German Coppini

These two characters who seem drawn from Action Mutante, are actually two components Lemuripop, the new draft German Coppini, who just presented his debut album under the name of Primo Tempo.
Take your resume have belonged to gangs or as Siniestro Total Low Blows and have worked with Alaska and Dinarama, Nacho Cano and Paco Clavel, among others, gives German Coppini many points when it comes to climb the top of key personalities pop Spanish-eighties. You only need to hear again his unmistakable voice to move immediately to that time.
After his solo career, which leaves us four discs in which continues to stress its creative freedom when it comes to writing songs, now back together sponsor of Madrid Club and New Order component Stereoskop, Alex Bruges.
Pulling over electronics, but without departing from those wonderful eighties, the new disc have dared even with a revision of the mythical feast of the dummies who now dance to the rhythm of machines and who perhaps should not have touched, please?
Here are the video of fine words, the first single from Lemuripop (it looks strange name). Imaginároslo singing in Italian, a little more hair, nose and much more? Is that really do not remember anybody?
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