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Microwave Food

Frozen foods should not be in contact with fresh produce. If the freezer must be placed very a large number of products that can be pulled out boxes of frozen food (except the bottom) and put food on each other directly on the lattice freezer. SHELF LIFE OF FROZEN PRODUCTS To avoid deterioration of the quality of frozen food products, it is important not to exceed the allowable shelf-life products. Shelf life depends on the type of frozen food. For ready-made frozen foods nutrition, which are commercially available, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of manufacture or use of the term of the product in the food. COOKING ice cubes Fill a tray of ice cubes for three-quarters water and place in freezer.

To facilitate removal of the frozen ice cubes from the trays, gently fold it. THAWING FROZEN FOOD, depending on the type of food product and method of preparation, which to be used, you can choose one of the following methods of thawing frozen products: – defrost at room temperature – defrost in the refrigerator – electric defrost oven – defrosting in the microwave. Thawed or melted frozen foods can be frozen again, provided that they were at or below +3 C: meat and fish – no more than one day, while others products – not more than two days. CLEANING THE REFRIGERATOR AND CARE OF THE REFRIGERATOR CLEANING Before cleaning the refrigerator be sure to disconnect it from the network by unplugging the power cord.