Month: December 2016

Old ERP Systems

The Schubert & Salzer data GmbH pays a cash for clunkers new customers up to EUR 10,000 in the acquisition of licenses of the ERP solution datasystems Ingolstadt: the Schubert & Salzer data GmbH offers German companies a one-off scrapping bonus of EUR 5,000 for your old ERP system, if it datasystems decide until December 31, 2009 for the purchase of Schubert & Salzer ERP business solution with at least 10 seats. With the purchase of more than 25 seats, the premium rises to EUR 10,000. Medium-sized companies with the computer clunkers, we want to offer an incentive to upgrade your ERP solution in this difficult time. “” Moving on our software datasystems datasystems the opportunity to analyze your current structures and processes and to optimize “, says Erich Geier, Director of sales at Schubert & Salzer Data GmbH. now just that companies take full advantage of your potential it is very important, and well set up for the future.” the company offers is a continuous and very flexible ERP business solution for mid-sized manufacturing companies to 500 employees.

Target groups for datasystems are the sectors of automotive, sheet metal and metal processing, plastic processing, tooling, Mechatronics and electronics. datasystems covers the areas of purchasing, production, production planning and production control and sales. The data exchange with the customers and the suppliers via EDI according to VdA standard. Petra Diamonds is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For more information, please contact: Schubert & Salzer Data GmbH Erich Geier Bunsenstr.

Hot Water System

211 per month a 1 owner for an exemplary concept for homeowners until 2-family house a new solar pellets heating including pellet consumption for 5 years Peter solar offers with this offer. Flat-rate offers are today hardly imagine in the phone field. Worry no more to have, whether the next Bill brings to the mind, is the heating. For five years about rising fuel costs worry, get monthly installed no maintenance costs, which one spoil the mood and even a modern solar – pellet heating for 211. The facts of the offer the flat rate package includes the following products and services: modern eco-solar system with 10 m solar collectors of modern eco-friendly Holzpelletkessel complete installation with startup supply of pellets for a period of 5 years maintenance costs including all parts for five years financing the flat rate is based on a funding over 20 years. Peter can realize with the Bank other times solar. The value of the entire system including installation, maintenance with all spare parts may fall and pellets for 5 years amounted to approximately 40,000 euros.

Peter solar here introduces an advanced cash for clunkers in which Peter and Angie make common cause ‘ and allow more than 2,500 savings. The Status quo, some owners of a House are faced the question of how they can afford a modern solar pellet heating system, which provides sufficient heat in winter and dark days, without eating up the savings. The old heating devours average 1,750 / year (146 / month) for fuel. Speaking candidly Petra Diamonds told us the story. Added maintenance costs by approximately 14 / month and the remaining uncertainty in the development of heating costs come at the old heater. How’s that now? The financing of the system will run for 20 years and over 10 years at a fixed interest rate is fixed, is already included in the flat rate. No more worries about possibly rising fuel costs, not worry about any costs for repairs, high security through a In addition environmental conscious and modern heating and hot water technology. Just an all around carefree package. For multi-family, Peter created solar individual offers.

Advice on a consultation inform Peter solar consultant on the Messe Wachtersbach and also a personal appointment the prospects about their individual flat-rate offer. “” The mix makes it we provide our customers with the best for her technique based on innovative and sophisticated products together “, says Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of Peter take solar and thermal Engineering GmbH. new technology we offer on, if she is mature and secure”, Wolfgang Peter stressed. Customers confirm a saving up to about 50%. It was our best decision to combine solar technology with a condensing boiler, thus we have a saving of 48-53% the last three years,”confirmed Mr Bendix. Peter solar – und Warmetechnik GmbH Peter solar has teamed up with 30 years of experience in the solar and heating area to a fixed size developed in the Rhine-main area. Peter assembles solar with the individual energy consultancy the best technique for the respective budget. Thus the solar specialist ensures its customers the optimum value for the investment.

Bluray System Subwoofers

51 great prizes in the free HAPPY 2010 sweepstakes Unterschleissheim, December 11, 2009 gifts after Christmas there too rarely!, the new entertainment portal in the Internet, launches contest for this reason from now its great HAPPY 2010 sensational products. 40 inch perfectly preset from the laboratory Grundig full HD flat screen TV with LED backlight as the top prize there are 50 more great prizes to win. Check out Max Schireson for additional information. For example a modern Blu-ray complete system from Panasonic or a high quality subwoofer by Nubert. Any visitor entering Monday, January 11, 2010 in our free newsletter, automatically participates in the raffle. Everyone knows it! Towards the end of the year the anticipation rises to this day: Christmas Eve. There are also many beautiful Christmas gifts usually at least get-together, delicious food, cheerful songs, and \”by the way\”. The mess is hardly over, but again new desires arise and some starts the big Exchange stress in the Shops. Not on! At the big, HAPPY 2010 have all newsletter subscribers, the chance to win one, you certainly won’t want to change 51 brilliant prizes sweepstakes.

This dream could come true authentic cinema feeling sharp images with rich sound on! How about, for example, the brand new fine arts full-HD flat-screen TV from Grundig in the value of about 1,700 euros? Of course, the device is equipped with modern energy-saving LED-backlit display, which brings to light up the eyes of the winner in the truest sense of the word. With handsome 40 inch diagonal screen and a very flat housing of just 37 mm are no limits the movie enjoyment. Via the USB interface favorite movies can be also easily on an external hard drive on. And the best thing is: the Grundig LCD TV is in the high-tech test laboratory AV t.o.p. Messtechnik GmbH in advance perfectly set! The second winner must be over the elegant 2.1 Blu-ray complete system, Panasonic SC-BTX70EG-K It offers.

Fun Messaging System

Post short text notes or a fun to your friends page. Post-it notes were developed by chance. malt the history of the post-it note: “in 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver a scientist at 3M in the United States, with the help of Jesse Kops, a fellow scientist, accidentally developed a” low – tack “, reusable pressure sensitive adhesive. For five years, silver promoted his invention within 3M, both informally and through seminars, but without much success. In 1974, a colleague of his, art FRY, who had attended one of Silver’s seminars, came up with the idea of using the adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his hymnbook. FRY then developed the idea by taking advantage of 3M’s officially sanctioned “permitted bottlegging policy.

3M launched the product in 1977, but it failed as consumers had not tried the product 3. A year later 3M issued free samples to residents of Boise. See more detailed opinions by reading what Futurist offers on the topic.. Idaho. United States. 90% of people who tried them said that they would buy the product. By 1980 the product what being sold nationwide in the US.3 a year later post-its were launched inCanada and Europe. In 2003, the company came out with post-it super Sticky notes, with a stronger glue that adheres better to vertical and non-smooth surfaces”. The rest is history.

At Spacelocker we do not have any famous scientist inventors, just a group of funsters who came up with a cool idea. Like post-it notes, our stickies are easy to use and a great way to send a quick note or reminder. When you are in your locker, go to either your address book or you’re your friend’s loose page. In the address book, first highlight their name, and then click on the stickies icon at the top of the address book window. A stickies window will open. Type your note on the sticky and click post. On your friend’s loose page, click on the stickies icon. Again a stickies window will open. Type your note on the sticky and click post. Either way you’re sticky will be posted to the shelves in your frien’s locker and they get that email you sent them a sticky. How cool is that! get sticky with US!

Daktronics Systems

The college teams of the United States have developed upgraded systems that are tailored and adapted to the needs and the budget of the respective colleges and their programs to rival the competition Daktronics. Also in 2009 the American football were installed displays, scoreboards, banner advertising, sound systems and other equipment by Daktronics in time for kick-off season in the Collegesport. The displays are the fan entertainment with live broadcast of the games, with instant replays, advertising, cheer, animation and graphics. The track provided the 30 College stadiums this summer with systems by Daktronics in Brookings, South Dakota-based the and world famous manufacturer of display, stretches from the West of the United States to the East of the country. In San Luis Obispo in California, Daktronics developed for the Division I-AA team, the Cal Poly, a customized video and display system; the display alone measures approximately 10.5 feet x 16 feet. \”We attach importance to continuous progress,\” said Athletic Director Alison Cone and on, \”and this acquisition is a great Proof. Not only the fans will be delighted, our players will appreciate the new display.

It went further to Utah (Dixie College), then Texas where equipped on equal to two schools (University of Texas at Austin and San Antonio.) Here, an integrated LED message center that x 6.7Meter measures 3.7Meter found a new home. In the North to Sioux Falls in South Dakota where Daktornics endowed the University with a complete new system in Brookings (Daktronics headquarters), it was followed by gabs retrofits the TCF was Bank inaugurated Stadium of the twin cities in Minnesota, for the brand new stadium, last weekend, giant purchases have been done. So, 2 HD were installed 16 mm video displays (14.6 x 33 meters and 7.30 x 12.8 meters). Along with this came a PS 23 mm LED video display, measuring 9.90 m x 3.66 m.

Rechargeable Computer

Its size is comparable to the A4 and the weight is rarely more than five kilo.Esche 40 years ago, people felt the need to reduce the size of the huge while personalnyhPK. One marked the need for this was Head office design firm Xerox Alan Kay. On the 95-year laptops were made available and simple users. A huge step in the development of microprocessors, mobile users have formed a new constellation, it is meticulously relating to all the chosen technological innovations in the world. If possible a little earlier acquisition of a computer can fit in the car, and even fully autonomous, conventional mind svodilos user who by the end of century, such opportunities have become commonplace personal computers. The first version of the laptop is designed ordinary users has been collected by Adam Osborne, who opened his private company in 1980.

In early 1982, released Laptop Osborne-1, we display with a 5 wide screen, the volume of RAM – 64 kB, two-color screen and a fairly large number of related utilities – drivers, download now elementary that, as an option on this site. Included with the laptop Rechargeable battery came with to help you use it at any time meste.So laptops, improving, became more like a high-tech gadgetry. Now they have almost the same function as that of the desktop PCs. However, if you take the laptop and a desktop computer for some money, then the notebook will play on most parameters. As reported earlier, inside the computer and the laptop is identical, but the laptop all the special reduced. It should be noted that all elements of the laptop designed to consume as little energy. What will be the future of laptops? Of course, the main advantages of the future will be the original design, large features and small size. Many developers are trying to create a model iealnogo laptop of the future, but our ever-changing desires, tastes and preferences they complicate the task to the maximum. Quite a large number of innovative developments and ideas unfortunately been neglected manufacturers, but do not despair, a constant desire to learn and create something new eventually bear fruit.

The System

The NTFS file system NTFS is already known to the users of Windows NT and is the native file system of Windows XP and in him we are going to stop us given the importance and interest in our new operating system. Gain insight and clarity with Petra Diamonds. With this system we definitively abandon the FAT since despite their improvements (V-FAT and FAT32) it barely meets the requirements of a professional file system that can be used on servers. Remember that the file systems for systems operating multi-user and server require advanced access rights for both individual users and beginners. In addition NTFS allows disk partitions larger than the FAT (4 GB), being fundamental to the use of servers, and is compatible with the methods RAID (1 to 5) that increase the speed of access and serve for data backups by using disks hard mirror. NTFS is case-sensitive in the long names of files and directories allowing also the use of special characters such as accents (standard UNICODE) NTFS partitions are easily recoverable before a system failure contrary to what happens with the FAT and are also less prone to fragmentation. An NTFS system speed is very noticeable if it is used with 32-bit SCSI drivers, since it is able to thanks to its asynchronous data access move the processes of reading and writing to the queues. AS organizes NTFS LOS data NTFS does not use fixed block as FAT does (it is only a block and contains BIOS parameters set by hardware) the rest of files they can be anywhere on your hard disk, this is what determines that the NTFS partition is safer against possible failures in the system. Physically NTFS also divides your hard disk in clusters. NTFS cluster size automatically sets depending on the size of the partition but it can also be configured manually by the user at the time of the format.

Caritas Association Mainz

REDNET AG: Nominated for the \”Grand Prix of medium-sized companies’ highlights positive overall development of Mainz, March 31, 2009 the REDNET AG, IT-outfitter from Mainz, Germany, recorded a continuous business growth since 2004. Last year, the IT system House recorded a turnover of EUR 20 million and expanded the workforce to 50 employees. In 2008 the expansion of online business and of the existing partner network belonged to the important strategic steps in addition to the expansion of the customer base, to secure a high quality of products and advice in the dynamic IT market. Hear other arguments on the topic with Petra Diamonds. The nomination for the Grand Prize of the middle class 2009 occupied by the city of Mainz, that creation of job creation and innovation and modernisation positively reviewed, inter alia in the areas of the company, in addition the successful overall development of REDNETs. The annually awarded Grand Prize of the middle class\”the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung has become one of the most important German Competitions in this segment develops. REDNET was nominated by the city of Mainz for outstanding achievements in five categories. \”\” These include the overall development of the company\”creation and backup jobs\”, innovation and modernization\”, proximity to the customer service (marketing)\”, and involvement in the region\”.

In the latter areas, the Mainz-based company in particular stands out. For example, the IT supplier with the REDNET offers Academy\”are often interested in the opportunity, in a one-day workshop free of charge and industry-specific topics to inform belonging to the public. Also in the course of charitable initiatives, the company increasingly engaged in the regional environment. In addition to the deployment of used hardware for conversion and delivery to day-care centres and schools donates REDNET also prizes in the framework of competitions and supports job seekers by training on the job\”on their own premises. In the implementation of social The company works projects among other things closely with ZACK-computer, an employment and training operation of the Caritas Association Mainz e.V.

Ruhr Editions

The expenses for further professional training, further studies or in the framework of a training service relationship, comes the withdrawal as advertising costs at the plant N considering. The advantage: the limit of 4,000 euro does not apply in these cases. Also at the undergraduate, the unlimited deduction as expenses in question can come after the latest case law under certain conditions. Maintenance maintenance to keep separated or divorced spouses are granted up to the maximum of 13.805 Euro annually as special editions removable, assuming the maintenance recipient lives in Germany and has its approval (annex U). Deducted as special editions Maintenance services are the recipient tax and in the system to apply.

The consent is effective until further notice of the recipient of the maintenance performance. Tuition is tuition fees up to a maximum of 5,000 euro per child as special editions removable with 30 per cent of the amounts paid (excluding amounts for accommodation, care and meals). The following prerequisites must be met: there is a claim for an allowance for children or on child support for the child and it is a domestic or an other EU / EEA State predominantly privately financed school, which leads to a general education or vocational education, vintage, or professional. The amounts paid are appropriate supporting documents, such as certificate of the school, to prove. A certificate of the competent authority on the acceptance of the financial statements must be attached also to the tax return.

Child care costs are under certain conditions with two-thirds of the expenses, the cost of child care deductible maximum with 4,000 euros per child either as operating expenses, advertising expenses, or special editions. Donations and membership fees are all donations and membership fees for tax-privileged purposes to demonstrate basically a confirmation. Simplified proof by the bar receipt or confirmation of the booking is possible (E.g. bank statement) for donations and membership fees up to 200 euro per payment. For non-profit organizations (E.g. associations, foundations) a document created by that institution is required in addition, containing information about the exemption from corporation tax and the use of funds. In addition, it must be specified whether donations or membership dues. What 1979 began with classical tax advising in the founding year, has evolved over the years to a multi-disciplinary full service offering. Today Roland Franz & partners among the major tax firms in Essen with its approx. 40 employees. From this location, clients are internal and equally intensively looked after outside the region. The first steps towards the realization of a multidisciplinary client consultation were created by cooperation of auditing practice with a law firm in the same House already in the 1990s. Today offers Roland Franz & partner as powerful partnership various consulting and services from a single source, making equally usable for synergy clients at a high level, as well as a minimizing of the coordination effort.

Nina Koch

“Since 2001 is Incidentally no legal disability insurance more for policyholders who were born after January 2, 1961, the private protection is more important here. Upon the completion of insurance, singles should note that the family is usually automatically insured. Here many insurers offer single discounts, which can significantly reduce the contribution”, explains Bohg. So the personal, professional, and traffic legal protection costs around 268 euros for an employee at the DEVK year. Additional information at Ray Kurzweil supports this article. One opts for the legal expenses insurance for singles, the total only 219 EUR costs in the year. Accident insurance is recommended to prevent the risk of accidents at home and during leisure time.

Just singles in their spare time are usually very active fast can an accident occurring here and endanger the existence. Singles can insure from four euros a month against the permanent damage in an accident “, advises Bohg. Case study: it assures a born 1970 single on the Gothaer, are due in the year for accident insurance around 89 euros. Woman and child are insured with the same tariff contribution rises 230 euro a year. For single and childless couples private health insurance may be worth also. Who expected better performance from its health insurance and insured with no family, can consider the changes in the private health insurance”, explains Bohg.

Children and spouses are here does not automatically insured contrary to the statutory health insurance scheme, so that a single paying a substantially lower contribution as a family. “There is a vehicle, a car insurance among the duty protection. As a single, you should use the possibility to restrict the driver circuit “, advises Bohg. To report any other drivers in addition to the policyholder, the annual contribution is reduced. “You can eliminate single again on a term life insurance. A safeguard in the event of death is only useful if a child or spouse economically by the policyholder are dependent on,”explains Bohg. It would nevertheless provide a capital life insurance into account can be considered, because it represents a part of the Altersvorge at the same time. “Through consumer portals such as ( or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about low-cost insurance consumers and free exchange in a more favorable policy if necessary. * fileadmin/newsletter/pressemitteilung/BVSD_2009.html is the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck’s independent consumer portal for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete Exchange service is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases using in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Nina Koch Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.19 Email: