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The Android

For Blackburry users they can use the gCal application. However for Apple users they can use the iCal application that has a peculiarity and is that they can use it next to Google Calendar. Those that uses the Iphone 3GS can remove advantage from Microsoft Exchange for calendars, contacts, emaily more. The users of Microsoft can remove advantages from Outlook, whereas the users of Palm Pre and Pixi can use the services of Google Calendars, Facebook Calendars, etc. 4) It puts the Office in your Cellular one Many of the cellular ones of at the present time come with applications very outposts, or from having all the types of archives in your cellular equivalents to gigantic hard disks, like many other really impressive functions.

Those people who need one complete solcucin with respect to documents can visit Documents to Go, that supports applications for Iphone, Windows, Bluckberry and Palm. The price varies according to the caratersticas that we want that they have. The users of Windows have including for application MS Office Mobile and for the Apple users he has the application Quickoffices Mobile Office Suite. In the document section, the Iphone users can want to watch Air sharing and Dropbox. The Android users could watch GoAruna, that supports Mac, Windows and Linux with connection Wi – Fi for your cellular one. It is necessary to continue Updating itself It is necessary to continue watching all the new applications that can be arising and following our business and type of work to select those that better they adapt. Also there are other branches that include the cellular ones and that can serve to them to that they have businesses as they can be the handling of the contacts, reading of the news, document search and many others more than can serve to us.


The full article it can be consulted at the following link: related articles: what is cloud computing? What is the cloud? Force of NetSuite sales automation 1st part as managing my calendar from NetSuite part 1 of sales force automation in NetSuite 2nd part this is an article of the journal systems not 112 ACIS, written by the systems engineer and computing Francisco wheel F. Director of the Engineering Department of systems and computer science from the Universidad de Los Andes. Article unveils the results of a survey conducted among members and people who have had some connection with the Asociacion Colombiana of systems engineers, ACIS., which had as objective to determine the level of development of computing in the cloud in Colombia. The survey was conducted to 185 people, which come from companies of different sizes. Below are some of the questions put to respondents: considers that the theme of Cloud Computing as a subject: moderately, very important and unimportant.

67% Of respondents, i.e. 128 people consider the very important issue. This result reflects the opinion of the people who answered the survey and not necessarily the company. In the company in which you are working is there any application cloud computing?. 36% (67 People) indicate that in your company if used and 64% (118 individuals) indicate that not.

Which is the type of computer used in the cloud, the 47.8% SAAS (software as a service), the 23.9% PAAS (platform as a service) and 28.4% IAAS (infrastructure as a service). This result shows that the topic has been boosted mainly through applications. Which is the type of application that is used more in the cloud. CRM (33), Office (25), ERP (20), (13) content creation, Conten/communication/colab (29), (14), another software application (30) supply chain. The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers.

The Life

However, browsers can also fall prey to false promises and useless secrets, systems of non-profit that seem logical but lack of sustenance and infallible formulas that end up being some few tips that you can take free. You can do against this? The same as explorers in the jungle: are equipped with knowledge and common sense. Like them, should be watching in the bushes and make a campfire to avoid bring beasts. We must learn to recognize the hooks that you’ll see and remember that there are traps in the jungle and you can fall on them if you aren’t careful. Any promise that will look very scandalous, there is doubt. Any magic system, there is also doubt. You’ve seen how it advances a deer in the forest? Walking, sniffs, looks around and takes another step. It never ceases to pay attention because he knows that as soon as you from being distracted, a tiger will drop him.

So remember: are now entering the jungle. Here you can’t miss the life, but it is the money. If you do not take care, well you can end up losing what you both want to take care of. The safest homespun Internet business way? Care portfolio! Guides to learn how to do something or the software you need to create sites, investigate markets and automate tasks pay alone and are a smart investment. Everything else, you have to see it many times (many) before even thinking about buying it or enter membership. Nor is that te espantes; earn money online is possible and relatively easy, if you take the time to learn. Just remember: for practical purposes, you are in the jungle and the jungle is pretty hard with that isn’t ready. To enter in to the jungle, visit the link to see how make money on the Internet; Remember that information is going to be your best weapon. With time and learning, you will be able to win anything that puts you front. Original author and source of the article

Microsoft SharePoint

High demand for tickets and help desk system for SharePoint 2010 Hannover, January 2012. The high demand for TickX confirmed media service expectations: with the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 developed ticket – and help-desk system the IT system House of Hanover the nerve of the times met. Since the first presentations demand increasing in December 2011 daily. The need for a professional ticket – and help-desk system for SharePoint 2010 enterprise is enormous,”as Thomas ostreich, senior, exists on the market has no comparable solution, which is so deeply integrated in SharePoint and in a such feature software engineer according to our level of knowledge. TickX enables companies to represent their customers in a standardized structured process support requests. As a traditional help desk solutions, treated differently from TickX tickets as logical containers (container) for the communication with the client and the ticket-specific activities, tasks, and notes, which are handled by an agent or a team. TickX was developed for companies that already want to work with Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration platform or in the future. Who as company provides the highest demands placed on its support for the is exactly the right solution our TickX”, so Torsten Pade, Managing Director.

To meet all the requirements, a number of extensive plug-ins are timely for TickX and Add-Ons planned, currently still in development are and start of the second quarter to be completed: Billing module allows you to export of the collected data from TickX for the further calculation in an ERP software. Knowledge base solutions to closed tickets be archived, shed answered and can be researched if necessary, E.g. similar service requests. Self service portal makes available the TickX help desk 24 x 7 Web-based customer portal. Customers can see their open and closed requests, track your ticket history, query the current status and independently seek solutions in the knowledge base without contacting the help desk team. The synchronization of employee data between TickX and Active Directory enables Active Directory integration.

Ideal for companies that reflect your internal support with TickX. Stopwatches different activities can be recorded simultaneously seconds exactly and associated projects and/or tickets. To keep your service hours automatically at a glance. Office module a quick and targeted overview of registered help desk staff. Coordinate your support at a glance. Activity templates organize your standard activities through intelligent checklists. So that your employees can simply check off routine tasks. Who would like to find out more about the solution, media service which recommends that you make an appointment for a free online presentation. Thomas ostreich, development, and Jan-Christoph Behre, marketing and product management, provide a comprehensive insight in around 45 minutes in Working with the ticket system and are available for your questions and answer. Currently, all details to TickX visit interested companies.

Administrator MCTS Windows

Participate and win in two respects. Munich, June 01, 2011: The IT Academy MINERVA brings light into the darkness of the complex certification paths from Microsoft. In the June information sessions are carried out in Munich and Karlsruhe. In addition interested within the weekly MINERVA OPEN DAYS of in-service Microsoft training paths can get smart. For all those interested in continuing education, the IT Academy MINERVA offers information sessions at the illusion in Munich and the augmentations in Karlsruhe. Beginning of the events is at 17:30.

Following Microsoft certification paths are focus: MCTS Visual Studio 2010 .NET Framework 4, service communication application + data access MCPD Windows Developer Visual Studio 2010 MCITP SharePoint 2010 administrator MCPD SharePoint 2010 developer MCITP Windows Server 2008 Administrator MCTS Windows 7, configuring each Tuesday from 16 – 18.00 OPEN DAYs are organized in addition MINERVA. Interested can gather there about the IT Academy MINERVA and her education. For all events is a non-binding prior notification under required. Not only mediated knowledge is an asset! For interested parties and participants the IT Academy and its parent company of ppedv AG has come up with something special. In the current competition involves three questions that must be answered about the company and its product portfolio. The ppedv AG is a Microsoft partner gold learning”and offers on now 11 locations training on Microsoft technologies in the high-limit area since 1997.

Corporate objective is to be instrumental in the transfer of knowledge to the latest premium-Microsoft technologies. This is implemented through the channels blogs, publishing house, standard and in-house seminars, boot camps, conferences and the in-service IT Academy MINERVA. Around 10,000 customers have so far by the strategy knowledge as a complete package”benefits. Profit hunters can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt, sweepstakes/anmeldung.aspx. The jackpot is the alternative to the IPAD a TERRA PAD 1050 529 euros worth. In addition, there are many other attractive prizes, such as a 50 MS Press book, a 100 seminar coupon, arc mice from Microsoft, as well as DVDs of the SharePoint Conference 2010 with valuable Insider Know-How.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Written thought we must write our own thoughts as if we were talking with a well-known person who is in front of us. Talk with your idioms without distorting a vocabulary that you don’t commonly use to that imaginary virtual character. Paragraphs neatly write each paragraph having one connection with the next divided into sections each both and not make a section of paragraphs without any subtitle that divide. Spelling errors makes your content in a word processor that has spelling mistakes corrector because it would be very low level if you show a misspelled text. Practical practice makes the master. You do not amilanes if not these conforming with your first content, probably improve over time and especially with the practice that you should never give up. Take information from internet search information on Google for keywords related to the product to promote and solutions. You will find articles where you can take the points most important and write them using your own words.

You can possibly add something of your own experience or detect something important to get found in a single article. Print in PDF format. We use a word processor for writing the book you can use the Microsoft Word then we can pass it to PDF with PDFCreator. Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to save your work from .doc to .pdf Distribution upload and download to be able to upload to the hosting and so customers can download them, use a transfer program such as FileZilla or NicoFTP that can be downloaded free from internet. 2. Product in audio record reading the book recorded before a microphone reading the original book that we have created in text. It is very easy to create audio with camtasia studio in addition to creating videos we can generate mp3 files. This product is excellent and is convenient that you can buy it since life you’ll be creating audios and videos. 3 Product in video record video with slides make slides using Microsoft PowerPoint with the contents of the book and then recorded a video based on them. The recording of slides that we can even animate, we recorded them with the program camtasia studio at the same time that we can record our voice or add him then a music.

Latest Microsoft Operating System

In the context of the Microsoft partner program, the LDAP directory service MetDirectory 3.0 with the latest Microsoft operating systems Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 has been certified Starnberg, may 04th, 2011 In the Microsoft partner programme the directory service 3.0 of the independent software vendor ESTOS MetDirectory has been tested with the latest Microsoft operating systems Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 just. The ESTOS was awarded with successful completion of interoperability testing in-house development in succession with the works with Windows Server 2008 R2 and compatible with Windows 7 logo. The version 3.0 of the MetDirectory, first presented at this year’s CeBIT is available through specialized distribution partners and qualified dealers. The directory service MetDirectory 3.0 is a LDAP server developed by ESTOS for the uniform preparation and performance provide of relevant contact information in companies. In addition, it allows an efficient and customizable search.

In the latest version 3.0 can be Contact information from all major CRM and ERP solutions as well as industry and DATEV Pro link. A most important innovation lies in the advanced customization to specific company needs. So up to 20 different parameters for the search can be defined now in addition to the default fields individually (for example, cost centers, supplier, customer or project number). Another focus of the new version is improved support for mobile phones. Can be accessed now on the information for the classic telephony via Systemendgerate and latest SIP devices, as well as on various mobile phones, smartphones and Tablet solutions such as the iPad. This product can be easily as Enterprise Portal for improved information management. Highlights Christoph Losch, Managing Director of ESTOS the high relevance of the certification: the certification is important for our customers.

We provide a growing trend that migration to the latest Microsoft “Solid operating systems and the certification underlines this officially, that we can offer an optimised product with the MetDirectory 3.0 for use with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.” For more product information, visit our website. Here, you can also download the product and test without registration 45 days free of charge. About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 500,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich as well as a branch in the Italian Udine. More information under press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:

Microsoft Windows

KUPA x 11 Windows 8 can run smoothly. The simplicity of installation and the speed of operation can be KUPA X 11 user easily impressed. In response to numerous user request via software update features of his latest KUPA X 11 Windows 7 on Windows 8, KUPA X 11 with Windows has been tested this week 8 Preview Edition and scored a walkthrough video on his YouTube channel. Representatives of Kupa America Mark Peng said that a video response will help to feel the question of X 11 fans and enthusiasts from mobile technology. The test results of the Windows installation on KUPA X 11 are 8: KUPA X 11 Windows can run on 8 smoothly. The simplicity of installation and the speed of operation can be KUPA X 11 user easily impressed.

Run Windows 8 Preview on KUPA X 11 shows Microsoft’s commitment to the Tablet PC and touch-panel technology. The fact that Windows 8 provides touch operation during the installation, speaks volumes. USB has prepared engineers of Kupa keyboard and mouse, which were never necessary for installation. Microsoft Windows 8 preview offers an optimized and updated user interface that is perfect for Tablet PC as KUPA X 11. The shutdown function is a bit difficult to find, because it moves. Kupa engineer figured it out and showed his post at the end of the video. Tablet PCs are not more just as stylish products, but also as a functional, of which consumers expect mainly working capacity and sustainability.

Australia Loans

The main reason for unsecured loans quick approval is that there is no asset of the loan applicant involved in the credit scheme as it comes without security. Every loan applicant wants to make sure that the acceptance of loan comes without deferment. One method to obtain the loan in time is to look for unsecured loans quick approval is particularly crafted for quick approval. This sort of loan means that the credit processing is started quickly by the credit grantor just on receiving the loan request form. This helps in quick verification of the data forwarded by the loan applicants.

As a results the money are wired quick to the loan applicant. The main reason for unsecured loans quick approval is that there is no asset of the loan applicant involved in the credit scheme as it comes without security. In the, all the time that otherwise is wasted in paper lacquer verification of asset the credit grantor economizes. The loan sum is sanctioned on the basis of ultra-delicate repayment capability and income. Loan applicants will get a sum of one thousand pounds reimbursement to twenty five thousand pounds for a duration of five to fifteen years. The credit plan is attainable for its timely utilization on various purposes like debt consolidation, wedding, going to holiday tour, purchasing a car and home improvements. Due to the security fee feature, this credit plan has become the primary choice for non-home owners who have not any property to provide as collateral.

Any property owners too, who do not desire to risk their worthy asset and need funds to cope with any of their requirement in a short duration of time can request these loans. With your adverse credit profiles of late payments, bankruptcy, arrears or payment defaults the loan is still accessible if your reimbursement capacity is proved. You want to obtain unsecured loans quick approval normally via online as this manner you make the loan request instantly, resulting in its fast processing. Therefore, the loan acceptance, normally does not consume more than some hours. Unsecured loans quick approval helps you to cope with any monetary demand within a very short duration of time. Keith Kelly is author of secured unsecured loans Australia.For more information about unsecured loans australia, unsecured loans sydney visit

Chinese Government

Google aborted a plan of password-stealing hundreds of emails from gmail’s senior officials from EE UU and Asian countries the computer attack apparently originated in the town of Jinan. It is not the first time that Google denounces cyber-attacks from China. Google announced this Wednesday that aborted a plan of password-stealing hundreds of e-mails from senior officials from Asian countries and EE UU gmail apparently launched from China. On its corporate blog, Google explains that it was detected apart the campaign, conducted through phishing reported victims, said their accounts and reported to the relevant governmental authorities. The computer attack apparently originated in the town of Jinan, in China, and affect Chinese political activists, officials of several Asian countries (especially in South Korea), as well as senior officials from EE UU, military personnel and journalists. Google did not specify the date on which the attack was carried out nor revealed the identity of those users who you had usurped the password. Hackers used passwords to modify systems of referral and direct forwarding to third parties of emails from Gmail, added the note.

Google stressed that the attack has not affected its internal systems and noted make public this kind of security issues help users to better protect their information online. Other not attacks is the first time that Google denounces cyber-attacks from China. In January 2010, the company announced that its operations had been white of cyber attacks in order to access the correspondence of Chinese dissidents, in addition to steal the company codes and trade secrets. This complaint forced even to intervene the Government of EE UU and led Google to temporarily close its search engine in China. Tensions are softened to mid last year, when the Chinese Government renewed its license to Google and the search engine stopped automatically derive to Chinese users to the Hong Kong-free portal. Source of the news: Google frustrates a computer attack to emails from China