Brazil, today we are between the worse rendering of services of the world, where in 75% of the national commerce they do not fulfill the right of the consumer, and still make the same of guineapig of new methods, in the ones between lines always they are the obligations of the consumer and we never find the obligations of the great one schemes capitalist, and yes its rights. Having the annual growth in the house of 12% commercially saying Brazil a great one lives makes, more in view of lack of respect with the consumers, the market is losing each time more space for the great foreigners, where it more comes each time gained this market insatifeito, clearly had the insatisfao and attractive mair is the price lower than the national competitor for the same product. Today sites exist that relate them pssimos services as that daily it divulges claims, of unsatisfied consumers, and it also shows to the entrepreneurs and the great Top companies of Mind, and certifyd with and guaranteed.