information and continued training of employees, and provide an environment of collaboration and trust. People need to feel recognized and valued. Once these needs are satisfied, they give the company a lot more of themselves. We must always bear in mind that people are the true foundation of any organization and we do not build buildings on a weak foundation, we try to support our business on solid contributors. The company should grow up doing with people to grow with it, or so their growth will always be limited by that person. In the case of trainees, even without the knowledge and experience to solve the problem posed, there were good business plans at the level of strategy. Working together, individuals exceeded the limits of their strength when alone and evolved ever more rapidly. Also companies learn the mechanism of this dynamic, probably will be able to overcome their most optimistic expectations.

The World

Thus I would like to know. And if you know me I can be resolved. And if I solve it is as if I eliminated. CU?L IS THE PROBLEM OF THE PRESIDENT? That you want to solve the problem of the world and not being able do it, solves the problem of none. CU?L IS THE PROBLEM OF TEACHERS? Some don’t know what they teach and others do not teach what they know. I also know those who neither know nor teach. DOES GOD DO DOES ALLOW THAT THERE ARE PROBLEMS? Why what you ask? Also is you that the blame for its problems spoil God? I am going to say something: God gave man the intelligence to solve their problems not to circumvent them. If man does not use properly his intelligence is not problem of God.

WHY? THEY SAY THAT A PROBLEM IS A CHANCE? Because I never’m only. It almost always accompanies me the tragedy, which is like the Queen of all the problems; the nightmare, a lady that we lose sleep all the problems and the opportunity, which is like the door to all the triumphs. Which of the three do you want to submit? PERHAPS EST?N BY AQU? I already told him that I am never alone. They never desamparan me. We are in fact four. I, the tragedy, the nightmare and the opportunity.

If I do not consort with these friends, it would lose the essence of my existence. People have to choose who goes out to dance the Waltz. It is not that I be hypothesized but I am the most handsome group and why most prefer me, both men and women. What almost no one knows is that tragedy is my someone you trust and who I choose me approaching she. Instead, opportunity is not a person who wakes up my sympathies and why I is hidden from everyone.


But the price was good and was very close to his work. During one month Mabel and Alex came out together almost every day. They were expected to work output. They had long hours of conversation. They would often dance evenings and Alex usually ended up drunk, which I much disliked Mabel. She never saw him smoking marijuana, but he could smell their characteristic aroma in your clothes and in your hair. Mabel saw an intense sadness, a great regret behind the lovely smile from Alex.

Something was inside, which he tried to disguise. She I could sense it. Why stood beside her thinking that I could help him and do so out of his addiction. I had always had tendency to want to help people with problems. She felt that these people emanated something that attracted their sensitivity, and who could not abandon them. Just a pain that the soul had split him in two made that you depart from her boyfriend in Uruguay. Although Mabel could understand that her boyfriend is acostara with her friend sometime in their negative mood, I could not overcome it for wanting to stay by his side. I could forgive him but nothing more.

It had been five months since that fateful day and now, Mabel felt that someone who was very alone once again needed help and she would do everything it could to help her. If something was left to Mabel, it was patience to understand. The first night that Alex spent together had no nightmares, but not the same thing happened the second. In the middle of the night, Alex began giving repeated kicks to Mabel, who woke up scared, and without understanding what was happening. He gave a leaped on the bed and sat down. I had exorbitant eyes and did not cease to shout – I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.


With this simple technique will memorize lists of words whatever I have chosen the basket as an example. The technique is form a story with the components of the list, so that it is as implausible as possible since our subconscious (where resides the memory), so qualify information valuable and unique. Viewing acquires a vitally important since we are working with images, and sharpness is crucial, not only that but also odors and flavors that imagine can help us to remember. We are going to practice: bread, two bottles of milk, butter, oil, paste soup, chickpeas, chicken, yogurt, sausages, cheese, toilet paper, ketchup. Now let’s associate words ones with others so that they form a story, a sequence logic to help us remember all the objects that form the list. This is my story, but if you feel that you can change it to remember it better, do it since every person is a world. I’m walking down the street road to the supermarket when I get to the door I am with a huge loaf of bread who crosses me step, give a punch and inside out two bottles of milk, open the bottles and see that milk has been damaged and has become butter, put bottles in the Sun and heat butter in oil, lame converts oil and see that there is a huge pot of water boiling in the center of the super’m going throwing droplets of oil and to contact with water becomes Pasta soup, I’m stirring the soup with a baseball bat and throwing more oil, I leave the soup and with the bat I give a large whack to a bookshelf, a few vials that come out raw chickpeas are broken, all the floor is filled with chickpeas displayed a giant chicken who slips with chickpeas and falls against a refrigerator causing a great DIN chicken is completely covered with yogurtruns off behind my very angry but as it is full of yogurt it slides far I take this opportunity to pick up a packet of sausages and I’m throwing until he calms down suddenly stands up and picks up a huge cheese these Dutch giant makes a hole in the middle and feel to make your needs, I reached him a roll of toilet paper, he feels grateful and picks up a pot of ketchup and draws a heart in a huge white wall. .