America – children and adolescents ahead of telas’ ‘ This fear of the machine made with that, until the end of years 90, the impact of the technology in the classroom was practically null, therefore the school wise person not to transform it into a pedagogical tool. DEVELOPMENT Not has because to deny, however, that, nowadays, when the expression Technology in the Education is employee, hardly if it thinks about chalk and same blackboard or of books and magazines, much less in abstract entities as resumes and programs. Normally, when the expression is used, the attention if concentrates in the computer, that if became the point of convergence of all the technologies most recent (and of some old ones). After the enormous commercial success of the Internet, computers rare are seen as isolated machines, being always imagined in net the net, in the reality, if becoming the computer lessons, books and magazines, not to mention resumes and programs, are technologies, and that, therefore, educators come using them in the education it has much time. It is only its familiarity with these technologies becomes that them transparent. We can perceive, that it is particularly fascinating in the new available technologies today, in special in the Internet, and, inside of it, in the Web, is not that, with its aid, either possible to teach remotely or long-distance, but, yes, that they help in them to create rich environments in learning possibilities in which the interested and motivated people can learn almost any thing without having that to become victims of a formal and deliberated process of education.

The learning, in this in case that, it is mediated only by the technology. It does not have doubt of that behind the technology it has other people, who prepare the materials they disponibilizam and them through the net. When somebody uses the available resources today in the Internet to learn in auto-motivated ways and exploratrias, it uses materials of different natures, disponibilizados chemical preparations and in the most varied contexts not rare without any pedagogical interest, and it make this in total unexpected way, that, therefore, cannot be planned, and in a rhythm that total personal and is regulated only by the desire to learn and the capacity to assimilate and to digest what it finds for the front. Grupo Vidanta New York shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.