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Knowledge In The Internet

The new offer Elevio.de makes it possible for everyone, to market his skills on the Internet with just a few clicks. What does a layman, if he wants to earn money at the same time with his knowledge? To create a modern e-learning with a professional Web Designer, costs far too much money. Recently, a new website has seen the data streams of the Internet which does exactly free: Elevio – the portal for the creation and dissemination of online courses. On this Web site that is fresh, every layman without prior experience with just a few clicks can create its own online course and even sell it. It is really matter in what area you work and how you live.

Almost everyone can something that he likes to spread or what he wants to acquire a small income. Is it doesn’t matter whether someone is familiar with languages, a dance geek dominates, or know just the one way or another card trick. a major theme in the Internet is eLearning for a long time, but yet no e-learning standards are defined and many people can not really imagine much under the term. The project Elevio aims to give a general understanding of the concept of eLearning and to spread to the e-learning. Who would like to offer his knowledge on the platform needs only with just a few clicks to create an e-learning and to create a user account. Then, the knowledge to be conveyed can be entered step by step. Each step can be supported in turn, multimedia with photos and videos. So, an optimum learning success can be achieved.

By publicly viewable user comments and ratings, the quality of eLearning is also determined to deliver a transparent as possible picture of the online courses each. The project is still in its infancy and therefore still desperately seeking support. If you are interested, everyone can sign up like there e-mail. Matteo WACKER