World Social Forum

The great souls have wills; the weak just from you. While there are people, Governments that really identify with the commitment to pollution, care of planet Earth where we live, there is hope that this does not deteriorate, destroy. In this regard, stated, as highlights it than next 12 to October 16, will be a global mobilization against pollution, the commodification of life and natural goods, militarization and social criminalization. This Global Minga for mother earth was convened during the World Social Forum (January 2009) and the IV Summit indigenous peoples and indigenous nationalities of Abya Yala (Puno, mayo). He says, that the constant dynamic that manifests itself on the planet, as technological advances, can not be neglected in where thousands of industries, millions of vehicles, generate large amounts of gases that pollute and endanger the stability of life.

Everything she is generated by the desire of profit, accumulation, individualism of capitalism, causing a deep crisis financial, economic, productive, social, cultural, racial and religious. Speculative financial bubble, structural unemployment, social exclusion, global warming, culture shock, racist violence and religious fanaticism, all at once. There is no doubt, that so many and so deep simultaneous crises set a true civilization crisis, a crisis of the myth and the trap of development and capitalist modernity; of Eurocentrism, with his uninacional State, cultural homogeneity, Western positive law, developmentalism and commodification. All it says is forget to consider, that the Earth is a being I live and is seriously ill. Do not have in mind, that those who live in it it are affecting, deteriorating, contaminating the virus of developmentalism. Remember, that we live in an ocean called atmosphere as well as the fish in the water. Without it there would be life, because it contains oxygen and water, and with them the forests and the rains that give sustenance to living beings.