Global Crisis

The term crisis is a word that hear tells us that the worst is about to occur or to have occurred already. If we speak of the global crisis that is occurring at the present time the situation becomes worrisome since it is a crisis at large scales, and which seems to get out of it will be very difficult.The global financial crisis that is that today we are discussing, has been producing since long time ago, but has become more apparent since September 2008, date on which you begin to happen a series of unprecedented events and that they are redirecting the global financial system. The current global crisis has several aspects, firstly there is a strong North American economic crisis of productivity and competitiveness with Asian markets, the second aspect would be the notorious speculative economy in which the relationship of international monetary mass, not the strong energy crisis, commensurate with the actual production of goods, and third since high levels of energy consumption are not commensurate with the existing reserve levels.Another aspect that has led to the current crisis is related to the power supply, and the third part of the planet is well known having severe feeding problems, and this is a crisis every day increases more.With the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers Bank, the crisis reached other dimensions, since also it was revealed the collapse of the real estate sector in the United States. This sector was that most grew up, because financial institutions granted large amounts of money for the acquisition of housing, and he brought as a consequence that people begin to buy houses, causing an increase in the demand for these, this originated that dwellings are cotizaran at high prices that on many occasions came to speculation. People endeudaban for buy your property, then they expected the price of them climb and sold them, with which earned enough money to pay the debt they had with the Bank and asked for a new loan to buy another home, this phenomenon is known as real-estate bubble.This situation lasted a short time and interest rates began to climb to try and lower the high levels of inflation, credits was no longer so easy, and the demand for housing fell as well as the prices of these. It happened then that financial institutions could not charge their mortgage loans and which was becoming more difficult to obtain their own loans, as well as to the real estate and construction companies.As an example of how difficult the situation in the second quarter of 2007, Citigroup one of the largest United States banks, had lost $9,800 million because of titles committed to mortgages, whose interests were extremely high. This crisis which is now entrenched, has not turned back, it was as they say a warned war, which is not known with certainty the time that will last, but that shows how vulnerable can be markets but are addressed properly and timely needs.